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  1. The lot is pending sale but I can provide a partial list if you're interested in seeing it.
  2. I'm working on a complete list. I have almost 60% of it since the collections were never put onto a list and needs to be added. The biggest problem is that there are so many boxes from collections that I picked up that it's tough to figure out which volume a certain book is from. I'm hoping by this weekend I should have a good list of books to view for you. As for the storage unit yes, it's not hard to transfer the renter on it for however long you want. PM and I can tell you more details.
  3. Hey Andrew! It's my own store stock that I'm eliminating. I have duplicates of books like 20 copies of Batman Damned and tons of Artgerm, Campbell and other books. It's at a point where due to a lot of things I can't control like health and such it's easier to eliminate the backstock and scale down what I offer so it's easier on me. The inventory includes some statues, CGC books, collections purchased but never posted and other things. I'm hoping someone local might be interested but if no one through the forums then I'll post on craigslist and such and see if there's anyone interested. There's some good things in the inventory but I don't want to post the items publicly and would rather discuss through PM's. Thanks for the bump on the thread!
  4. Sorry that information might Chandler, AZ
  5. So I haven't been on the forums in a long time and due to a series of unfortunate events I'm looking at liquidating around 100+ long boxes of books. The boxes primarily contain modern books going back to 2015 and should all be NM or better condition. Additionally there's a couple of collections that was purchased that contain silver to bronze age books. There's also a lot of other books that is going to be part of the sale but details can be discussed through PM's. The entire unit is pretty much up for sale. Price: $30-35k, negotiable Shipping: I would recommend you pick it up, pallet shipping wouldn't be worth it Payment: Wire Transfer, Business Checks (but would have to clear before removal) If you have questions PM me but I'm looking to sell the entire lot by mid March.
  6. Hmm.. might have to submit some books to get graded to see how they come back. Only 9.2 and nothing higher?
  7. Open for offers on the books for the rest of the day. From there they will be moved to the Bay. Thanks for looking
  8. Catwoman #2, Gold Foil Convention Edition, NM or better, still polybagged (10 available) $35 x3 Batman #50, Gold Foil Edition, NM or better, still polybagged (10 available) $35 x3 Thank you! Got it! Will send an invoice later today!
  9. It's been a while since I've posted last but it's time to list a couple of books to make room for some new ones coming in soon. Usual rules with no HOS or Probies Shipping is via USPS Priority. 1st book is $11.95, add $2.00 for each additional book. International shipping is available and is based on location and weight. Payment is via payment and a DM is expected if you post a Returns are not accepted unless damaged via shipping but there will be insurance on each package. Not sure of everything I'm posting but I'll start with these I guess: New Mutants #98, CGC 9.8, White pages. Needs to be reholdered. $825 Spider-Man #1, Platinum Edition, CGC 9.8, White Pages $1850 Fantastic Four #1, 1:1000 B&W George Perez Cover, NM+ $250 Zombie Tramp Origins #1, Dan Mendoza Sketch, CGC 9.8, White Pages $700 Catwoman #1, Gold Foil Convention Edition, NM or better, still polybagged (10 available) $35 Catwoman #2, Gold Foil Convention Edition, NM or better, still polybagged (10 available) $35 Batman #50, Gold Foil Edition, NM or better, still polybagged (10 available) $35 Wonder Woman #51, Gold Foil Edition, NM or better, still polybagged (10 available) $35 That's all for tonight, and thanks for looking!
  10. Hmm. I think I have a stack of Detective Comics #44, pm me if you're interested.
  11. Almost... it's just the first appearance of both their wedding outfits. They don't get married until issue #50
  12. About an hour and half left. Give me some reasonable offers and I'll consider it.
  13. Pricing these for a quick sale. Terms: NO HOS or Probationals. Payment: Paypal Shipping: Domestic Shipping Included, International is based off weight Returns: None unless damaged in transit but insurance will be on the packages. Timeframe: Listing will be up for 24 hours and then moved Only 3 Books are going to be offered: Amazing Spider-Man #2, CGC 6.0, Off-White to White Pages: Last Relevant GPA Sales: $2400, $2650 Priced: $2350 Amazing Spider-Man #121, CGC 9.4, White Pages: Last GPA Sales: $837, $900, $896, $1100 Priced: $900 Conan the Barbarian #1, CGC 9.2, White Pages: Last GPA Sales: $387, $598, $406, $435 Priced: $475 24 hours starts now at 6:30pm mst! Well thread closed. Guess everyone spent too much on presents.. Lol. Happy Holidays Everyone!