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  1. I heard it talks about nuclear fission but if you play it backwards, you get the formula for nuclear fusion! Play it backwards, play it backwards.
  2. Ah yes, I certainly do remember April 16, 1984. That was a shocking day for me as well.
  3. I regret not having any regrets. (Or maybe that's just not true).
  4. love to see yer data on that. not wedded to any particular point. i simply havent seen sc4 do anything really in 7 yrs that i am aware of. and most of my collecting friends have little or no interest in dc books outside of batman. i dont see that changing much in the near future but i hope i'm wrong. my 6 year old loves flash. Showcase 4, CGC 3.5: 2012: ~$3,050 2015: ~$10,750 X-Men 1, CGC 3.5: 2012: ~$1,500 2015: ~$2,100 FF 1, CGC 3.5: 2012: ~$3,400 2015: ~$4,100 DD 1, CGC 3.5: 2012: ~$475 2015:
  5. Oh, come on actually made me Google up that word to see what it meant, although I had already guess it correctly. Expand It means a city of cats. Hmm, I don't know about that one ..... Maybe it's time for a catnap. (or a ducknap)
  6. I’ve always liked it. My girlfriend laughed hysterically when she saw my copy For those of us who like comic books because they are comic books. For those of us who like all kinds of comic publishers, and not just the big ones, for example Charlton, because they are all fascinating in their own right. For those of us who like all kinds of comic book characters, such as The Peacemaker and Polka Dot Man, and indeed Jughead and Konga and Lorna, because they are interesting and enjoyable in their own right and are a part of comic book history. Well, for those
  7. Are we going to gloss over (or simply deny) the fact that SC4 a few years ago was rising in value very fast, while at the same time some Marvel keys (for example, X-Men 1, FF 1, DD 1) were stagnant as well as much lower in value than SC 4? Are we going to do that just to make some "point"??
  8. Nope. Not the 90s version and not the current CW version. That is not accurate. It did jump quite a bit with the new CW version.
  9. Here kitty kitty. Here kitty kitty. So many kitties! (and so little time.)
  10. Cool club. Mine has a slight difference:
  11. I am noting that it says: "Sold on Apr 4, 2021". It is Apr 2 today (and the post was made yesterday).
  12. If I were you, I wouldn't put a trailer behind a nice sports car, or it will break (either the trailer or the car).