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  1. Glad YOU are not out the $ -- hopefully the scammer will get his.
  2. Great list, thank you! yeagerp1, I remember that dude had overpriced stuff, tons of undisclosed damage. Long story short, add tucson_collectibles to your blocked lists... -- the above someone who paid fine via PayPal (no problem there) but then asked me to send to their Hawaii address as shown in PayPal (it is not, ebay and PayPal both show the one address in AZ, and I could see no HI address of any sort -- ebay probably stripped out whatever address they tried to type.) When I told them hey I don't know if someone's got access to your account, but I can only send to the listed AZ address, they then threw a fit, called me a liar/scammer/beggar and then said fine, it would get forwarded to their "real address" and they didn't care, but would make a claim and get a refund if it came damaged... So I eased their mind (just hating to think of a damaged book) -- their order was canceled, $ refunded and summarily blocked. Jeez.
  3. Terrific all, love the tough Voodoo, very nice shape for that ish!
  4. Agreed and enjoyed the discussion you and N e r v had about it. Yes, price sensitive on the cheap side is one thing (I have often seen someone balk at paying $450 because they were determined not to go a penny past $375) but not wanting to pay $2500 for VG when a 9.0 went recently for 1800 (as an example) seems pretty reasonable. I would put it back and keep looking too! In my case there's exactly one issue of Mister Mystery I still need to have the full run, but no available copies are pleasing me aesthetically for what they're asking. Not that I have an issue with current pricing so much as the books I've seen are fugly -- eventually, I'll happen upon it, or not.
  5. Well, the trouble with being price-sensitive to any degree is you may come upon the issue you've been looking for for years, if you balk at it then you didn't really want it that bad. Good luck finding one N e r v, the Mary Marvel #5 you scored is a terrific cover! WOW #23 is probably my favorite Mary Marvel...
  6. Very nice N e r V, but that makes me wonder, what's your fave MM cover?
  7. Eventually I expect more middling-copies of not super-duper books should calm down in price, but even then it won't be predictable, some will and some won't. I am happy with the mix I have, certainly wouldn't have as much luck if trying to buy them today.
  8. Indeed that's what I meant. Thanks OtherEric!
  9. Congrats on your grail, Ankur. Interesting "input", Bronty.
  10. What's not to believe? Maybe it'll hit 2 million and maybe it won't. It's a great book and being the Windy City copy, it has a wonderful backstory. "Detective work" -- not a big deal that it's been pressed. Now, had it ever been color touched, tear sealed, trimmed, reverse spine-rolled -- then that would be a thing. Pressing is just... not. But some, no doubt, will carry that torch for "pressing is restoration" to their dying day. Whatever floats their boat.
  11. I agree with you overall -- if I were just starting to collect PCH today, I still would, I just wouldn't have as many books. If I had collected them during the heyday when you first started, I'd have even more, but the times where these could be had for $5 for a random issue that you had to dig in a box under the table for, were before I came along.