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  1. Hi! Thanks for your answers! They contacted me today apologizing and confirming the fact that the owner was away with his family for vacations. They told me they would ship the packet tomorrow. Cheers!
  2. Hi, people! I'm having a little comunication problem with Cadence Comic Art. On 18th july I contacted them asking for four pieces from their online shop. On 25th july, they confirmed to me that those pieces were available and sent me a paypal invoice for a little more than 1500 USD. I payed the invoice in the moment, on 25th july. After paying I sent them an email with my address. Since then I have not heard any communications from them. I tried to contact them five times (by email) asking if they received the payment, asking if they have any tracking number or something... and I had no response... I'm starting to get a little bit concerned... Did anyone here deal or contacted with them in the same time frame (last 16 days) and received a response? Do you know if they closed for vacation or if something happened to them? I suppose it is possible they already shipped it and didn't bother to respond since it will arrive soon, but i thought some sort of communications would be warranted. Thanks for your time and sorry for my poor English. Antonio