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  1. Glad to see masks were "in style back" in those days too........ And, you can see the conflicting views even back then: Front Cover: Durango’s wearing the mask. Back Cover: Tim is not.
  2. Actually Richard, you appear to have the extremely rare “error” version of this comic!!! In this error version, they mistakenly forgot to insert the word “bored” between “Mighty” and “ghost” on the cover.
  3. Don’t you think mum’s is the 2 words? I mean, “mum’s“ is a contraction of “mum is”, so two words, right? Unless the contraction converts two word into one word? And why “mum”?? Why not dad? Or sis? Or grass? Or suppository?
  4. Hmm, I don’t seem to recall a book advisor ... which one is he? I guess I haven’t watched enough episodes.
  5. I saw him drawing simultaneously with his right hand, his left hand, and his right foot. And each one was for a different comic. (He needed to use his left foot to keep himself anchored stably to the ground.) So, the answer to the OP's original question in the thread title is: 3.
  6. Hmm, well, what about Sassette, and Nanny Smurf ... ?
  7. Well, I don’t know why a priest and a rabbi would be involved. Unless their collision with the bar was severe enough that they (or some of them) actually died. Just how high was this bar that they walked into? Did it hit their heads, or their chests, or legs, or what??
  8. Western comics titled “Western Comics” from the Mohawk Valley pedigree. That all just seems so very appropriate!
  9. It’s not YOUR family photo, silly! It’s Bob’s OWN family photo.
  10. I’m guessing all those comic book boxes are also filled with this exact same comic.
  11. There are lots of very-early SA books that do not appear to exist in grades higher than 7.5/8.0 (let alone 9.2!). Yes the census is obviously not complete because many people haven’t slabbed their books, BUT for many of these very-early SA books, it is a pretty safe bet that grades higher than 7.5/8.0 will never be seen, graded or raw.
  12. I’ve highlighted the one thing in your post that does not match the rest of your post.