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  1. Lone top census SS for this issue (as well as the rest of the mini-series except for issues #4 and #6, which are tied with another SS 9.8) My other issues in this run (inside the spoiler)
  2. Maybe they are being sly and when they say "grounded" they don't mean low/no power but rather somebody who can't fly - is literally grounded...maybe on account of their weight, from being made of I'm saying a human pre-transformation Ben Grimm that they bump into on Yancy Street. Imagine how bonkers you would all go if that was the case. WILD CARD!!! (also it's Mephisto appearing as Ben Grimm, spoiler)
  3. Now we just have to see how much that 9.8 will sell for on heritage
  4. Yeah, that is a rollercoaster. I have a 7.0 that I'm now tempted to sell
  5. I'm not going to post it (and now regret having watched it), but a cam job of one of the fatalities leaked online and it is gloriously gory. That's all anybody needs to know and you should save yourself for when it is officially released.
  6. I also had one like this (with rust migration on the paper), it was a 4.0 (but it was years ago, not a recently graded book)
  7. Soundtrack time, and they are doubling down on the techno that made the first movie so memorable. Hell yeah. Is it better than the original, nope, but is it over the top, cheesy and basically what I expect a modern version would be (more dubstep / drum n' bass / EDM rather than the originals industrial techno rock), yeah!
  8. Technically all but one of these were already in my collection, as I hunted them down and had em graded specifically to complete a 9.8 set...but now, I finally had them all upgraded to signature series! The crown jewel of my Copper Age books Very happy with them (minor nitpick though, if I could go back in time I would have specified for Doug to use the silver pen on all the books, as I neglected to mention that in my submission and let him decide what to use) Rest of the books here in the spoiler (in order to keep the page neat and not blow it up with large images):
  9. Thanks - my brothers love it, and that's why it was easy for me justify the costs involved for such a nostalgic set (as hunting these all down in 9.8 condition, grading them, THEN finding a way to get them signed and re-graded later on was a money sink most would not ever consider) Added photos to my registry now
  10. Since Moon Knight is blowing up all over the place, pretty much all his books are seeing an increase - however I'll stick to my favourite of the bunch. All six issues of Moon Knight (1985) have a 9.8 point score of 24 (or 26 if SS) and some of those need to be adjusted. While the prices for issues #2-5 are not major ($30-$50, though they are higher than years prior) it is with issues #1 and #6 that have had bigger price bumps. #1 consistently is hitting above $100 for the last year (with the last $110 sale actually have been low) and lower grade copies also going up in price, and #6 has
  12. I was surprised by the grade (I honestly had it pegged to be 4.0 at best) and super happy to have it, but out of all the books I had signed this was my least nostalgic. I grew up with Moon Knight's second volume, the Fist of Khonshu series, and after much effort and time I've finally managed to put together a perfect 9.8 set which I then had signed by Moench as well!