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  1. I havent felt the need to argue with RMA for a while, so that has to count for something!
  2. Totally agree, but avoiding the sharks is tricky. Between all of the buyers I know from Montreal to Toronto, there are few I'd trust not to screw my parents over. Hope everyone else's collecting community isnt as treacherous as mine.
  3. Aww, shucks... I didn't know you were a fan! For what it's worth, the OP asked for opinions on the app. I provided mine. I'm sorry you didnt like it, but likening the app users to Wizard users is pretty spot on, I think. If you didnt like the way I presented it, that's far different than claiming i have nothing to offer.
  4. That's why you have to use the HRN, they never changed the indicia. 169 Negro Americans came out in 1969, and without looking, I think there were no 2nd prints. I'm unaware how long they kept printing afterwards.
  5. Clearing comics is easy, bulk boxes can be posted on craigslist and disappear within the day. I may catalogue and price my better stuff when I start feeling the icy fingers of death, but I'm not expecting anyone to make a part time job out of my collection.
  6. I see a lot of people saying heirs won't put the time or effort into maximizing profit, but that's not a consideration for me, I have no heirs (that I'm aware of). Like someone said earlier, the inheritor could blow out the whole thing at a dollar apiece. You get to keep the collection to the end, it's disposed of quickly, and some lucky stiff wins the lottery. In my case, if I went tomorrow, my folks would get my old LCS to pick up all my boxes, and probably go 50/50 on whatever sold right away. Mom would probably a lot of that away to the church and charity, but what can you do?
  7. That's a lie. Show me where I said that. Have never, will never. I saw a Youtube video on how to use the app, had a big belly laugh, and moved on with my life.
  8. Your app is this generation's version of the guy walking around a con with a Wizard magazine, where he's highlighted all the keys he's supposed to buy, but only less than guide. Those guys were a waste of space and air at every con they attended, and now we have you to thank for the new batch.
  9. It's like Facebook, that's how the kids are doing it these days!
  10. Translation: I bought a speculation book at a bargain, and wasn't able to flip it? Such a selfless act...
  11. Sure, but that's the argument being made. Something happens, people want it, price breaks out from issues around it, so it's a key? I dont think so.
  12. Where do we fall on Marvel Team Up 62, first meeting of Spider-Man and Ms Marvel? Had people looking for it a few months back. Seemingly significant enough to move the needle for some people. Does that make it a key, or is it just a cheap book people were speculating on, just in case? Cosmic Ghost Rider is Punisher, right? Is first Frankencastle a key? Long term demand has to play a part in being called a key, otherwise you can call anything a key. Some Facebook bozo on a live stream tried to sell a 90s Amazing Spiderman as first Black Cat cover. Was he on crack? Try Asm 194. Okay, 3rd cover? No, she was in Spectacular for years. Okay, 3rd time appearing on the cover of ASM? Still no, but I got blocked before I could qualify that for him any further...
  13. I cant picture being without my collection. What am I supposed to do, sell everything and then wait to die?