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  1. Most common GA books

    Yeah, I remember when the Catechetical Guild anti-communist stuff was hot. IIRC, it was around the same time that Avon sci-fi was on fire as well. All that stuff has barely kept up with inflation the last 40 years, expect maybe in high grade. Meanwhile most classic cover PCH was cheap as dirt.
  2. Batman 1 CGC 3.5 vs Cap 1 CGC 3.5

    That would be a far better deal than 70K for a 1.5
  3. My own tastes are esoteric enough that I can appreciate the why of almost all higher demand books, even if they aren't something I'd actively look for. The books that mean nothing to me are pretty much the same books that mean little or nothing to most collectors, and would hardly qualify as something "everyone" wants. The closest might be Reform School Girl, because I'm not a fan of photo-covers. But even there, I like the oddball and esoteric sound of the title.
  4. Batman 1 CGC 3.5 vs Cap 1 CGC 3.5

    It has some spine split issues that make it seem a bit overgraded as well, but I'd still probably take it over the 3.5
  5. Most common GA books

    i'm surprised it was that high back then. You could buy a lot of cool stuff for a couple hundred or less in those days. It doesn't seem nearly as available as it did in the early days of ebay, when there were always copies for $10 or less listed.
  6. Baker Romance

    I see the TAR #9 on ebay sold for 3K. What would it have gone for if it were an actual 8.0 and not a decent looking midgrade?
  7. Baker Romance

    That's a problem with GA and some SA, if the cover hasn't tanned around the edges, I'm not sure how one tells a clean slight trim from a miscut. I once bought a slabbed book that noted top of front cover trimmed, but the nature of it (a slight diagonal running from the spine, exposing about a 1/16th of an inch of interior once it got to the right edge) on an otherwise 3.5 book makes me think it might well have been a production error. It would have been a difficult trim to make and served no purpose.
  8. He's come a long way from when he used to have a dozen boxes of beaters at the Shrine. Definitely the best overall inventory at the show, something for everyone. It didn't look like a single person left the "inner sanctum" empty handed.
  9. Terry’s California Comic Con 2018

    I picked up a few odds and ends, mostly from Terry. First real show I'd been to in many a year. My fingers are sore from flipping thru mylars. I only chatted with a couple boardies I'd already met for the most part. Missed out on the Sat. night pre-con and dinner. It's an hour drive for me, though if I'd known there was going to be deals to be made I might have come down Sat. The thing I noticed was how old the collecting community is. When I used to go to the Shrine shows back in the early-mid 90s, the median age seemed to be about 30, this one seemed closer to 50, and 90% of the dealers seem at least that old as well. Makes me wonder if the hobby has legs, long run.
  10. Most common GA books

    Giveaways can be quite dangerous in that way, they seem to pop up in multiples fairly frequently, which always tended to make me leery of paying too much. I'm guessing this was a while back, before knowledge of the Harvey file copies was widespread. One wonders how many copies of some formerly scarce Catechetical Guild giveaways were in the Philip Levine collection. For a while there it looked like Heritage was going to keep on offering copies of Labor is A Partner every month. How Stalin Hopes We Will Destroy America is another popular giveaway which always seems available in high grade.
  11. The moment of acquisition is the high point of collecting anything.