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  1.  Grading/QC on June 17th - looks like 4 rejects out of 25 prescreen 9.8's Shipped on June 19
  2. Hi Mollie - Please add the following: Set: East of West (Complete with Variants) Books: East of West # 36 East of West # 36 Variant Cover East of West # 37 East of West # 38 East of West # 39 East of West # 40 East of West # 40 Variant Cover East of West # 41 East of West # 42 Also... Set: Manifest Destiny Books: Manifest Destiny # 33 Manifest Destiny # 34 Manifest Destiny # 35 Manifest Destiny # 36 Thank you!!
  3. You should read the comics instead of just trying to find something to flip and make money on. Die is a good read, and with D&D back on the rise, there's a lot of interest in it. Oblivion Song did start off slow but I have enjoyed the world building. I can't speak to Pearl or Naomi as I havent read them.
  4. They still need to ship them....could sit on the books for a couple more weeks
  5. Grading/QC on June 17th - looks like 4 rejects out of 25 prescreen 9.8's
  6. What I have found is that my CC isnt charged until CGC has graded the books and knows how many 9.8's and how many rejections. I have a Modern Prescreen that has been in "scheduled for grading" since April 16th and my card has yet to be charged.
  7. This can be said for most of the threads in the modern section. Unless people can make a quick buck it isn’t talked about.
  8. Really surprised there isnt much chatter on here about issue 191.
  9. A few years ago Tony was at a comic con near me. At the time I inquired on prices, I was advised $1000 for a full cover, not just a sketch. Not sure what he’s at now.
  10. Normally just need to get to the artist first thing. Most will do some full covers per show but the list fills fast. Once they are done you go grab a CGC witness and go pick up at artist's booth.
  11. Love all these sketches. Here’s my fav. He’s done a couple variant covers for the book so hopefully it counts...
  12. Denver’s really not bringing much of anything when it comes to comics this year. I’m pretty disappointed in the guest list. They have a month to salvage it but I really don’t see it happening
  13. LCS in my city is selling this DellOtto today via their website. Not sure if anyone is interested but wanted to share just in case.