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  1. I emailed and emailed Scott’s collectibles over and over again, apparently sketch was done in December , said it was at cgc January thru April , finally emailed again, said cgc had it off to the side. Got it today, Scott’s sent it in express on May 9th , can’t be mad because they allowed me time payments , but I commissioned he art back in October , was paid off before the December 13th sketch event with mattina.
  2. @RadiantGraphix I need info on how you obtained this , bucket list artist
  3. I finished off my Batman silver age villain 1st app run, I was happy with that. Only took me 3 years to do so, I’m now working on Batman adventures 1-36 with annuals, 90% done that. After that working in flash 105-150
  4. Here is my graded one, have a raw copy around same grade too