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  1. That bugs me less than the guys getting the beaters and restored comics autographed to flip...
  2. You'll feel lost reading moderns of those characters, but it doesn't sound like you're opening anything. Get the KeyCollector app. I hate it, but it's this generation's version of Wizard magazine.
  3. That was going to be my question. How many of you guys have a few short boxes in your collection, but have a garage full of drek to sell?
  4. That, or get Spreads to catalogue and price everything before I go, and sell it out from under him. That would be fun
  5. Every time I watch Bram Stoker's Dracula, I look at Lucy's crypt and think, "look at all the room for shelves!" If you visit, you get to read my stuff.
  6. All depends on what your collecting goal is. If you want a few short boxes of nosebleed books, fine. If you want every appearance of Wonder Woman, fine. If you want a library of all Marvel comics printed between 1961 and 1996, fine. Whatever suits you. If there's random junk you don't care about that doesn't fit with anything else you own, I'd consider thinning it out to your focus, especially before a move. Just don't do it because of that "quality over quantity" garbage, that's usually based on the price tag, and not the actual books.
  7. I'd love to know which ones, I stopped just before New 52, and haven't been back since. I have a vendetta against Bendis for ruining Avengers, I won't touch anything he works on. I didn't like Tom King Batman at all, I get the sense that he's very impressed with himself, and I'm not feeling it. Current Flash is putrid. Suicide Squad seems to always be about Harley Quinn, and I'm fed up of that character. I was holding Death of Vic Sage, and wondering why I'd pay $6.99 US for their new prestige format, and same for the upcoming Birds of Prey. I love Captain Marvel, Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham, but I still don't like the Shazam reboot. There's no JSA book right now. DC just isn't for me.
  8. I'm someone who isn't into new comics, but I've had the itch, so I've been trying a few things. I really hesitate to get into Indy books, because people speculate on the #1, never buy another issue, and the title dies after a dozen issues. I don't have room for a dozen issues of an unfinished story that's unrelated to anything else I collect.
  9. Agree, good post. Books like the ones you're posting should be graded regardless of the grade, provided they're complete, to maximize their sell price. Raw, you'll need an excellent reputation and pinpoint accurate grading skills, which take years to learn, and decades to perfect. Stores wont often have the capital to sink into big books unless it's at a steal. Unless you see similar books hanging on their walls, they may not know how to handle big books, and probably havent developed that kind of clientele to spend more than $20 on a funny book. They should at least offer to sell the books on consignment, although it's still not the best deal for you. You can use them to screen a box of low value books for hot books if you let them pull individual issues, but you dont want to sell to them.
  10. Yeah, and the mods keep muting me. You're allowed to post pictures of keys, but not allowed to warn people when they're wasting their money on a garbage spec book.
  11. Yup. Go wander around Facebook comic forums if you want to be demoralized. They're not reading jack. New collectors have fully embraced that "quality over quantity" garbage that people here have been spouting. "No space, I only keep the important ones", right? Well, the newbies have been listening, so now they're only chasing price tags, without any context of what's going on in the book. They'll buy anything with "1st" attached to it, just to post a picture of their wall of mixed junk, hoping it has more nice price tags than the next guy's junk. The books themselves are meaningless to them, they offer their books as trade fodder for something with a bigger price sticker. These guys have been collecting less than 5 years, are afraid to handle their books outside a bag and board, dont know how to grade, cant detect resto, but are now controlling prices in the market because they're spending money that wise collectors would not spend. Sub-Mariner 1 is my proof. Why would anyone pay $200 for a midgrade copy of an ice cold title that jumps into the middle of a storyline with a forgettable antagonist? No one who's paying that has any idea what's going on in that book. We're happy to sell, of course, but when these guys fizzle out, we have to teach the newcomers to appreciate the medium, and not just treat it like day trading.
  12. I understood Spunky Todd to be Bendis' first published work. Written and drawn. It's absolutely putrid.
  13. All you can do is send a link to mycomicshop and try not to swear at him
  14. Just a thought. If comics no longer exist, then value is irrelevant. What if they think Action 1, Detective 27, Cap 1, and other such books are just primitive, immature cave drawings compared to something that comes afterwards? They may find a cover with a riot or armed police officers more interesting as a representation of the old world.