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  1. I would love to get something from him, bad thing is $$$$$$$$$
  2. I spent 2019 mostly collecting sketch covers got the bruce timm joker finally to finish the set, now I have joker Batman and Harley 2nd book hulk 1 then probably the coolest sketch of the year Jae Lee Batman
  3. Just got this done by gorkem, dude is a beast. Parch is awesome to work with also
  4. Grabbed the new 52 batman, the boys #2 and what if collection #2 this week
  5. I have a secret lab chair , the titan, they are expensive chairs but my back feels great. The titan is made for bigger framed people , and it’s worth every penny
  6. Got this from James in 2013 , need to get it framed
  7. Like the collection right above , at some time i would like my Omniobus to look like a library, I want to sit one day and tell my kid to go and pick a book, and read a story where we left off at. I would love to cover my entire room in bookcases filled with stories.like the library scene from the league of extraordinary Gentleman movie . One day I will have it. If I ever move, I want a room with 20 -30 foot ceilings so I can put a sliding ladder in the library
  8. My collection is all over the place, it’s mostly DC Batman and flash only, but love some of the mini series like injustice: gods among us. But I would love to collect/have some of the marvel major books so I can read, don’t need like FF omnibus 3 but already have 1 and 2 , have amazing Spider-Man 1 but need 2 , not looking for 3 need omnibuses like hulk 1 jim 1 Xmen 1 so I can read the originals