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  1. Just great. This is one of my favorite books that I own.
  2. Who hasn't wanted to be called "Oogie"?! (Or is that just me?)
  3. A year or so is pretty “new” for our Boards. Most members in GA have been around much longer. If he has been here earlier with a different name, that is possible of course, but I just don’t know. Regardless of tenure, however, his “recent” output in the GA subforum is outstanding.
  4. I'd like to thank ElectricMastro for creating SO MANY new threads in the relatively short time he has been on the Boards. (At least I think he is a new member, and not a long time member who used to have a different member name.) I find all of his threads compelling, in all kinds of ways. For example, he is one of the few members to post interior art from comics, discuss story lines from within the comics, and speak in great detail about the creators. And he does all of this constantly.
  5. What a great post code cover, never owned this one. Sure is. One of my favorites.
  6. Great point! So do I on some of the old threads I started. Makes me sad that they didn't post a comment and bump the thread back up. I think if some of us try to make that small effort to post a comment instead of Liking a post, even if only sometimes, it might make things a bit more lively. And it really is a very tiny bit of effort.