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  1. Thanks for the prior score fix, happy to have had one my suggestions work out. While I'm not going to comment on the full run of issues (only has issues 2,3,4,5 and issues 1 was Unknown World), Strange Stories From Another World seems to be a little out of date. It rarely comes up for good GPA, but one issue (#4, the classic Zombie cover) has come up several times recently this year so can show the desire and current price range. I have found this cover is regarded as the one to get from the run (and I believe the rarest in higher grades). Strange Stories From Another World 4 4.0 $249 (Apr 2020) - Currently 51 points in the registry 4.5 $576 (Oct 2020) - Currently 59 points in the registry 5.0 $558 (Jul 2020) - Currently 74 points in the registry Unknown World 1 3.5 $180 (Apr 2020) - Currently 53 points in the registry 4.5 $255 (Jul 2020) - Currently 70 points in the registry
  2. That really is it, as even 2nd prints are out of reach for anyone not wanting to spend over a grand on a book. 3rds I keep selling for $300-$600 raw mid grade easily, and seems to be the go-to for those who just want ANY copy of #1 for their collection (I know I've settled on having this one as my copy now as well as the 5th, might buy one more 3rd if it comes up though so I can get one signed/graded). I think 3rd prints will continue to be available and always picked up without much drop (or gain...just a very safe collectible for what you pay for it)
  3. This is my first request, so hopefully it is warranted. I noticed that in the Hellboy (1993-1994) set (and any others that contain these key books) that Dime Press 4 is rather low in points, a 9.4 signature series only being 198 (compare that to a Next Men #21 signature series 9.4 going for more at 231) as it is a book that has been selling for many hundred of dollars over Next Men at the very least and is the most expensive of the three key Hellboy 1st appearances. Next Men seems alright in points, but compared to it Dime Press is very stunted. Thanks Prices for example, either 90day Avg or last sale when only that is available. Next Men #21 Universal 9.8 $315 Signature 9.8 $475 Universal 9.6 $177 Signature 9.6 $250 Universal 9.4 $142 Signature 9.4 $185 San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 Universal 9.8 $461 Signature 9.8 $537 Universal 9.6 $234 Signature 9.6 $359 Universal 9.4 $204 Signature 9.4 $365 Dime Press #4 Universal 9.8 $511 (2009 price) Signature 9.8 $1399 (2016 price) Universal 9.6 $2999 (2020 price) Signature 9.6 $1000 (2019 price) Universal 9.4 $840 (2020 price) Signature 9.4 $1399 (2020 price) Dime Press #4 and San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 increased. Thank you
  4. I'm curious, does anyone know CGCs stance on why they do not put the first appearance details on the label of the 4th and 5th printings of #1? While I agree they are more like new comics that reprint the first issue (even the fourth print says 'reprinting' on the cover), but they are still technically marked as being another 'print' of the first. Just seems to me if the 'Xth print' run detail is still honoured then wouldn't it be still appropriate to mark down the first appearance notes on the table (in addition to the new story page and wraparound cover note). I'm sure it's been brought up before, but can't seem to find anything specific to this.
  5. This right here is the truth nugget to focus on. CGC is priceless when it comes to adding security to selling books, and if I'm even remotely thinking of selling something decent in the future I'll have it slabbed (otherwise it sits in my collection in archive sleeves which I'm sure at least 90% of serious collectors do as grading, that is).
  6. To be fair, for that 9.4 the guy I bought it from was positive there was no way it was married, as he got it ungraded from an original owner collection in the 70s (it's a golden age horror book) yeahhhh, might be a CGC mistake as it left him surprised when the grade came back. Point being...WILD CARD!
  7. It can actually just be a qualified grade and not restored, I have some books that have a married cover (getting as high as 9.4 qualified)
  8. In theory you could check the top sets for that run in the CGC Comic Registry, and if anyone has it entered into their competitive set as 9.9 you could email them directly....of course, this means you are trying to wrangle a book from a collector serious about making competitive sets and those are the people most likely to NOT sell the book
  9. Looking to find a low to mid grade copy of Primer #2, the first appearance of Grendel. Can be raw or CGC, and honestly any low grade is fine as it is a gift for a friend who was just feeling nostalgic and isn't big on collecting mint stuff. Ideally looking to spend less than $300.
  10. Bang on it seems. GPA has the last recorded sale being that, but also another 9.4 2nd print sold on Instagram for that exact price yesterday.
  11. Yeah, I've begun to notice that about high grades for this copy with all the raw copies showing up online for sale looking no higher than 9.2 at best (I did see a VF-NM raw on Ebay recently sell for $207us, which looked comparable to my copy so was happy with my 9.6 purchase) but I'm sure more will start being slabbed with the rising interest in the book. Regardless of rarity or how it grows, I just prefer this cover over the 4th printing (as the black and white style lends itself better to the feeling of the original cover, as does the frame border around the art and utilizing red inks and not full color...all that and it doesn't say REPRINT across the top in large letters like the 4th)
  12. Sigh...okay I lied, I'm buying more into the club. While I have the raw 3rd print and 5th print I posted earlier, I felt I still wanted to have at least one #1 issue in graded condition (and at this point didn't make much sense to grade my 3rd print). So I looked and found this copy literally in the same part of the city as me, and signed, so makes sense to save on shipping fees, signing fees, and grading fees by just picking this one up. Real nice and crisp, I didn't realize how worn my raw 5th copy was as the blacks and red on this one have a much better punch to them. Still want to find out the print numbers for this's the only comic mystery that keeps bugging me. So yeah, this club is never getting rid of me - no matter how many versions of issue #1 I end up selling!
  13. Honestly, to me I see that as a good idea especially if you can get one close to the current GPA of around $1,100. I don't see either book going down in value, but of the two just based on the movies I can see Iron Man's 1st appearance continue to climb each year. (however I'm super biased, I've been a big Iron Man fan all my life and was the first comic series I collected, never was a Spider-Man/Venom fan) ASM300 has almost 24,000 copies on the CGC census (with countless more raw), while Tos39 has 2,300...basically less than 10% of the graded copies of ASM out there. So finding another ASM300 in the future will be much easier than trying to get any copy of ToS39. The only thing I highly recommend is getting a COMPLETE coverless copy, as I've seen some out there that are cheaper ($500-$700) but are also missing some of the interior pages (and I honestly think if it is missing any of the Iron Man story pages it doesn't make much sense to invest in it)
  14. While I already have another copy of this epic grail (a complete 0.5 out getting restored right now with Hero Restoration) I really wanted to pick up another copy (because let's be honest, other than AF15 this might be the most important book just based on the cinematic universe). The coverless copies are still fairly affordable and have the amazing advantage of showcasing one of the best opening splash pages of all Marvel key books (JiM 83 and Hulk 1 are close, but don't pack as much punch as this one). It really has it all; large dynamic character art, captivating title, vivid colors, clear credits listing the Marvel greats, and a very entertaining caption box. Paid more than GPA for this one but was happy to do so - as I was hunting for one that presented in a very specific way (nice off-white/white pages for a crisp border, complete interiors, no big missing chunks, and crisp edges with next to zero chipping etc...).