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  1. I ordered off OneSiDead Amazing Spider-Man #606 J. Scott Campbell BLACK CAT Cover 9.6 W $49.99 Amazing Spider-Man #607 J. Scott Campbell Black Cat Cover 8.0 W $29.99 off him for $60 I never got them he told me he sent them to someone else.He sent me a pm telling me I would get comics to substitute for them.Never happened. I’ll second the nomination.
  2. Lot above is now $35 shipped in CONT USA
  3. Lot above is now $40 shipped in contusa
  4. Lot above is now slashed from $60 to $50 shipped in cont USA
  5. The lot above this post marked at $50 is now $40 shipped in Cont USA
  6. All other comics in this comics not sold $100 shipped