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  1. Thanks ! Strong price !
  2. What was the price on the Cockrum XM 99 page? It shows up as zero on my phone
  3. You are right..the thought baloons in the top panels seem to the stretch out to what happened to the character 30 years later. Amazing how the ideas embedded in the characters early on could spawn such amazing sotrylines...
  4. I'm also 53, and am planning to enjoy my collection for the next 30 years or so. And when the whole house of cards comes tumbling down I will be first in line to buy all those Kirby twice-up covers being sold for a couple of hundred dollars, even if I will have only a few months left to enjoy them! Carlo
  5. If the winner of this great cover featuring one of my favourite characters is interested in a quick I am! Comic Art Tips&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Revue newsletter Carlo
  6. Thnak you Joseph, that is super helpful! Carlo
  7. Hi, anybody knows what the ask was for this fantastic Warlock page: Thanks! Carlo
  8. To be honest, even with all the context, even worshipping Kirby etc etc etc....Devil would need a lot of context there. But I have a beautiful Eternals splash featuring a Celestials and my 16 year old son who has zero affinity to comics thinks it is fantastic and he gets it. So maybe there is hope for some intrinsic quality being able to play a role, alongside the context.
  9. I don't know if I agree with you! I am confused! On the one hand, it is obvious that we are all skewed by context when we judge comic OA. I am lucky to own a page from the Dark Phoenix saga. Would I have bought it at that price without the context? No, of course not. And yet, I also find it beautiful to look at. I only strictly buy art the I find pleasing to the eye. I would never ever pay up for an ugly first appearance page. So, when I show my wife my Kirbys, Adams, Steranko, Byrne, J Lee etc (sorry I am not boasting, I am just trying to make a point), she sort of skims through al
  10. I go back to one consideration. Every time I show my wife my collection, and ask her to poin to me the "best piece" artistically, she goes for a Jae Lee page featuring Crystal. Nice page, but value wise certainly not the most valueable piece in my collection (and my wife, in fairness to her, is not exactly illeterate in arts...)
  11. Total turnarounds: - '70s Kirby - F Miller on DD - W Simonson on Thor - R Andru Working on it - Mike Allred - Gene Colan on Dracula - S Ditko (I know I know....I will get there eventually) - W Simonson on X-Factor Not there yet - S Kieth - Sienkiewicz after the New Mutants
  12. To answer directly the question in the title, it seems to me there are new collectors buying contemporary OA. I recently bought art from recent issues of PoX related titles (RB Silva, Dautermann, Asrar) and a couple of pages from Andrade's Cap Marvel. In all cases I was just able to buy the last couple of pages, with the rest having sold pretty quickly. Same apparantly repeatedly happens with Felix's drops. Pepe Larraz 's "Artists Proofs" from PoX have also been scooped in no time. And yet, very little of this material appears on CAF. So it seems to me there is a new generation of younger
  13. You raise a good point. It will never be a science. Even the definition of A page is vague at best. Take this standard size Kirby Thor page that sold at HA for 19k. In my book this is an A page (four panels with title character in each panel, at least two strong shots, etc.). So this would belong to the 10-20 range, as currently envisaged. Yet I take it some boardies have a stricter definition: an A page should be a super top example, with four panels, each showing the main character fighting his / her arch viallin (see the SM vs Venom example), strictly inked by the best inking match (l
  14. I am shocked by the results of the auction tonight. Out of respect of the buyers, I will not mention any specific items, but rarely have I seen such a long list of pieces that totally unexpectedly hit the USD3k-USD10k range. Pieces that just two / three years ago would have got 400-1000 max. Really makes me wish I had bought much more aggressively in the low tier range over the last years!