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  1. First: What a collection appraises for and what it sells for are 2 different things. Second, the bulk of the value in a collection is in the key issues and hard to find in grade issues it contains. Rarely will an end collector want to buy the whole thing as they probably already own the common and lesser value copies and not care about comics outside their focus. Usually it will be the dealers and flippers that will be willing to buy it all at once but have to base their offer on the resell value they can turn a decent profit on. If you are doing so for insurance purposes just use Overstreet price guide, ebay, heritage auctions, and search Google for rare comics to get a list of the items you have that might be worth getting appraised. If your doing so for selling, contact one of the big auction houses or major dealers on here to see if they are willing to do a free appraisal with no commitment to consign, sell, or list. For free you could scan/photograph the major keys and post the front and back covers for and get tons of opinions which may give a consensus. Or respond to the private messages you're probably receiving but don't agree to any sale without getting at least a couple of independent appraisals.
  2. I think people who actually "sell" books for high BIN either probably didn't list it high enough especially if best offer was used or it was a fake/shilled sale. As for those who "list" books for sale at ridiculously high BIN, I don't have a problem with it. Makes it easy to undercut them especially when theirs is the only listing for a book in that grade that I also happen to have.
  3. Sigh. This might be the issue where I draw the line on variants. Unless the cover is amazing, I mean, it would have to be, WOW! that is the greatest cover of all time. But I just don't see it. Buying the OA to a 1:1000 could be even worse if the art isn't that great and price is run up due to the hype. The question I have is how many stores are going to be buying enough to qualify? Ive read on here a few collectors may have some deals to pay a portion of the 1000 book requirement but realistically, how many copies of this variant will actually see the light of day? And how many is Marvel printing and possibly holding back? Does the same argument as the dell otto 667 apply here? If only 15 stores qualify for the variant, does only 15 copies get produced? Or will marvel print the standard minimum and redistribute them later somehow? I don't see any good coming of this for both marvel and collectors.
  4. Way I see it. If they can't detect it or it was so well done that they can only suspect something was done but have no means of being certain then it gets graded as an untouched book. If the cleaning job was done poorly it takes a grade hit for the level of damage observed. If it leaves detectable traces or residue of whatever implement or method was used, then it should probably get a conserved grade. This rewards the pros and puts the amateurs on notice to beware of ruining a nice book. As for that grey area where the cleaning can be done perfectly but still leaves a trace, well, to me that should still get a conserved/restored grade since it did something to it to improve it. I know even a good pressing job can kind of fall in there sometimes but hey, you've gotta draw the line somewhere.
  5. Man, your books are awesome. Many of us would love to find books like yours and have a hard time letting them go if we found them in our dad's attic. However, when it comes to condition and pricing, this hobby is among the most anal and OCD and CGC has set the bar high forcing seasoned dealers and graders to adjust their grading standards. With grades like Near Mint Plus 9.6, Near Mint/Mint 9.8, Mint 9.9, and Gem Mint 10.0 allowing only the most minute amount of defects often barely visible to the untrained eye, books with grades previously thought of as NM and VF have been pushed further down the grade scale. You say you're becoming your own troll but actually you're beginning to recognize defects that impact the grade and improving your grading skills. While no doubt those are great books and in pretty decent shape for the years and storage, we have all been through our own trials and years of tediously analyzing grades to the point where it has become second nature to callously assign a strict grade to our books since that's what it takes to buy and sell comics in this day and age. So I commend you for being receptive and learning the system as you should take the comments on the grades as very helpful starting points for setting expectations. You want to see harsh, check out the Please Grade My (PGM) book section and see what grading enthusiasts assign to books that other boardies post for advice. It definitely helps save us $$ when deciding whether to have a book graded or just keep raw.
  6. Press will pobabaly correct the spine roll and any NCB bends/creases but the severity and size of the CB creases alone would bring it down to a 6.0/6.5. I have a few CGC graded SA spideys that look similar without the chip and are at that grade or lower. The chip could bring it down to 5.0/5.5 territory assuming nothing else wrong on the interior or back cover. Stains, fingerprints, detached cover/centerfold, interior tears, water damage, even musty/moldy smells can affect the grade further. Either way the cleaning and resto pros down in sarasota should be able to tell you all you need to know to decide what can be done to maximize value. Keeping it unrestored is preferable. Of course there's always the silver age grade bump that special books like this sometimes get if right on the edge of a grade. Good luck!
