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  1. Closing thread and moving remainder to eBay...but if anyone decides they want any of these PM long as they haven't sold already I will honor the quoted prices and pull them off eBay if needed.
  2. Assorted GN/TPBs - $2 each. Most have some minor scuffing/wear to covers but nothing major.
  3. Wolverine, Vol. 1 Jason Aaron HC - brand new and still sealed in plastic. Price: $85.00
  4. Hello, Please check out our new online GN/TPB buying generates instant buy offer for all graphic novels, trade paperbacks, as well as most books about comics, and most sci-fi/fantasy related books. Heck, it will even make an offer on your recent college textbooks. Just enter the ISBN, get an immediate offer, then print free shipping labels and get paid. The site should have knowledge of pretty much every ISBN for every graphic novel ever made...but if you do find one that doesn't get an offer, PM and I can edit our database to make sure it does! Thanks!
  5. Wolverine by Mark Millar Omnibus HC - brand new and still sealed in shrinkwrap. Price: $150.00
  6. Untold Tales of Spider-Man Omnibus HC - Very good condition - only minor scuffing to dust jacket. Price: $200.00
  7. Ultimate Comics Avengers by Mark Millar Omnibus HC - nice condition. Price: $20.00
  8. The Death of Captain Marvel (Marvel Premiere Classic) HC - brand new and still sealed in shrinkwrap Price: $40.00