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  1. Indeed that's what I meant. Thanks OtherEric!
  2. Congrats on your grail, Ankur. Interesting "input", Bronty.
  3. What's not to believe? Maybe it'll hit 2 million and maybe it won't. It's a great book and being the Windy City copy, it has a wonderful backstory. "Detective work" -- not a big deal that it's been pressed. Now, had it ever been color touched, tear sealed, trimmed, reverse spine-rolled -- then that would be a thing. Pressing is just... not. But some, no doubt, will carry that torch for "pressing is restoration" to their dying day. Whatever floats their boat.
  4. I agree with you overall -- if I were just starting to collect PCH today, I still would, I just wouldn't have as many books. If I had collected them during the heyday when you first started, I'd have even more, but the times where these could be had for $5 for a random issue that you had to dig in a box under the table for, were before I came along.
  5. That much is true. All depending on what grade you're after, you can find them somewhat affordably unless it's a really hot cover etc. Certainly books with resto will be cheaper, though I prefer to avoid those. Good luck in your searches!
  6. Bummer about the water damage to your Crypt 19, Marty! I have posted this awhile ago, but it's been long enough, what the heck.
  7. Terrific start. Definitely get more, more!
  8. Have always admired your WSS issues, the ultimate Canadian EC's? I think so.
  9. Your attribution is correct. LOLZ. Hold on a second and I'll see if I can find some other pearls for you to peruse...
  10. Well now I feel bad. If it helps, I don't have one, and would happily choose it over a Feature Book #26! These kinds of discussions are fun but somewhat silly for me to engage in anyway, since I'm not in danger of ever getting any books of that type of caliber.