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  1. A collector buys a stack/box/collection, keeps the ones he wants, and sells the ones he doesn't. 100% agree, you have to focus, and sometimes make hard choices when space or funds are limited. The difference is when you buy the books knowing you don't want any of them. That's not collecting. If anything, you're getting in the way of collectors. Someone's going to say they're helping collectors by bringing books to market that wouldn't be found. I call BS on that, and that's still not collecting.
  2. Then you are both. There's no harm in admitting it, but some people hide the dealer part, and that's where hard feelings come from.
  3. A collector sells to curate his collection. A dealer sells to profit from the book. If you buy books with no intention of keeping them, but instead want to put the proceeds towards other ends, that sounds like a dealer to me.
  4. I despise the phrase "quality over quantity". I built a run of Tales of Suspense 58-99, and Captain America 100-454 some years ago which still makes me very happy. According to you experts, how much of that is quality, and how much is quantity?
  5. Glad the reports are mediocre... preordered off a while ago. They didn't have a delivery date a week after it came out, and when it finally popped up, I was only getting my copy at the end of September. Meanwhile, they say order now, they have 10 copies left. Heck with that, cancel and rethink who I buy a copy from.
  6. C for... Captain Marvel Adventures?
  7. I asked in a Facebook group, and lots of people argued with me about how much they loved their CPV collection. I couldn't find anyone who paid a premium to get them, though...
  8. All due respect, if you look at a lot like that and say "volume isnt my thing," I'm rather glad you didnt get it.
  9. Is there room for a dissenting opinion? If you're willing to buy a single page, would you be willing to buy the coverless book without a centerfold that the pages were cut from? You see an iconic page, I see a book that was chopped up for profit. I'm not at all a fan.
  10. People aren't stupid. When you put wet, damaged, worthless books in a dollar bin, they stagnate. Successful dollar bins are clearance of books that are worth at least a dollar. If it looks like garbage, and the store owner treats it like garbage, people are going to think it's garbage.
  11. You don't seem to like the opinions so far, so I'll ask a question: do you want people to grab books in stacks a foot high with quick turnover between customers, or do you want one customer to take an hour to pull one or two books?
  12. Please sort them. If I'm flipping through bins, and see a mini or a run all together, I might be inclined to buy them. If they're scattered across the boxes, I'll recognize that I've seen them, but I'm not going back to find them. If they're ordered, I'll check the numbers on my lists. I don't mind paying $2 for clean moderns, but only bagged and boarded. If you want more than a dollar, you'd better spend the extra 10 cents on supplies. Some books should never be more than a dollar, though. If you're asking $2 each for Arion of Atlantis, 90s Starman, and damaged copies of Classic X-Men, I'm going to stop looking, discount or not.
  13. My only issue with promoting Thor and Galactus is you can't find any of the current Thor issues on the stands anymore.
  14. That was scissors, there's a noticeable curve at the bottom of the cut. If that amount of paper had been taken off the top, like a remainder copy, we'd be looking at a 0.5, right?
  15. Cheesecake will always sell, but bondage and headlights aren't terms I hear used anymore. Does anyone under the age of 50 collect specifically for those genres? I'm 40, and I find "injury to eye" far more compelling.