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  1. Kim Dietch. Though no longer with us, the record for producing quality comics work probably goes to Joe Kubert, who even if you discount his earliest work where he was still finding his stride, produced over 60 years of memorable art.
  2. WILLIE #15 Qualified 3.5 . ow pages coupon torn out of ad page, effects one panel of story on reverse. Some bug chews on right edge that are hard to see due to white strip. Tanning on inside covers. Classic cover! $200
  3. COMBAT CASEY #12 4.0 ow pages Classic Heath cover! Small color pull on Casey's hand. $100
  4. DARK MYSTERIES #8 2.0 ow pages Tear at bottom half of spine, top is solid, and cover attached. chipping on cover, but it feels supple. $135
  5. BEWARE TERROR TALES #4 4.0 ow pages Stain at top left back cover that diminishes as it goes thru book. $135