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  1. You raise a good point. It will never be a science. Even the definition of A page is vague at best. Take this standard size Kirby Thor page that sold at HA for 19k. In my book this is an A page (four panels with title character in each panel, at least two strong shots, etc.). So this would belong to the 10-20 range, as currently envisaged. Yet I take it some boardies have a stricter definition: an A page should be a super top example, with four panels, each showing the main character fighting his / her arch viallin (see the SM vs Venom example), strictly inked by the best inking match (l
  2. I am shocked by the results of the auction tonight. Out of respect of the buyers, I will not mention any specific items, but rarely have I seen such a long list of pieces that totally unexpectedly hit the USD3k-USD10k range. Pieces that just two / three years ago would have got 400-1000 max. Really makes me wish I had bought much more aggressively in the low tier range over the last years!
  3. Just got my two Asrar XM pages today. Good packaging, once the item was sent delivery was fast, but then again I opted for Fedex which is by far the best on the US -Italy route. Based on my experience on this purchase I would buy from them again. They do have a stable of good artists! Carlo M
  4. PUBLISHED - Filipe Andrade Cap Marvel Page Filipe Andrade - Captain Marvel 11 - page 17, in Carlo M's Filipe Andrade Comic Art Gallery Room (
  5. Here is where I have a bit of a problem with the list. I think the list refers to a quality level for interior pages that is very very rarely seen publicly. Can someone give us an example of a mid '70s Kirby interior panel page fetching a mid teens number? I really don't recall that. Can we get a few examples of what an A page is? Because if people are referring strictly to four panels with the hero fighting his archenemy in each panel (so basically Spider Man vs Green Goblin or full X-Men vs Magneto with Phoenix or Wolverine claws out, or Avengers vs Ultron screaming "Avengers assemble" o
  6. Well done! Smart idea good service to collectors
  7. I bought a couple of items late November, paid right away, good timely initial communication, some radio silence , then after some inquiry on my part last week I got a friendly email explaining the art had to arrive from the artist first and there were some delays due to COVID. Shortly thereafter I got a tracking number so it looks like the whole thing is back on track . So I think it is just a matter of slow processing at a busy time (they apparently sold a fair amount of stuff from artists like Asrar and Walta recently). Will keep you posted when the art arrives. Carlo
  8. I agree on Byrne UXM at 50k, at least until we see a bona fide A page hit the market publicly or somebody provides anecdotal evidence on a private deal .
  9. Good point! Love the Brunner Doc Strange cover and the Byrne XM page, that scene made a big impression on 11 year old be.... As to shilling, I know it is illegal and it should defintely be so. I also suspect I have been a "victim" on a couple of occasions. Then again, I was asked by a friend to do it once and gently refused, so I guess there is some of that happening. At the same time, overall I have always realised good cash on the items I put up for sale through a major auction house without any shilling on my part or any friends'. So I am still hopeful that a good percentage of pr
  10. I would put Byrne IF, MTU and early Avengers safely in the 10-20k range, considering the quality level of an A page assumed in the list. AF can stay in the 5-10k range.
  11. This is an increedibly useful list. One problem I have with it is that it seems that the definition of A gets diluted as you go towards the bottom. I will try to explain myself better. In the top part the list seems to make reference to truly exceptional pages, stuff that we hardly see publicly. A few examples: 2UP Kirby FF at >80k, JByrne UXM >60k, JLee UXM 20-30k, JBuscema Silver Surfer at 20-30k. Now I have not seen those levels in the pages going through auctions, even strong examples. So are the people who drew the list referring to private deals involving pages of even a
  12. Visually I like the earlier issues. BTW I think the price of the cover was about right. Very historical for sure but the image is about panel - size.
  13. Saw the art on Artcoholics - all very nice and all...sold. There is obviously a market for these products. I wonder if a secondary market will develop.
  14. Which one was the Pepe Larraz monoprint drop? Would love to get one piece from him , he is one of the best currently, IMHO
  15. Oh wow that was quick! I love this forum!