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  1. That movie release date was announced many years ago, and was rescheduled. The Green Lantern Corps movie is currently in the early stages of development (supposedly). So, IF it comes out, it’ll be quite a while from now ... On the other hand, the Green Lantern SHOW is being created for the upcoming HBO Max streaming service, and may possibly be released in late 2020 or early 2021.
  2. A tough set of four to complete. Congrats!
  3. A Want List is a list of those books that you don't know you want until you see them for sale.
  4. Lots of people have posted raw books too. It’s fine!
  5. When you find yourself in that situation, that’s a great question to ask. Another great cover!
  6. I would have absolutely no difficulty making the decision to live in Roma.
  7. Dang I thought that Action 1 sold, but apparently it only 'sold'.... "He knows what these comics are WORTH so dont bother trying to trick him or low ball him!!" Umm, you thought it apparently 'sold', but actually it 'SOLD'.