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  1. I'll watch it, but I 100% hate the fact Abrams is attached, but hope it just turns out he is there for name recognition only and his involvement is limited. One of the worst 'big' directors I can think of in recent memory. Also fully support Keanu taking the role again. For many reasons I prefer him over Matt Ryan (who was alight, but it still felt like a cheap cosplay trying way too hard to be as comic accurate as possible), but I think this is an especially smart move as it is an easy way to connect these new movies to older movies - giving the appearance that the DC Cinematic Universe had at least a sliver of forethought and planning put into it (even if it didn't).
  2. Yeah, that was my last purchase with him and now seems like a fluke....I sent at least another 2-3 emails looking to buy more comics but never got a response.
  3. Let's lighten things up in here with something funny I learned today: Today I learned: CBCS only has ONE single employee working at their Canadian location...and he doesn't even live in Canada Rather he drives in from the USA only about 2-4 times a month. So yeah, the reason their Canadian office is still 'shut down' isn't due to government work regulations for COVID, but rather because the one guy can't drive across the border anymore and nobody else works there (they share the facility with another distribution company, and that company has been up and running for awhile now). edit: Spoiler my stack of graded books has been sitting in the Canadian facility since the start of February, and even before the lockdown happened they didn't mail them out - and now there isn't any one there to toss em in the mail or allow for curb side pickup...cause I live 20 minutes away. Frusssstttrraaattiioonnnn! So much for that first time customer 'test' in grading alternatives.
  4. Thanks Jennifer, I'll do that for my next order and stop making a millions posts here about updates
  5. Well, I think I'll share a little preview with you all today because I'm super bored. I love buying coverless golden age books and getting new covers made (cause that is often the only way I'll ever afford them), and if I feel that the original covers did not do the comic justice I would commission new art (My first such project was World's Finest #3 to now feature the first appearance of Scarecrow. You can see that here) My next project that is currently being printed is for Mystic Comics #5. This issue features a slew of first appearances, including that of Black Marvel and The Terror, but also another favourite of mine; The Blazing Skull. The Blazing Skull would only appear in five total stories and had zero cover appearances in the Golden Age (he would however resurface in many more modern stories). I felt he deserved a proper cover appearance but didn't want to completely change the original iconic Mystic cover. This one didn't require a new artist to be commissioned, rather I could just do it myself easily enough. So while I wait for it to be printed (as well as a few other reproduction covers) here is my Mystic Comics #5 preview:
  6. Well that would explain lots I just figured I would tag the only CGC admin who replied to my initial post here - anyone have a better idea which of the members are better to tag in on this?
  7. Hi @Gemma I'm sure everyone here would love to know if label updates are still being looked at here by CGC, or if there is another place / better way for the community to submit corrections? Thanks so much for taking the time, it's much appreciated I'm hoping to have a nice Mystic Comics #5 soon that I want to get graded, but I'm doing so only because it's the 1st Appearance of the Blazing Skull but unfortunately that isn't reflected in the current label notes (and this ins't a forgotten Marvel character either so I figure its worth including)
  8. More Fun Comics #56. The very first Doctor Fate cover. and while it is certainly one of the best for that character (the other being #61) it is also one of the standout covers of the Golden Age all around - great composition, strong colors, excellent clean lines, red dressed woman in peril, fire!, it has it all (well, except Nazi's...but we got enough of that in the GA so its nice to have some alternatives without them)
  9. Pressing would 100% help, even if it only gets out some of the wrinkles it would be a noticeable improvement. Leave the tape as it is now; as removal of it would also require extra work to remove the stain it has left on the paper, and potentially need tears seals / leaf casting to close up the areas near the staples in order to keep the cover on.
  10. Pretty good - that's been the price point I've found many of those issues end up getting haggled for (I have a #61 and #70 that I bought for around that price) and I would have been happy to pay that for this issue as well
  11. Ah that was yours! I saw this on instagram while trolling through the hashtags hunting for any Doctor Fate More Fun issues Nice book - presents really well.
  12. Had this listed on the boards awhile back and it didn't sell, so figured why not just do an auction starting at $0.99 and let it price itself! AUCTION ENDS NEXT SUNDAY (June 28th)
  13. That's my dream Fate grail right there - just so perfect (so yeah, sell it to me )
  14. I'm going to say, yes. There are objective standards they grade on, but everyone doing so is going to be subjective about how they interpret each flaw. Ever send books in to get pre-screened for 9.8, have them all get rejected, only then just mail them right back again to CGC and they all get approved and graded 9.8? MAGIC