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  1. Ronnylama

    HOM 178

    Great taste in books
  2. I have the complete run. Some I will part with
  3. My good buddy from Wisconsin sold me on their drink of choice. A Brandy Manhattan. I prefer the brandy........Classy both ways but Wisconsin are Old School
  4. JLA is the Beast of group superheroes. Avengers have nothing on these. Grab them now for sure....Nice post
  5. those are some dandy's. GL 17 and DD 5 make me smile with gleefullness.........Keep them going
  6. do have great taste in books...Keep it up. I loved the Flash ones earlier.
  7. a TOS 8.5 CGC graded on average is 75 dollars. You might want to look into GPS before purchasing raw books. I mean no disrespect but showing something you might not be aware of
  8. would it not be better to have quality over quantity? I feel it would be a wiser investment
  9. Ronnylama

    Detective 402

    What a great cover. I recently opened mine for Neal to sign. I love his signature. Congrats and you have great taste in books I dare say..............
  10. I only hope that my previous journals and comments are saved. There were some great times in those
  11. I tried to make a comment on a piece and then went into my friends to find all my comments are not there. I hope this gets fixed as I quite enjoy going back to my own journals as well to reflect on where I was at the time. Please CGC...FIX THIS
  12. Daredevil is my favorite Marvel Superhero. I always have loved this cover. Great to see a post from you...How is the music etc going?
  13. I just got back 60 books from being graded. I am quite excited and felt the need to share this one as I love the Showcase books As I get older I get a bit more excited about books that are less appreciated and less known. I find myself gravitating towards 1st appearances and connected story line books. Most all my submissions were 1st appearances or 1st issues and many were graded lower than expected but I am happier to have them encapsulated and ready to put in my 18 by 44 foot comic vault I am having built...Pictures later of the CGC cabinets and room. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  14. Great journal Surfer dude. I like the way you set the picture up. I need to learn a few tricks from you.....Keep up the series runs...I .LOVE IT