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  1. For an entire generation to have just one shirt is exceedingly meager. How do they even decide who gets to wear it on which day? And then to lose that one shirt would be downright cruel. Unless of course the climate is very hot all year round.
  2. (or, should I say: “Crushah and Plunderah!!!”)
  3. Trout is a big fish. Which reminds me: I wonder how much the rookie card of Tim Salmon goes for? Or the rookie card of former pitcher Anthony Bass. I guess I'm angling for some more info, if any one will take the bait and offer it. Who knows, if I like these cards enough, I might get hooked.
  4. Now don’t you be saying anything negative about my Petey. What combo could possibly be better than Paste and Pot!
  5. Funny, I was going to reference this issue in my last post. Look at the detail in the background. Just a great example of an artist at his peak. The point of the cover involves only the 3 figures in the foreground but he still spent time to draw dozens of individuals climbing the nets, swimming and rowing the lifeboats. The b&w original art on this would be insanely cool. I do think though that the smaller details in the background lend much greater power to the "story" of the three in the foreground - places their story in context. And yes, the backgro
  6. Sorry you missed out. Growing up, my absolute favorite was Green Lantern.
  7. Somehow, this comic seems to fit nicely in this thread.
  8. Now all CC needs to complete the trifecta is a needle and a thimble.