  7. Not to stir up another debate but are you saying these variants are going to be the anti-dell'otto 667 variant for WD. Sounds like even the 1:500 will be readily available allotted to qualified orders. Roughly 1,460 if the regular cover order is at or over 730,000? With maybe a few hundred held back if bulk printing leaves no cost difference between alloted quantities and tiered order quantities if that's how it works. We shall see.
  8. Pull list strategies for retailers: 1. Require a 3-5 book minimum but not much more than that. 2. Offer a 10% to 25% discount to subscribers and even more for large pull listers. 3. Never sell any Wednesday comics before A. Cherry picking the best copies for your best subscribers B. Allocating all comics to pull boxes. 4. Set a 1 month grace period with either A. A late fee equal to 15% of the total due B. No subscriber discount for all books in the box C.email notification D. Notification of subscription cancellation if no response received after 45 days E. Sale of all pull box comic after 60 days F. All of the above 5. Give all subscribers first crack at variants 6. Insert no obligation recommendations to subscribers. 7. Offer long term hold/storage with supplied credit card. 8. update your subscribers pull list for requests to add/cancel titles 9. If you mistakenly sell out or forget to include titles for your subscribers, go out and buy the best available copy from another local retailer or online retailer. 10. Sell magic cards and hold games to help bolster profits when subscribers go delinquent Strategies for buyers 1. Set a budget and make sure you can meet your pull list obligations weekly 2. Call, email, or establish a trust with your LCS if you can't come in every week to pick up your books. 3. Communicate changes to your pull list both verbally and written via email. 4. Make sure you get your subscriber discount. If not, bring it to their attention and if they say no, look elsewhere. 5. If you are a condition freak ask for the mintyest copies but don't blame them if a whole order got damaged. 6. If they continue to add titles or recommendations after you've declined, hand them back with a note. 7. If they miss titles or sell out of a copy you were supposed to receive, request they reorder or purchase for you from another retailer the best available copy. 8. Request variants and negotiate for pricing on retailer incentives. 9. If cancelling a title anticipate up to 3 months in advance or expect to buy 3 issues beyond your cancel date. 10. Unless you are actually earning 2% or more cash back or 3x or more points for cc purchases at comic shops, pay in cash to help the retailer out and build good will.
  9. Congratulations. Very good news. I hope the sellers account is taken down and they track down whomever is responsible. Unfortunately if hacked, we may see this pop up again under another compromised ebay account but hopefully not. Good luck with your AF15 hunt!
  10. All this is well and good, but you're equating effort with results and I'm not seeing any evidence that his effort has produced any reliable data on the print run of this book. If effort is your measuring stick then the guys on "Tracking Bigfoot" ought to be called in on the case of the missing ASM #667 variants. Exactly. Just because you spend x amount of time trying to prove Bigfoot exists, doesn't mean Bigfoot exists. What is with these modern collectors? PROOF has nothing even to do with what we FEEL.... it has to do with critical reasoning skills and seeing exactly what IS known and making a determination based upon it. The best way to determine TRUTH, is to make a statement and then do everything you can to prove it ISN'T true, until all you have left is either a truth, an untruth, or an inconclusive statement. There are WAY too many people on this forum who start with a CONCLUSION, and then build their reality to try and make it fit. It's poor reasoning and poor SCIENCE. I gave him credit for the effort, not results. To date, nobody on either side of this argument has been able to prove the real quantities of copies in existence. Proof? Playoffs? , there's absolutely NO verifiable proof (to us) currently as it stands what the print run was or copies in existence are/were originally (200, 225 or 1 million). Only theories and attempts. All I gave Jaydog credit for in that 1st item was that he may be the only one on here who may have actually tried to track down that number and someone may have actually provided him with a number (fictional or otherwise). That's more effort than anyone else on here has actually claimed to have done. So I give him credit for actually trying to find proof. It's real easy to dismiss and stand on the other side where the burden of proof is not a requirement to disagree. However, I contend that his hypothesis and investigations and market availability currently do support his theory of rarity (not the true count of copies in existence). If he is able to provide a means of repeating his research for us to independently verify then I'd say his theory of rarity holds the most credibility. Proof seems to be the thing everyone wants so let's agree what proof would be required to satisfy our disagreements. 1. Verified authentic purchase order request from Marvel to printer for X number of copies (Mx). This by itself is not enough. Just because Marvel requested X copies doesn't mean that's what the printer really printed depending on other circumstances. 