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  1. The most blatant example is the X-Men. Cockrum and Byrne pages with Wolverine or Phoenix have been 60%-100% higher than comparable pages without. And the same would apply to the runs of the,likes of Romita Jr, Smith, Silvestri and Lee. For team books, it is generally multiple characters or key characters within the team (like Cap or Iron Man for the Avengers of Hulk for the Defenders) as opposed to pages with second tier or single characters displayed on the pages. This can represent an opportunity. For example, vintage Iron Fist pages by Byrne are super high quality and are a fraction of the price of X-Men pages (not a small fraction any longer, I am afraid). But you have to compare production from the same period. Saying that Byrne Uncanny is higher than byrne WCA just because of a difference in characters makes no sense, as they come from very different eras..
  2. I also tried but at one minute into the sale the item I asked for was already sold. The wole thing sold out I believe in a matter o fminutes. And prices were quite full! Congratulations to Felix and Tradd for a very successful sale! And very good news for the state of our hobby!
  3. I am not a Wrightson expert but I am also in the camp "lots of detail does not necessarily = great art". And that applies to comic and other art equally. Having said that, this particular piece is quite spectacular, and in this case the detail provided is probably instrumental to convey and enforce the obsession of the characters and the drama of the situation. In other cases, detail is totally gratuitous and...just not for me...
  4. Sal Cap at the moment ahead of Starlin Cap Marvel and Kane Thor....we'll see.... (mind you, me loves Kane and Starlin covers.....)
  5. To turn the argument around here are some PROS of splashes: - As interior, they can have more refined inks, with more nuances that normally are not included in covers - Some splashes that are not title splashes can actually have a larger image. To examples below. - Comparing similar relative quality (ie A cover vs A splash), splashes typically would be 1/3 the price of a cover - Almost as rare, as there are 1-2 splashes per issue CONS - Have great variance in quality - They don't have the PROS of the covers...
  6. Did not meet my overall goal to restrain myself...but I did make progress on a few other fronts : - upgrade Silvestri Inferno UXM - first Marvel large art from Silver Age - add one more prime page from all-time run / artist favourite (UXM Byrne) - get one example of Davis Excalibur (hopefully arriving over the next few days) And I am afraid the November Heritage will present a couple more temptations....
  7. For a moment there I thought the art was glued on the pages....fortunately a carefully read of the description dispelled the holy terror that had posessed me . Great great contemporary and yet timeless art
  8. I am not a big Sienkiewicz fan, I find his art often too cerebral. But these pages are beautiful! Anybody knows if the buyer is a dealer and might break up the book ?
  9. I have just sent an email to Heritage asking them to provide also the date of the inks in the description. The consignor should know and should be willing to disclose it. Let's see...
  10. Excellent detective work! Now the last piece of info that I think Heritage should provide is when Sinnott did the inks on the page up for auction. The description vaguely says "later". If I were a bidder I would be (marginally) interested in knowing whether the whole piece is vintage 1978 or pencils 1978 and inks - say - commissioned specifically to put the piece up for this auction. It might have an impact on perception of value upon resale.
  11. Makes sense - the poster AND the back cover of the Masterworks book look the same and slightly different from the HA auction. But it is important to know that there is only one penciled version and that that is the one which is being auctioned. Strictly speaking it is not "published". Oh well it is just semantics, is it not? It does look spectacular. On a a separate but related topic, Avengers 158 cover is up! One of the best covers Kirby did for Marvel in the '70s, possibly second only to FF200, IMHO. Thoughts on final hammer price?
  12. Not a big fan. I find the ones with two different characters and storylines dilutive and with far less impact than - say - a unitary splash. A case of one plus one equals less than two. The ones that portait four different moments of the interior story (like FF 106) are more acceptable but still distracting. Call me silly but I would prefer paying a fraction and getting a strong interior with strong storytelling. My 2 cents.
  13. Thank you all for the various contributions. It looks like Lichtenstein (and other similar artists as well) has too much uncertainty about replicates for me to go into right now. I will need to do more research. His stuff looks really good but shelling out USD50k for something of which I do not know exactly how many copies there are and in which form does not look like a good idea. On one comment I agree though. Comic art has been fantastically liquid, at least vintage OA. Every time I have decided to monetise, it has been extremely easy and has come at values on average in line with expectations. However, I have almost always lost money on contemporary comic OA, so I am not sure I would qualify it as "liquid". I would also not underestimate the logistics: OA is extremely easy to ship around, which would not necessarily be the case with art on canvas or similar mediums. That is definitely a plus vs painted fine arts.
  14. I certainly feel out of my league here. The gallery rep described the piece as a "one of a kind" litograph - but I saw three having sold on HA in the last few years! Same image! I will need to do a lot of work...