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    Full Run/Sets Blowout

    No #14?
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    WTB Modern Runs

  3. The_Endless

    WTB Modern Runs

  4. The_Endless

    Marvel Movies are a Success why can't Comics do the Same?

    My 2 cents Move to trades/graphic novels. Most people these days prefer to binge on things. Change distribution to larger retailers. Most people don't like to go to comic stores Stick with creators for at least 2 years If you can't stick to a creative team for 2 years then don't publish as singles and publish as trades/graphic novels Let creators create. Editorially mandated crossovers and storylines are typically Try more Image/DarkHorse/Valiant comics. Marvel/DC Superhero comics are stale. There is a lot of good quality stuff being done by other publishers.
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    WTB Modern Runs

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    The Wild Storm Warren Ellis

    I have to agree it's a great read. I liked how the characters were brought to the present day and how it's setting up the Wildstorm universe. It will certainly read better as a full run since Ellis is clearly playing the long game.
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    WTB Modern Runs

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    WTB Amazing Spider-Man #3 ASM

    What grade are you looking for?
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    ASM 3

    I have a 6.5. PM me if interested
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    WTB Modern Runs

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    WTB Modern Runs

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    WTB Modern Runs

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    Avengers #1

    Read it. Average.
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    WTB Modern Runs