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  1. I love this book, so I needed to come strong! R_H
  2. My latest addition to this group... R_H
  3. Forgot to come back and update this group with my 4th 9.8 - all white pages! Enjoy... R_H
  4. Someone just recently picked up their 4th 9.8 WP En route from CGC...
  5. Can you post a copy of your book? I would like to see it Thanks!
  6. I love this storyline and I am very glad I kept all my copies including my 9.9s and 10s. < yes, plural I am excited to see what happens. Plus my screen name says it all! R_H
  7. Comic-link sold a 9.8 in January for like 6500 and then sold another in February for 6100. This book is still steadily increasing, but more and more copies are being sold. It will increase again once the movie is closer to premier. IT will be a 10k 9.8 book during that phase. I am glad I still have my 3 9.8s and the rest of the crew, i.e. 9.0s - 9.6s. R_H
  8. Someone might be getting a 9.8 soon... R_H