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  1. rjpb

    Stan Lee RIP

    RIP to a cultural icon. Stan was as important to the popular culture as Walt Disney. Like Disney he was not the sole creator of the characters associated with him, but they never would have had the cultural impact they did without him.
  2. rjpb

    Superior PCH and VOODOO run

    Do any not show a Toronto address? Canadian edition implies a separate run for the Canadian market. My understanding was that all Superior books were printed in Canada and sold in both Canada and the U.S. with no distinct editions.
  3. Available at a reduced price until Sunday.
  4. in thread rules. Returnable in 10 days for any reason. Free shipping in US, at cost elsewhere. No HOSers or probies. Need a couple weeks to pay? - no problem, I'll hold the book for you. Time payments available as well - 10% down, the balance in 90. Just this one book for now, I may add more later. BLONDE PHANTOM #21 CGC 6.0 OW/W $750 Now $675
  5. I've always liked the pulpy quality of the early Sandman, but he is a somewhat minor character, notable for the earliness of his appearance in the DC universe, and the JSA centric importance early fandom gave to DC first appearances over other many other GA books.
  6. rjpb

    My first piece of gold- MMC 17

    Congrats on your first Timely. That copy looks like a good candidate for pressing even if you prefer not to have it slabbed, as it would likely improve eye-appeal.
  7. rjpb

    BriD's Friendly Feedback thread

    Did a trade with Brian, excellent grading, secure packaging, and quick delivery. A stellar experience.
  8. I actually prefer not to get paid via F&F on purchases of $200 or less. Paypal discounts shipping by a buck or so when you use them (which can't be done F&F), and the ease makes it worth the balance. USPS won't let you buy postage for First Class online, and the weight limit is 13 oz instead of 16 oz if you don't have a commercial account (which buying through PP or ebay accesses)
  9. rjpb

    Not my week for packages

    I recently got a book sent to me with no bag or board in a soft mailer with no other packaging. Fortunately it was an inexpensive book in lower grade, and didn't seem to have been damaged in shipping, but really?
  10. Price reductions on most books. Thread closes Sunday at around 6PM
  11. GEORGIE COMICS #27 1.8 cream pages Detached cf with some margin tears. $20
  12. BOB HOPE #10  2.0 miswrap causing fanning of pages, detached cf. + a coverless copy of #3 $10
  13. MIIGHTY MOUSE 18 3.0 & 19 1.0 (spine completely split) $10 for both
  14. HENRY 11 & 12 (both 2.0) $10 for the pair.