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  1. Yup. Go wander around Facebook comic forums if you want to be demoralized. They're not reading jack. New collectors have fully embraced that "quality over quantity" garbage that people here have been spouting. "No space, I only keep the important ones", right? Well, the newbies have been listening, so now they're only chasing price tags, without any context of what's going on in the book. They'll buy anything with "1st" attached to it, just to post a picture of their wall of mixed junk, hoping it has more nice price tags than the next guy's junk. The books themselves are meaningless to them, they offer their books as trade fodder for something with a bigger price sticker. These guys have been collecting less than 5 years, are afraid to handle their books outside a bag and board, dont know how to grade, cant detect resto, but are now controlling prices in the market because they're spending money that wise collectors would not spend. Sub-Mariner 1 is my proof. Why would anyone pay $200 for a midgrade copy of an ice cold title that jumps into the middle of a storyline with a forgettable antagonist? No one who's paying that has any idea what's going on in that book. We're happy to sell, of course, but when these guys fizzle out, we have to teach the newcomers to appreciate the medium, and not just treat it like day trading.
  2. I understood Spunky Todd to be Bendis' first published work. Written and drawn. It's absolutely putrid.
  3. All you can do is send a link to mycomicshop and try not to swear at him
  4. Just a thought. If comics no longer exist, then value is irrelevant. What if they think Action 1, Detective 27, Cap 1, and other such books are just primitive, immature cave drawings compared to something that comes afterwards? They may find a cover with a riot or armed police officers more interesting as a representation of the old world.
  5. Anything above 9.4 offends me. When did NM stop being good enough?
  6. Everything sells at the right price. I don't begrudge a dealer for paying pennies for common copper issues, but I don't want to hear that same dealer say "run issues don't sell" when they turn around and try to sell those books at $4.25 each. We have a local hoarder/dealer here who does just that, and to no one's surprise, he's having financial hardships while long boxes have overrun his whole house. It's not that hard to figure out.
  7. Okay, I'm invested in this story now. What was the conversation?
  8. I love a story with a happy ending! The sooner the quick flippers leave the hobby, the better. Apart from driving up prices artificially, a lot of these monkeys can't grade a raw book to save their lives, and mislead potential customers. They'll buy a book as a 6.5 raw, and advertise as "7.5 or better", and "would benefit from a clean and press," whether it's true or not.
  9. I'm only setting aside Shazam because I'm trying to have one of every Captain Marvel book for all time. I'm reading them, but they're not very good. Everything else will come to me in bulk long boxes one day, no point paying cover.
  10. Regular is what I see the local stores using. I think both BCW and Ultra-Pro call that size Regular. It's more common than Silver, and should be a touch cheaper. You don't want to use Current because it's always too close to the size of the book. If you don't have any extra board around the book, then the cardboard offers no protection against bumps.
  11. Never use Current, ever. Do everything in Regular. I personally use Silver for anything not in a mylite, but you won't need the extra space.
  12. I wouldnt shop it around locally, people will just give you a b.s. line about "not mint" and offer you nothing. eBay is a good measure of sell price, and I'd move them there in one lot to save time. The "key colltor" app is a steaming pile of poop, dont waste your time.