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  1. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    I thought this looked better than the assigned grade in the listing. No big pieces out or multiple large color breaking creases on a low grade book is always a plus. Underrated classic cover IMHO.
  2. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    I'm guessing Heath's babe in a red dress was the main attraction for Rick.
  3. Baker Romance

    Good point about the collaborative nature of comic art, not just a different inker than pencils on a lot of stuff, but sometimes one artist doing backgrounds after another has done foreground figures, or even someone finishing a strip in someone else's style. The burden of identifying interior artwork is even harder, as detail is often lost in the shoddy printing process common to the era. Looking at some of the original art from the era that's been posted on the web, and the actual comics look like they were printed from poorly traced reproductions.
  4. Baker Romance

    Why would SS #6 be in doubt? It looks like a pretty solid example of Baker's work at the time.
  5. Baker Romance

    It's possible the cover and art to the first story in The Saint #4 is by John Rosenberger, who did other work Avon. His work at the time is sometimes mistaken for Harry Anderson's. He later did a lot of Romance for DC in the Bronze Age, but by then drew more in the house style of the time. A borrowed image that shows his talent.
  6. From that list conservation is pretty much what used to be called slight restoration minus color touch and trimming. People should think more about what the label says has been done to a book, than what it's called. If the blue/grey label is acceptable to you but the purple isn't, you are buying the label not the book.
  7. Post Your Anti-Communist Comics!

    He's just pretending in order to infiltrate the group. Point Five's copy is very nice!
  8. Baker Romance

    Either way it's a great cover! Whoever did the art, it looks like the same person drew the first story in the book "The Saint Steals The Show", and it has style similarities to the cover of Molly O'Day, another Avon book.
  9. Baker Romance

    I saw that lot and threw up a lower offer a few minutes before yours. First time I'd seen an auction with a best offer option. Your gamble paid off, as with part of the cover obscured, and a description limited to all books fair to fine, one didn't know exactly what one was getting, as the 2nd Baker book would indicate. Sucks that one had four pages missing, but at least it wasn't the CL 25. And as long as they are complete, the rest of the lot had some cost defraying value as well, and even a Baker cover with pages missing isn't completely worthless. Well Done!
  10. I've also done price reductions on books I listed yesterday!
  11. C-M-O COMICS #1 Scarce Centaur - only 3 copies in the CGC census. FR OW pages. Cover detached and spine split top and bottom, about 4" in middle holding together. $125
  12. T-MAN #8 3.5 OW Fun two-fisted commie fighting stories. One of which has the baddies eaten by Tigers - though not graphically. $20