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  1. I'll post up the WS #7 I have a scan floating around of -- to try and take my mind off of that HOF #15 -- nope, didn't work!
  2. I was wondering how much the HOF 15(1) set you back! You don't need to say (specially if you got a killer deal) but that is one I still need... someday!
  3. Beyond the pale -- love this cover, though it's not for those with a fear of flying!
  4. I'm just happy to have a copy! Hope you can land the OA one day Richard!
  5. Would love to have a copy of this one, but I don't! (Yet!)
  6. I'd be in the same boat if I were to try and buy it today -- but you've got me beat with your great WM #5, and that issue has similarly eluded me!
  7. Indeed, what guide? Woe to the early buyer who happened upon #5 issues that were really #1's, and searched in vain for numbers 1 through 4!
  8. Just some Crime on my mind this morn, I guess!
  9. Eh, you can see the gore better that way! But yes, Marie did do that where she thought it was needed.
  10. Funny how it works out. It was getting #12 that made me want to try for the rest of the run; I didn't turn up the #6 until a few years later.
  11. LOL! Appreciate it Jay! I showed this copy to Mr. Bedrock, and he commented I think that it was his favorite Mister Mystery issue -- it's right up there with #12 for me, sorta neck and neck.
  12. Agreed on that, I'm sure she did the majority. I also didn't care for some of her recolorings, but my understanding was she didn't want to just repeat herself, so I can certainly understand that!