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  1. My favorite movie channel, Nando v Movies, has finally released a video for Captain Marvel. I honestly think he is right on the money with this change - which could have made the movie even better and enhance the setup for future Marvel movies. Thoughts?
  2. "Woe to you, E.C. Annual collector, for the CGC sends the Beast with wrath Because he knows the census is short Let him who hath understanding reckon the grade of the Beast For it is a fine grade, its number is six, six, and six"
  3. Also this cover does check off many of the boxes for a 'perfect' cover, though it does lack the quintessential "Blond woman in a red dress" trope I love to collect. I didn't think this issue would hit this price before some other more notable classic ones though (cough...Chamber of Chills 23...cough)
  4. I'm looking the cover for Zip Comics #20, either the entire wrap or just the front/back cover on their own. Condition does not matter and i'll be very generous edit: Found a facsimile cover to tide me over for now - but will take any condition cover for this issue I can find.
  5. yeah, but purple restored label (probably moderate professional)
  6. Why had no one crapped all over on Blade: Trinity yet? Cause that beats pretty much everything. Also, the newest Godzilla flick was a triple B threat - Bland, Boring, and Bad - so I think it's going to find its way to my top 5 worst "hollywood blockbusters" ever.
  7. Just finished episode's starting to show its faults I mean the show itself LOOKS amazing, and the special effects production is amazing - but the writing and plotting is pretty disappointing, especially the dialogue. It's alright for established comic fans who are willing to slog through anything in order to simply catch a glimpse of these characters, but for anyone else there isn't much to really draw them into this show. My fiancé didn't like any superhero stuff (but she liked Swamp Thing as a kid so was excited for this show), but shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones really grabbed her and made her care about everything Marvel - and that magic is really missing from this show (and all other DC properties, for that matter).
  8. Sending you a message, I have a friend who might have one he is willing to sell.
  9. Hopefully this thread is still being referenced by CGC for label updates, cause I got another. Would be good to be consistent with the "Last Issue" comment on labels so every final issue has it (visually makes sets nice, as there will be both a 'first' and 'last' issues as bookends). Please add the 'Last Issue' note to Crime Mysteries (1952-1954) No. 15.
  10. Yeah, it seems it is less about WB and more about a giant Tax SNAFU that happened which they were banking on to help with the shows $80mil budget.
  11. Well, numbers all over the place - but at least all of them are higher than I was expecting so that's great news to me!
  12. I looks like a perfect candidate to at the very least having the entire issue leaf cast to repair the holes (and perhaps only color touch the cover to fill it in - as doing color touch redrawing on every page would be crazy expensive)
  13. I would talk to CGC about it, but even then you cannot guarantee the grader will not change their mind once it is in hand for review. I had a comic that was being conserved (about 2 years ago), and the professional doing it was in constant talks with CGC to ensure we only had conservation level work done on it in order to get the 'conserved' label and not a purple restored label (clean staple, reinforce, small tear seal) - however once graded they gave it restored (main reasoning was that since the cover was reinforced both inside AND out on the spine that was too much 'conservation' and now was restoration, though this was discussed prior to submission and was fine).
  14. Hard to tell but the corners look a little blunt, but otherwise a great solid copy. I would say 8.0.
  15. Nope, no tears - just the crinkles and color breaks along the spine. I guess I tend to grade covers with large bright solid colors a little harsher, since the color breaks become far more obvious and impact eye appeal.