2. Verified Inbound printing log record at the various printers used to print this exact issue showing approval to print X copies (Pix). This is a bit more reliable and along with #1 above could be used to corroborate the actual intended number of copies to be printed. However, this is also not enough since circumstances could exist that prevented X number of copies from being printed successfully. 3. Verified outbound printing log showing the actual number of copies printed (Pox) and packaged to be shipped/sold to xyz. This is perhaps the most accurate number in that it is the end result of what got printed/produced. However, this still is not enough to tell us how many copies exist due to circumstances that could have removed quantities from the market due to damage, destruction, or other loss. 4. Shipping manifesto (Sx). Whomever the various printers used to ship out the boxes of those should be able to tell us the total number of boxes shipped that day and how many made it to their destinations. This is not only good for identifying the potential for loss if shipments never made it to their destinations but can tell us where all possible quantities should have gone (i.e the next best place to look.) 5. Distributor distribution quantities (Dx). Presumably, the distributor would have a record of which stores qualified for the variant and where they shipped them to. That can be used to determine what the actual market population "should" be. If that number differs from the printer output log, the difference is what can be considered to be "hidden" or lost quantities. So I would say the real "market" available quantities in existence today would be close to whatever Dx is and the number of "hidden" (warehoused) or unknown (loss) could be derived from Pox-Dx. And the most complete explanation of what really happened along the way could be gathered from Mx-Pix-Pox-Sx-Dx showing what was intended and what actually got distributed. I would first start at Marvel accounting purchasing and ordering for that copy. I would next go to the known distributors (if that's even possible today) and the shipping companies used and request all the locations and quantities shipped/delivered. Distributors and shippers should have very good accounting of all their orders and deliveries. I believe that issue came out after the major distributor consolidation so the distributors (Diamond?) should be easy to locate and inquire with. If I still had my sabbatical option I would undergo this endeavor myself and write a book that only jaydog and the 28 other 667 owners would read. Anyone have some free time on their hands?
  11. I spoke to my guy at Marvel about it (he doesn't want me spreading his name around, but trust me, he's The Man) and he says the print numbers getting tossed around here are way off. When I asked him 'higher or lower', he'd only say 'excelsior'. Ask him to ship you a case from "The Warehouse". -J. Stan, Stan, he's our man, if he can't find 'em no one can! Tell him I'll take 2 cases!
  12. Allow me to put another quarter into the carousel. While Jaydog may have lost a bunch of credibility in his earlier threads where he was speculating and speaking without a filter on how and why this book is rare (probably trying to figure it out to himself as much as trying convince others of what he was seeing or not seeing) there is merit in at least 2 things from Jaydog. 1. He is the only one who has claimed to have tried to track down the history of this book's print run. Whether or not he actually spoke with someone from publishing, printing, distribution, I have heard from no one else on here who has claimed to have tried to research it and report back with proof of a higher print run. Some of us just don't have that much time in our lives and there are probably lots of dead ends like the print or distributor records on the order for the #667 not being kept and frankly them not caring to keep track. 2. 29 slabs in 6 years for a book that sells in the $1000s is very low. Sure 6 years might seem too short for comics back before the internet era but in the internet and comic movie hype age, 6 years is an eon. There are more 9.8 copies in the census of some more significant Silver Age issues spideys that sell for less and those have had the opportunity for CPR resubmits. Breakdown for 667 Dell Otto: NM/MT: 14 NM+: 9 NM: 4 NM-: 1 VF/NM: 1 I think the proof is in the pudding or the census in the extremely short supply of low grade copies. For a book that sells so well, why aren't we seeing more low grade copies in the census or raw on ebay? If the demand is so high and there are so many out there, people would be slabbing the lower grades as well like they do with WD 1 or even AF15s. I hunt the HTF variants for fun. I seriously actively hunt for this particular book. There are only 2 other HTF modern ASM variants I've had a more difficult time finding in 9.8 but the difference is that I can find those 2 in lower grades more readily in the wild. Over the last 3 years I have been all over the US and Canada at shows, dealers, and poured through countless boxes of ASM and have NEVER come across a single 667 Dell Otto Variant in the wild. I hit every store in Chicago, Manhattan, Dallas/Ft Worth, Virginia (yes the whole state), DC, half of MD, Austin, Edmonton, Montreal, San