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  1. yes. but it is not used as "it is" here. it is being used as possessive. as in "his" "hers" and "its" peers. thanks. (TALKING ABOUT THE TITLE OF THIS POST) Ah sorry about that. Since your comment about "its" immediately followed the comment by ArchonEnergy ("Peter Palmers first Appearance is why it’s so valuable... LOL"), I thought you were speaking about that comment from ArchonEnergy.
  2. Umm, not quite. When the word is used instead of "it is", then it is written as " it's "
  3. MusterMark

    GA warehouse finds of the past

    I still go with Eerie #1. First book fully devoted to horror and all original stories. The Classics are adaptations of "actual literature" not created in the first place for comic books. Great books but still adaptations. There are also the arguments of earlier books that have stories with a horror "slant" Early Caps, Yellowjacket and others come to mind but they are still superhero books.  Just my two cents... Agree with RM
  4. MusterMark

    Closed !

    And now, you are breaking one more rule of sales here, which is that you are posting each book you want to sell in a different thread.
  5. MusterMark


    It's usually a good idea to understand the rules of a new place when you join it. In this case, your sales post is missing a large chunk of info that is required in a sales post on the CGC boards. I suggest you read up on the sales rules very soon and implement them, or your post will be removed by the moderators. And welcome to the boards.
  6. I like them also for the stories. They are often so melodramatic. And the covers, the covers! Not only their art, but the drama!
  7. MusterMark

    1st Smurfs 1958 Spirou 1071/1072 Club

    Then I must be one of the very lucky few. Btw, I watched all the cartoons after I became an adult.
  8. MusterMark

    Looking for advice on a waterspot

    I’ve never even heard of that being possible. I thought that once there was a water stain, there was no going back (and definitely not with dry cleaning and pressing). So, it is somehow possible to do??!
  9. MusterMark

    1st Smurfs 1958 Spirou 1071/1072 Club

    I’m not a European and I love the Smurfs. Did you not watch the cartoons? They are awesome. But maybe I have misunderstood what you were trying to say. In any event, I love the Smurfs!
  10. MusterMark

    War Comics

    And in very nice grade too. Congrats! The first of many, hopefully! (That is, now you gotta have all of ‘em! 😊)
  11. MusterMark

    The hard to find club in general

    Tough or not? If not, please correct me.
  12. MusterMark

    Stan Lee RIP

    So sorry and sad to hear about Stan's passing ....
  13. MusterMark

    Stan Lee RIP

    SO sorry and sad to hear about Stan's passing ....