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  1. I was watching that as well, as the price was more reflective of how easily that copy could be restored into a VERY high grade copy. I was tempted, as it was very possible to take it to at the very least an 8.0 with minor investment on my part.
  2. I am very surprised this got a 1.0, and I think the main reason is the tape holding the cover together. I have a Tales of Suspense #39 CGC 0.5 that looks exactly like this (well, the front cover has no holes in it though so it presents a little better) with chipping/pieces missing and a spit spine - only difference is there isn't any tape holding the cover on. I would be super happy with the 1.0 in this case
  3. Awhile back I was looking for random stuff on and he had listed that issue, but with a DOUBLE COVER. I was honestly floored and contacted him about it (and a few other things) to buy it... ...alas, after looking around I was told it must have been a listing mistake and they didn't have that issue. Damn collecting heart attack.
  4. Got back my first direct submission to CGC (still not word on the other submissions I did through a LCS last June). Very close in what I was expecting the grades to be, but a little disappointed in the True Love Problems grade as it seems I missed a very tiny split in the top spine they found which knocked it down. The Airboy would have been nice to be tied for highest grade, but with the chipping on the right it was more of a dream-gamble (but still happy with it as it was just for my personal collection, as this is my favourite Heap issue & cover). Love the colours on both of them.
  5. I really just want them to offer a large poster of that cover, might be the best thing to have come from the entire show - it's so amazing.
  6. I don't think the timing of it matters much, so long as it gets a good dry cleaning at some point before grading.
  7. 2.5 at most due to that stain, I really can't see that big of stain not having impacted the inside of the book as well - which would make cleaning very hard.
  8. I would feel confidant putting this at 6.0 as is, but it would certainly benefit from a cleaning (especially the back) which could put it to 6.5 (or more?)
  9. Amazing seller (I bought a sweet early Detective Comics #77 from them). One of the best to deal with, so what are you waiting for? Buy all their sweet golden age goodies now
  10. Well, that didn't take long. As I just mentioned my previous post, my goal of 2020 was to be finding bronze keys in higher grade...well, figured I would look and ended up buying this after I posted here since it was a good deal. So, 2020 goal is technically complete as this was my MAIN Bronze key I wanted graded (I own a low grade raw already, as I do with all my favourite books: One graded to display like art, and another raw copy I can give to people to read if they are interested and want to experience the original comic). I didn't want to go higher grade than this as the prices are just crazy (When I buy most key comics I like purchase issues that are no lower in grade than the 'threshold' grade, a term I think I coined. I define a 'threshold grade' as that is which grade point has the MOST comics in that bracket - in this case 361 copies in 7.0, so I don't go below that ever (often trying to at least get a .5 point above it if financially possible, in this case I didn't).
  11. Went to the latest HA auction intending to buy a few golden age comics, ended up shifting gears and rather only winning this amazing issue (Been wanting a high grade copy of this cover for awhile, and it being a black pedigree just fits so well with the aesthetic). I think I've decided that other than keeping an eye out for specific golden age grails (as always), my 2020 year will focus on getting high grade bronze issues I've always loved but only ever bought reader copies of as a kid.
  12. The issue extends far beyond search features. For example: Below you will see a very simple CSS bug going on when you hover over an image and it becomes cut off. This is an OBVIOUS issue that would be caught in a few seconds of browser testing. This alone is a big red flag that it wasn't tested at all correctly (source: am a professional web developer. I do all my testing with
  13. Yes, but the advanced search offers little more than what you can find in the sidebar filter options. It's absolutely useless for browsing (that and the actual bugs on the site, this thing was not tested well)
  14. Man, the new site is just hot garbage now. Am I crazy or can you not filter the comics you want to see by era? All I want is a way to browse the Golden or Silver age books, and then by genre, but what I get is the "pleasure" of having to page through 96,000+ results.
  15. Let's see if someone has this very specific request I'm looking for a 'cheap' reader copy of Strange Tales #110, but coverless (or a remainder cover, missing however much of the cover wrap). I would also consider incomplete copies, as long as the Dr.Strange story is complete. Looking to spend anywhere between $200 to $700us on the issue (depending on condition obviously)