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  1. scarlet_speedster

    E-Man... 9.8 candidates and/or Pedigrees

    Awesome, I love it when ppl actually get the books they want from posting on the "want to buy " section.
  2. scarlet_speedster

    E-Man... 9.8 candidates and/or Pedigrees

    Some of the books you probably put offers on we're with a seller named drolds I bought some pedigree books from him he's a good seller
  3. scarlet_speedster

    E-Man... 9.8 candidates and/or Pedigrees

    I saw there were some 9.8 cgc copies on eBay
  4. Hey guys looking for cgc ss stan lee or John romita signed Luke cage books. Prefer higher grade books.
  5. Hey guys selling a few slabbed books. Visions #2 cgc 9.2 artist proof 2nd flaming carrot signed by bob burden. (original sale here fell through). Book was originally bought from GAcollectables on here. Book has White pages and could be pressed for higher grade possibly. The other two books are marvel premiere #15 cgc 9.2 and iron fist # 1 cgc 9.4. both these two books also have white pages and are from a one owner collection that has not been cleaned or pressed but in my opinion could be bumped up with a good pressing. Shipping is $14.00 shipped priority in the US. International buyers message me first. I will combine shipping on more than one purchase. Prices for the books are as follows. Visions # 2 cgc 9.2 $350 Marvel premiere #15 cgc 9.2 $440...90 day gpa is $495 Iron fist # 1 cgc 9.4 $160
  6. Hey guys I'm selling a visions #2 in cgc 9.2 artist proof white pages. Second flaming carrot. I bought the book from GAcollectibles on here. I haven't sold on here in a while, but you can find me on eBay under the name.." mdreamerblack my feedback is 1,000. also if anyone can't see the cgc serial # let me know. Price on the book is $330 shipped, but I will also do trades for some iron fist slabbed books i need.
  7. scarlet_speedster

    WTB Dr. Strange Blank Covers

    There are quite a few on eBay currently if you haven't looked.
  8. scarlet_speedster

    WTB: Luke cage and iron fist

    Hey guys looking for issues of power man and iron fist # 48, 50, and 54 slabbed 9.2 to 9.6 with white pages and nice wraps. I'm paying equal or less what ever the last sale was on eBay or where ever the last sale was. Also looking for true believers hero for hire slabbed signature series signed by John romita Sr or Roy Thomas or both 9.6 to 9.8 I don't think there are any copies on the cenus but if someone is planning on submitting some books during a con let me know the price to get it done. Once again the books I need are. Power man and iron fist #48,50,54 True believers hero for hire 1 9.6 to 9.8 ss.
  9. scarlet_speedster

    Newton Rings

    Wow I haven't heard anybody talk about the fortresses in a long time lol. I had them on couple of marvel mysteries I had and mine done it too, but before I sold them on eBay I took them out they were fine the buyers were happy.
  10. scarlet_speedster

    WTB: marvel premiere #15

    Hey guys thanks for all the replys picked one up over the weekend and a hero for hire #1
  11. scarlet_speedster

    Marvel premiere 15

    Thanks guys I appreciate it. I'm on a phone my PC went way of the dinosaurs so I can't see the details on some books right now I otherwise wouldn't miss.
  12. scarlet_speedster

    Marvel premiere 15

    Hey guys I need second opinion on this marvel premiere 15. Does it look like it's under graded got White pages good wrap. Just need opinion.
  13. scarlet_speedster

    WTB: marvel premiere #15

    Alright thank you .