Diego, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, Boston, and St. Paul yet nothing. I was at Heroes con last year and like at many shows none of the dealers had ever seen one except one I spoke with supposedly spoke to a collector in attendance with a raw copy from their personal collection submit it to CGC which might have been one of the newest additions to the census but that was it. I have left lists with dealers and including big ones like My Comic Shop and Midtown comics and have never seen it come up in a notification. The only place I've seen it is on ebay once or twice a year or on here but at this point the cat is out of the bag and it ain't cheap. At this point, I will pour through a collector's modern ASM drek just to see if they might have a 667 Dell'Otto tucked away. Nothing yet. Yeah, maybe these books are hiding tucked away in dealer backstock or storage or ASM collectors who don't yet know what they have or they do and not ready to part with it even for $9k. But if there are hundreds of copies in the wild, money talks and should be bringing more of them out especially the beat to hell copies. This leads me to the following conclusions: Either 1. This book does exist in the hundreds or thousands but everyone is hoarding theirs or are completely clueless about what they have. 2. There's a bunch of boxes of these stashed away (or were until something happened) in a warehouse somewhere that Marvel, diamond, Q4 printing hasn't gotten around to unloading despite all the hype. 3. There really are less than a few hundred copies. Which seems like the more plausible explanation? How about this. How about a couple of challenges: 1. If you happen to locate the elusive #667 Dell Otto variant in the wild take a photo and post to show that it really isn't as rare or HTF as Jaydog, myself, and a few others seem to think it is. 2. Call, write, visit Marvel, Diamond, Q4 or whomever the printers in Canada, US, and Mexico were at the time and ask them if they can track down the total printed copies ordered/executed/delivered and see if you can locate them. Offer $10, 50, or maybe 100/copy as an incentive if they can provide you with at least 1 case. Until then I'm still leaning on it being freakishly rare but hopefull that missing hoard will finally be discovered and come to market.
  13. Probably not as much as the comic. I hear the actual comic is more rare. Sorry couldn't resist.
  14. Do you think paypal wouldn't be able to track the money being taken-out by a thief into a different bank account? That seems pretty obvious that they wouldn't take money from a hijacked account once they saw the withdrawal from the crook into a different bank account..... I don't know, do you think this is possible? I'm not in the US, but I don't know how anyone could have an insurance claim rule in their favor in this instance? It also seems extra reckless and stupid to open yourself up to more investigation, potentially being caught, if you did manage to fleece paypal with the 5k. @TimelyFinds, Great news that paypal has locked the funds and I'm hopeful it'll be ruled in your favor. His only backup plan of an insurance claim is not likely to pan out and he may even be investigated. If it's a hacked acct, the thief will get probably get away to try again. @spreads, I have no doubt paypal could track the funds up to the point of a bank account. However, if the theif had acquired the means to hack this individuals account they could also have done so with enough stolen PII that they could open another shell throwaway bank account. All Yahoo mail accounts were recently found to have been compromised. Any PII and linked associated accounts should be considered compromised as well. I wonder how many yahoo users used rhe same login/password/security questions/and listed their real DOB/phone/address as their ebay, paypal and bank accounts. Not too far of a leap these days. If it really is just the original ebay seller they should be easily caught. This is all moot and academic at this point as it seems paypal has initiated the proper protocols at this point.
  15. If u mean 10 of the existing 14 copies in 9.8, not 10 new copies, then yes I might buy them all. I'd be down for at least 3-5 of these copies in 9.8 and I wouldn't be alone. A more difficult task is getting 10 of the current owners to part with their copies for $5k. The market is way bigger than 3-4 guys for a 9.8 let alone any copy of this book which is the only reason demand is so high for this book. If you have at least 50 OCD ASM completists looking for a 9.8 W, you can see the dilemma. Never underestimate the rationale of an ASM completist. If one of these completists has an AF15, ASM 1-700 complete with variants (including all 666 variants) minus the dell otto 667, how much do u suppose that must be driving them nuts. $9k is way cheaper than therapy with a psychiatrist to cope with this hole in their lives. Now imagine just how many asm completists there must be out there looking for this book in ANY grade? Id say it's a multiple of the existing graded copies and likely more than the remaining raw copies. Unless there's some unicorn of a wharehouse find of this book somewhere it's going to continue to command high prices -not necessarily higher than 9k but when a copy sold for over 3k most said that was the peak. Let's see if that sale brings out any more...