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  1. The_Endless

    WTB Modern Sets

  2. The_Endless

    WTB Modern Sets

  3. The_Endless

    Avengers #1

    Read it. Average.
  4. The_Endless

    WTB Modern Sets

  5. The_Endless

    WTB Modern Sets

  6. The_Endless

    WTB Modern Sets

  7. The_Endless

    WTB Modern Sets

    Interested in raw copies only in NM- or better. Only interested in full sets. Sets Omega Men 1-12 Vision 1-12 Y: The Last Man 1-60 Scalped 1-60 Seven to Eternity 1-9 Kingdom Come 1-4 Singles Batman (new 52) 40 Lazarus 9
  8. The_Endless

    Spring Sale Thread

    UXM 202, 110
  9. The_Endless

    East of West

    I also read East of West. Been on my pull list since issue 1.
  10. I just want good stories that are not interrupted by silly mandates from management/editorial. Is that too much to ask? Guess my pull list will continue to be dominated by Image.
  11. The_Endless

    WTB: Saga 1 RRP

    So let's see. Last 2 sales CGC 9.8 in 2018 were $2250 and $2095. So let's say this can be bought for $2,100. Take away the 10% usually taken by ebay, CL, etc and that leaves it at $1900 or so. Doesn't sound so far off from what the buyer wants to pay.
  12. The_Endless

    Letter pages in comics, where did they go?

    Lazarus has one of the best letters page out there. Marvel and DC cut them to reduce costs and because no one writes a letter but mostly for costs.
  13. The_Endless

    Marvel comics worth reading

    Not pulling anything from Marvel these days. Guess I got tired of the relaunches