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  1. A week or two ago, I was checking eBay for a different Canadian variant, JIM Annual 1, and the blank copy was selling at a premium over the more plentiful US copies. I get the sense that since 80s Canadian price variants like ASM 238 or Thor 337 sell for more, buyers feel justified in paying more for other Canadian variants.
  2. It depends on your means of selling them. Do you want someone to come haul them away? Are you going to advertise a yard sale? Do you want to get a table at a con? Do you want to sell on eBay? Do you want to start an online store, or sell on Facebook? Prices realized will be different in all of those scenarios.
  3. Frankly, if you collected them because they're worth money, then the end goal was always to liquidate, and profit from their sale. I wouldn't expect a lot of sentimentality for random books that were purchased because the price tag was impressive. The person with a more emotional attachment to their collection wouldn't feel that same sense of relief.
  4. UPS enjoys sending you a $50 brokerage invoice a month after your package gets there. It's not fun.
  5. I'm not fool enough to throw my coins down that well. It's a scam to sell overpriced or unwanted books that takes advantage of the suckers who fall for get-rich-quick schemes. Sales forum rules: 16. Raffles are not allowed. 17. Mystery boxes are not allowed. You must list everything you are selling exactly as the buyer will receive it. There are no happy stories where comic raffles are concerned, except for the shady seller.
  6. Wasn't Gem Mint the guy who got busted by Paypal for forcing people to pay Friends and Family for his overpriced raffles? Then he went on a rant to complain how unfair Paypal was, and that we should all boycott. FK that guy.
  7. Also the home of the infamous Gerry Ross, who is still operating to this day. I grew up in Montreal, and it's definitely a shady comic town. They've always had a well developed comic market, so they know their stuff, but the dealers are incestuous, there's more collusion than competition. Rosaire Fontaine who runs Fantasticon is a trustworthy guy who handles big books. Everyone else has what I call the "Montreal stink" on them.
  8. Flipping in the modern market is an expensive game of hot potato. Buy a hot book at $20, hoping to find someone to buy at $30, who will try to sell it for $40. No one wants the book, they just want to build up enough profit to buy Spider-Man keys. It's difficult for moderns to build any lasting value. The people buying moderns at the top of market dont have the disposable income we do. When next Summer's hot books hit, they'll sell this year's hot books en masse to pay for them. The prices will fall back down, and those who pumped them will sell, saying they've changed focus/aren't i
  9. This is what you said that stuck with me. Buying comics you don't care about will 100% make you unhappy, so I'm glad you didn't. However, piling up keys for $$$ reasons also didn't seem to excite you. I think there's a third option you're ignoring. Stop looking at comics like a retailer, which ones do you actually enjoy? Is there any material that still intrigues you or that makes you happy to leaf through it? If you feel like you've read it all, and comics are just pork bellies, then yes, it's time to get out. I'm happy with my hoard, and still buying more. I'm 41, so not concerned
  10. All but a handful are raw, I don't have room for slabs. Not much that would excite you guys anyway. Keepers get cracked and put in mylar, the ones I'm less pleased with stay slabbed in case I upgrade and need to sell. I understand the OPs desire to own everything. Comics are sequential stories, and I enjoy runs, not random, unrelated keys. You have to like what you're buying, though. When I was younger, I bought Frank Miller and Neal Adams because I was supposed to, but didn't really appreciate them at the time. It was a chore, and I hated them. Keeping books you find in collections
  11. My collection is 60+ longs (plus some Bowen minibusts pictured). I like the books I have, and few are unrelated to anything else in the collection. Everything is ordered, boxes are labelled, the collection is documented in CLZ. I take great joy going through my collection, and have no difficulty finding anything.