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  1. MusterMark

    Ranking the genres

    Well, strictly speaking these are not "genres", rather labels one uses to aid classification. If you wish to stick to genres, the list becomes a lot shorter. True dat! Andy's (Dr. Love's) list is much more of a "genre" list.
  2. MusterMark

    Golden Age War comics

    Those are some ridiculously awesome books, tcb.
  3. MusterMark

    Ranking the genres

    So far, much talk, but .... no rankings ....
  4. MusterMark

    X-Men 1, a risky buy?

    I have Wonder Woman 3 - it's a great book, and I love it! (But it's GA, not SA)
  5. MusterMark

    National Comics collecting thread

    If you really were old-skool, you’d actually be old-school.
  6. MusterMark

    National Comics collecting thread

    My meager contribution to this thread:
  7. MusterMark

    Show Us Your Atlas Books - Have A Cigar

    Awesome cover, jimbo. 👍
  8. MusterMark

    AF 15 vs ASM 1

    I would NEVER pass on an ASM 1
  9. MusterMark

    Two silver age heroes now Oscar nominees

    It wasn’t just that it was socially significant. It was a brilliant and beautiful film in all respects.
  10. MusterMark

    Why are Hawkmans so cheap?

    Without at least some clarification, I suppose one can make this exact same statement about any character, any title, any genre, any period, any comic
  11. MusterMark

    Why are Hawkmans so cheap?

    I love Hawkman