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  1. Got this from James in 2013 , need to get it framed
  2. Like the collection right above , at some time i would like my Omniobus to look like a library, I want to sit one day and tell my kid to go and pick a book, and read a story where we left off at. I would love to cover my entire room in bookcases filled with stories.like the library scene from the league of extraordinary Gentleman movie . One day I will have it. If I ever move, I want a room with 20 -30 foot ceilings so I can put a sliding ladder in the library
  3. My collection is all over the place, it’s mostly DC Batman and flash only, but love some of the mini series like injustice: gods among us. But I would love to collect/have some of the marvel major books so I can read, don’t need like FF omnibus 3 but already have 1 and 2 , have amazing Spider-Man 1 but need 2 , not looking for 3 need omnibuses like hulk 1 jim 1 Xmen 1 so I can read the originals
  4. I use cheapgraphicnovels.com I find there prices are fantastic , I could go the LCS and pay full retail price or I can order it on the site, get it almost 50% off, just have to wait a week for the book to arrive
  5. Just picked up the boys omnibus 1 , Batman #7 and walking dead #4 for new releases
  6. In the Batman 1 , it’s roughly 40 issues , about 850 pages each one. I love them.
  7. Yes they are the Batman’s I think I have 1-6 I need 7, the opposite side is the flash, marvel omni on the bottom
  8. I know there is 2 omnibuses that I’m looking forward too, that’s the reprint of the silver surfer and the wolverine reprint
  9. Getting my man cave together, this is one of the bookcases being set up, more to come
  10. Was looking for a thread on here, bumping this up. Anyone else big on omnibuses ?
  11. Recently bought a hulk 1 , wanted something to match , this was cheap
  12. That’s nice, Adam highs is on my list of artist to get a sketch from in the future , hoping for a Harley Quinn