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  1. Other early ASM issues also available towards the trade. All unrestored and complete (except #20 which has the common missing poster) Amazing Spider-Man #5 2.5 Amazing Spider-Man #6 2.0 Amazing Spider-Man #7 3.5 CGC Amazing Spider-Man #8 2.0 Amazing Spider-Man #10 1.0 Amazing Spider-Man #11 0.5 Amazing Spider-Man #12 0.5 Amazing Spider-Man #16 0.5 Amazing Spider-Man #17 0.5 Amazing Spider-Man #18 0.5 Amazing Spider-Man #19 1.5 Amazing Spider-Man #20 0.5 Missing Poster - otherwise 1.5 Amazing Spider-Man #21 0.5 Amazing Sp
  2. Yeah that one is just the most eye catching to me and I would kill for that copy. Soooo good!
  3. I have a raw 0.5 available (signed by Stan Lee) the good news is you would have lots of that 8k left over still if you bought my raggedy copy
  4. Note to anyone interested, he does have more early ASM. So if you are looking for other issues he most likely has it, which means if there is a difference in value I'm sure it could be made up with other issues.
  5. Since I lurk in this thread trying to make my own dream of owning this book happen one day (I think I've accepted that the best option for me is to just buy the Usagi Yojimbo 2020 IDW Foil Reprint for display, as my other keys I'm hunting for ain't cheap either) I figured I might as well live vicariously through my friend who is also searching for Albedo #2....but he might have the means to get one. My bestie is looking to sell a good chunk of his collection (basically every Spider-Man issue ever) and wanted me to ask if anyone here was interested in trading a low/mid Albedo #2 (raw or grad
  6. Here's a very random and specific trade for you all. My friend is going through his comic collection to organize it all for selling, and would like to focus on getting a few keys he has always wanted - but rather than sell this and then just turn around and buy the issue perhaps someone out there would be up for a trade. Worth a shot He has a low grade, complete Amazing Spider-Man #1. It is pretty much a 0.5 (see pictures) but presents fairly well considering, and as a bonus it is signed on the first page by Stan Lee. He is looking for his childhood grail; any copy of Albedo #2 (raw or
  7. Time for me to clear up more space and do another Instagram free giveaway. This time it's a pandemic theme, though our current pandemic is not with human-fly hybrids murdering us all (at least we can be thankful about that). Winner will get the complete The Fly Outbreak comic series in trade paperback (this series acted as the final chapter in the movie trilogy - so fans of those two original Fly movies will want this book) Just jump on over to follow my instagram and leave a like/comment on this post. That's it!
  8. Ohh lots of nice stuff. Interested in that Cheerios Promotion Y1 once you list it I'm another local so meeting up would be super easy!
  9. Rudy is an awesome seller, was able to track down a comic I've been struggling to find. Great transaction.
  10. That is a VERY good looking 5.5, I could totally see that getting some sort of small grade bump from a clean/press/resub
  11. No longer a sleeper hit , as the last two sales in December for two 9.8s went for $1,400usd and $1,375usd (in fact the higher was sold just two days before your post, the other selling a few days later). We shall see if the prices hold on this (Alas I do not have this book in that grade, mine is a 9.6 signature series but still looks damn good like you said due to that vibrant red cover)
  12. Will say this, even though the site itself is questionable the customer service is some of the better out there when talking to support staff via email. Also, I think the auction I just won from them at the end of last year might have been the best shipped book I've ever been sent (both in packaging, speed, AND proper customs process that resulted in no additional import charges with it coming into Canada). So, yeah, now I'm most certainly more open to buying items $800-$1,500 range from them in the future.
  13. The proper artist credit goes to dvglzv, he and his other comic book work can be found here
  14. alright, upgrade to a 9.8 and pocket the rest of the cash after demanding double!