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  1. I hadn't realized this was a problem that particularly plagued Fiction House. Since that is one of my main collecting areas, I guess that explains the wide variability in color that I have recorded. As an aside, I didn't know you could search old auction results on CC. I typically monitor Heritage, CC, CL, and ebay and either bid (or watch) every issue of those that I collect (even the ones I already have), and then save the image/date/price. Getting quite an image collection.
  2. OK, maybe my specific example was bad How about in general - how many of you would pay more for a lower grade better colors, than a higher grade/faded?
  3. top one is mine. bottom one is currently in auction. bottom one is graded higher - but there is no question which one I would rather have.
  4. I typically save a scan (and date/price sold) from all auction sites of the comics that I'm interested in. Helpful since other than Heritage, nothing is searchable long after the fact. It's interesting how different colors are. I presume mostly sun exposure, but some very high grade comics have terrible colors, while some low grade comics have colors that look fantastic. I realize we live in a "slabbed" world when it comes to pricing - but do you tend to notice significant price differentials just based on color? Would an 8.0 with fantastic colors bring a large premium over an 8.0 with poor colors. It should, I just don't see it routinely in the ones that I pay attention to. I would personally much rather have a 6.0 with super bright colors than an 8.0 that looks dull. This is just a recent example that I see from perusing the latest CC auction -
  5. Yeah, the software that I downloaded direct from Epson looks a lot better than the vuescan that I tried for free. (GT-20000)
  6. Action 265 in strong mid grade. Fine or so? Has a small dust shadow on the front cover, otherwise looks great. $36
  7. This is a lot of Sugar & Spike comics. 79 around Fine, 96 Fine-, and 97 GVG (with a 1.5" lower spine split) $17 for all 3.
  8. Superboy 175 - $4 Superboy 175 in Fine condition. Maybe better? I don't see anything wrong other than those little stress lines at the spine
  9. 3 Jungle themed comics. The Tarzan & Kormak are in the VG range, and the Konga is lower grade - maybe Good. $7 for the group
  10. Flash 172, 173, 180 - group of 3. Mid grade with tough black covers. Take all for $18
  11. Hi everyone, I've been on the boards for years, but have not sold here before. I have sold a lot on ebay over the years - ID is tpetty. I have some comics posted as "buy it now" on ebay, but figured I would list a few of them here at lower prices - since I can avoid the ebay % take. I can also sell any of these to you via ebay if you have any concerns buying from me via the forum I am far from a grading expert - but have listed my estimate. I have included high quality scans, but if anyone needs a back cover scan, or has questions, etc, just let me know. Shipping will be $4. Payment via paypal. Thanks! House of Mystery 191. Wrightson & Adams. mid-grade. 1/2" tear on back cover. $8