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  1. I agree there are great artists out there. Problem is to have them associated to great storylines....not many will stick in my memory, I am afraid.
  2. Time to come out of the closet. I did. Recently. 4 figure piece. The piece is from an artist that has done very little work for Marvel and only two issues for that particular character. Difficult to price. My judgement was that the price asked (after a small discount that was offered for year-end sales) was "reasonable" - or rather should I say was within a range I was willing to pay for that particular piece. I may be right, I may be wrong, I will probably never know because not much comparable stuff is out there. For the record, very pleasant buying experience (I thought it is only fair to mention it). Carlo
  3. Well I have never got too many complaints about the art I have hanging on my study. But admittedly she has often remarked about the "absurd female body shapes" , and that remark has been made across various comic book artists and eras. Looking back at my previous post, I would not want this to be misinterpreted that I judge the Boris piece "pornographic" - far from it! I just wanted to express that the level of nudity alone is not necessarily an indicator of bad taste. And I really have an open mind towards all kinds of arts. It is just that there is a line and that line is very very subjective.
  4. Slippery territory.... As a sociology experiment I showed my wife the Boris and the Red Sonja pieces. She has zero interest in comics and no awareness of context whatsoever. She judged both "lurid" (sorry she is not a prudish but that is what she said) but said that the Boris would be more apparent on a wall and she would be more embarassed by it. Again, sorry, totally ubiased social experiment. If I may add my own comic art fan, I think that sex drives a lot of art - be it commercial or fine, and that is absolutely fine because sex is a part of everybody's life. It is hard to say when sex-driven images become bad taste or - dare I say - pornographic. This is a highly subjective matter. For me it is a mix of the level of nudity shown and the context. A semi nude warrior woman in control of the action is less pornographic than a more dressed woman subject to an act of violence. Just my personal position....
  5. Just to mention the ones I am following the closest: 1) Defenders 9 cover (such large images of major characters from super major storyline - a classic IMHO) 2) Kirby Thing Pin-up 3) Dark Phoenix - I have already expressed my surprise at how high the XM 129 page - Kitty Pryde premium????? 5) Golden Avengers Annual, by a thin margin 10) Wolverine plate - nicer to look at.
  6. I am based in Italy and have received art from all over the world with no major problems for many many years. Obviously you have customs to go through so as sender you will need to describe the item and put a value on it. For items for less than USD100 there will be no additional work to be done and the item should go through directly. For items over USD100 there will be some minor paperwork to be filled out to the shipping company by the receiver. Typically an email confirming item description and value. Then the receiver will need to pay VAT and duties when they receive the parcel. I would recommend Fedex as they have their own customs agent and the last mile locally, so the process is a bit quicker. USPS uses the local posts as agent both for customs and final delivery and they tend to be a bit more cumbersome, but nothing major. Cost is typically around USD100 (indeed Fedex tends to be higher), plus VAT and stamp duties. Please note that for items of value the receiver should be able to claim VAT for arts to be applied, which is 10% as opposed to 22%. Feel free to PM me privately if you need more info. Carlo
  7. 20k + (with premium) for the Uxm 129 Byrne Austin page. That is already very strong, I would have thought the Phoenix page to be ahead. In any case, obviously the classic Byrne run continues to be a major favourite... Carlo
  8. The cover vs splash debate is a really interesting one and might actually deserve a thread on its own. A few considerations. First, I understand why covers would attract a premium over a splash with similar content. Sticking to X-Men Cockrum, nobody would argue that the covers to GS and to XM 101 would capture a major, major premium to their interior counterparts , even though the content is quite similar (the splash to GS XM is very, very similar and the Phoenix splash in the interior is almost the same as the cover). But there is no doubt that certain splashes can be extremely high quality, on par if not superior to the relative cover. SS 6, which I have brought up in a separate thread on the (in)famous Buscema debate, is an example where the splash is IMHO infinitely superior to the cover, and would actually command a premium. FInally, and I would like some expert's input on this one, I feel that comparing the two is not entirely appropriate. Because of the medium on which they were printed (glossy paper) and the commercial role they have, covers are "intrinsically" different from splashes. They tend to have simpler content, aiming more at impact than subtlety. They also tend to have less backgrounds. Finally, and here I am threading on unfamiliar grounds - I feel the inks tend to have a different style. Inks on covers must have less texture, less shading, less cross hatching, less zip-a-tone. Al this in favour of clarity and impact. I have not checked, but I suspect inkers like Palmers and Janson have done fewer covers relative to their interior production precisely for this reason. As an example, look at the cover to Avengers 57 and the relative splash. The splash has richer texture, what with the shading on the characters and the rain effect, while the cover is obviously much more impactful. So it will always also come down to personal tastes, and what one wants from their OA. Personally, I like both, but have in fact bought more splashes than covers.
  9. Recently acquired....twice up art where have you been all my life?
  10. The ideal splash ìs pin-up style and yet consistent with the story / the situation. X-Men 107 seems to me the perfect example. Better than any cover, IMHO.
  11. Have to agree with Gene on this one. Great splash, but small Wolverine and - of course - no Phoenix. So based on recent prices of interiors 76k feels about right. Great looking splash and very historical, though. Great congrats to the buyer.
  12. Next 5-10 years, stable, with more and more differentiation between A pieces and standard pieces. A pieces being prime pages from Kirby, Ditko, Byrne, Miller and Jim Lee. I have given a lot of thought to the 25 years + scenario. Assuming Earth is still healthy, and society and economy structures are more or less the same as today (and this is a big, big assumption, considering climate change and technological disruption), I think OA coming from the second half of the 20th century will gravitate towards an "intrisic value" reserved to a one of a kind piece of art-craft (let's no go into the art vs craft bit here), well made, pleasant to the eye, sympathetically representative of a culture from a certain historical period. For somethig like this, I think there will be demand, and there will be an "intrinsic value" of arounf USD3000 per page and USD15000-20000 per cover, with progressively less differentiation as content will become less and less relevant to new buyers. Can't wait till I can get my hand on a Kirby Sinnott twice up FF cover for 20K - even though I will be able to enjoy it only for a couple of years! Carlo
  13. I have pondered on BWS comments on Big John and on artists needing a "vision". Thank you very much for the link. Even though BWS admitted vision was a concept not so easily defined, I think we all somehow "get it". Going back to a post I made a few weeks ago on this very same topic, I really do believe John Buscema circa 1968 had a vision. Look at the two examples below. I consciously refrained from quoting the obivious SS 4 cover or Avengers 57 cover. But still, looking at these two splashes, I do see art coming through. And if Kirby's vision was energy and fantasy and invention and the ability to imagine fantastic new worlds, Buscema's "vision" circa 1968 was IMHO to show the conflict, the torment of being a hero and yet confined by humanity, and showing how either an alien in cold space or an android in relentless rain can still find humanity. That was what Buscema's perfect and yet contorted anatomy circa 1968 was expressing. And that is voision and art, IMHO. PS - apologies for the poor scans but they should be enough to make my point.
  14. And I thought ...that costume looks familiar. It must have been the inspiration for the '80s armoured Psylock look. Do people agree? and to make this into a slightly less off-topic, any OA you can share of old images that must have been inspiration for modern uniforms of super heroes?
  15. Browsing Heritage auctins I bumped into this Ditk / Wood piece: