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  1. I have three pieces up in this CLink auction: Marc Silvestri UXM 243 page: from Inferno storyline, great close-ups of Jean Grey (rare by Silvestri) and Storm Sal Buscema Defenders 15 page: from XM tie-in, excellent Janson inks on thight Buscema pencils Neal Adams Havok commission, with signature power effect Happy bidding!
  2. I love all these examples....hopefully there will be more coming!
  3. In a separate thread we are talking about an image where the artist used sparse inks to create a particular effect. For lack of a better term, I call these type of images "psychedelic". Here is the page I am referring to and another example. another example: So I would like to ask people to post examples where the artists used these kind of effects, at a time where one did not have digital gimmicks to help out. I would also be interested in hearing when this type of technique was first used. A couple of examples by N Adams and Steranko come to mind, but I wonder who used it first and whether somebody used this before them.
  4. As the buyer I obviously love the page. In fact, the large panel with the "psychedelic" effect was actually a major plus for me. I think it is very effective (admittedly even more impressive in colour) and inventive, especially with the blurring from Jean's face to the shuttle, which adds to the drama of the situation. The reader gets both a subjective and external view of the situation...fantastic storytelling. I also totally love the dialogue and thought balloons on this one. Great -script by Claremont. And the top baloons are so dramatic. Having said that, I can see why some people may be put off by the layout. So I think the final price was about right, neither a bargain nor a rip off.
  5. Hard to tell because people have different definitions of A pages. For example, the pages from issue 100 were not necessarily A pages (and I got one of them, so I am trying to be objective). Yes, they are key pages from the Phoenix mythos, but not really Phoenix and no action. Shall we say A-? On the other hand, average pages from GS and 94 have gone for 30/35k or so. But they are sort of outliers? Anyway, if we agree that one A page is a page with powered up Phoenix or Wolverine with claws unsheathed, I would say that would be 30k plus, and a B page is a page with some action and some strong other characters (like Storm, Colossus or Nightcrawler), I would say a B page from 102 on would be 10-15k, maybe even 17.5k.
  6. I personally think Kirby’s style was evolving throughout all of his FF run, and it is not only Sinnott’s contribution or workload. Then you can follow the development through his DC years and the Marvel comeback. I like his very stylized art in the mid ‘70s , but if I were to pick the absolute peak I would also go with FF annual 6. Just perfect.
  7. A good friend has just posted a great Sal Buscema cover from his classic '70s run. Very reliable seller. Priced on CAF:
  8. One is large art (The World's Great Artist Edition), the other one standard art . They are both amazing, both showcase some amazing issues, including some classic Doom and Inhumans moments in both books. Personally I prefer the small art one as its has more consistent art, IMHO, all Sinnott inks. I also like later Kirby as his style had become even more distinctive by then. The large art one has one issue inked by Stone, which is not a favourite of mine on Kirby (personal tastes). The large art one, though, has an incredible fold out of Dr Doom which in itself would deserve the price as a standalone poster. Also, conventional wisdom has it that that is the peak Kirby period. So, most people would say go for the large art one, I suppose.
  9. Brian, does a win at November Heritage posted on January first qualify for submission?
  10. Plus one. Like 99.99% of earth's male population I am a big fan of Lee's rendition of ninja Psylocke (even though personally I prefer armoured Psylocke by Silvestri or the Lady Mandarin version by Lee). Yet I have always found that particular panel grotesque. I wonder, what was Lee thinking? He is normally quite respectful of anatomy, albeit in a teen-ager friendly way. Maybe it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek?
  11. This budget edition is such a great idea. I truly enjoyd going through th entries and was amazed by the quality. Congrats to the buyers!
  12. At the end of the day, I figured it is better to share. BTW, as to the inker on this piece, Heritage says "The inker is unknown, but both Dan Adkins and John Verpoorten have been suggested". Any idea anybody?
  13. To post or not to post. That is the question. I decided to post my big win.... Happy 2020 to everybody!