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  1. GC #26 is a classic for sure. The guy on it looks like he was inked by Burgos. Does anyone else think so?
  2. The paper looks Slightly Brittle at best. But even with all those flaws, it has decent eye-appeal. Even if it turned out to have minor color touch, it wouldn't effect desirability much in the < 2.0 grades. Still the price seems a bit steep, as I agree, this book is a 2.0 tops. Heritage sold an overgraded CGC 1.5 for $3600 in November. The book looked no better than 1.0, and had compromised eye-appeal with multiple pieces out of the front cover. Since the cover is the only reason this book sells for such high sums, one could argue that this raw copy is at least twice as visually appealing as the 1.5, so maybe paying 9.3K wasn't too crazy.
  3. It's covers like this where Hartley gives Matt Baker serious competition.
  4. The Dancing Kid vs. The Punster.
  5. 4.0 with the split. This book is hot right now.
  6. rjpb

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    I'm with others here, favorite and most accomplished aren't always the same thing. The first ten favorites that come to mind follow, though there are probably others I could swap out depending on mood. Dan Clowes Robert Crumb Kim Dietch Herge Jack Kirby Thomas Ott Sean Phillips Eduardo Risso Alex Schomburg Alex Toth
  7. I've done this a couple of times for people who wanted something delivered at their work address and have a solid buyer history, but I'd be leery of a low feedback buyer with no purchases for a while. I certainly wouldn't do it for a zero fb buyer.
  8. The kind of book most everyone is happy to get for a 3.5 price, hammered for back cover flaws you can ignore when admiring the book.
  9. An impulse buy a few months ago. I'll probably sell it, but I love this cover.
  10. PEP COMICS #30 Apparent 2.0 (trimmed, c.t.) ow pages. The book appears trimmed on the right and bottom edges. The color touch at the top left is actually on the splash, an amateur attempt to disguise a chip. There are several pieces of tape along the spine edges of the book, some doubled on the inside as well. All are visible on the back cover scan. On the front, in addition to the spine there is a piece at the bottom, and one at the 10¢ on the right edge. There is tape at the staples, and it's possible the cover was detached at one point. Someone went overboard in taping any small edge or spine tear, and the ones at the top and bottom don't appear to be covering splits. There is a one inch split at the middle of the spine. As shown in the scan, there is also a long chip out near the spine, it looks like it may have been the result of a mylar snag at one point. The piece is still present, and included. Pages are supple and the book is easily readable. A compromised but not unappealing copy of one of the tougher Peps, with an awesome Montana branding and bondage cover. Free shipping in U.S., at cost international. $1000
  11. rjpb

    PGM Captain America 5

    If the staples aren't vintage, it would get a restored label. It looks like replacement. Otherwise a 3.0. Nice lower grade copy!
  12. 3.0 due to back cover issues, but presents nicely.
  13. rjpb

    PGM Flash Comics 86

    Easy 6.0, possibly 6.5. A nice looking copy!