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  1. They are still open, and they still sell second hand comics, they just don't stamp them anymore. https://www.facebook.com/BonnettsBooks
  2. Did you pick up the issue? It's the kind of book bargain collectors love, a back cover flaw that keeps it around a 2.0, but with mid-grade eye appeal and nice page quality.
  3. I'm guessing most of these books were stupidly left on the wall or exposed in a case of a comic shop for months or years, overpriced and becoming less valuable by the day. It's one thing to leave some $30 X-men book exposed to UV light long enough to fade it, but doing it to a valuable key is almost criminal.
  4. Technically, it's an 0.5. You could probably get away with calling it a "Fair" with the split spine and missing non-story page. The cover presents nicely, and the page quality looks better than average.
  5. Covers so faded as to have lost the red entirely will be impacted more severely in terms of value than the technical grade may suggest. It is one of those flaws like brittle pages that enough buyers shy away from, to make them a tough sell, even to low grade collectors, and are generally discounted below the value of other books with the same grade, even if the flaw has been factored into the grade.
  6. Finally, a stray SA book, but a dime cover. Looks more like a VF, but a light back cover crease. Amazing Adventures #6 CGC 6.5 . off-white pages I bought this raw. It has some tanning to the top of the interior covers, and has a couple of spine ticks and some light creasing on the upper left of the back cover (non color breaking). $270 SOLD
  7. YOUNG ALLIES #9 CGC 6.5 ow-w pages Schomburg Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo cover. High grade eye-appeal, light crease on back cover. $2850 SOLD
  8. WITCHES TALES #6 CGC 8.0 ow pages Babe in bondage cover. This is an "old label" slab, and the skinny top label has peeled off. $400
  9. WEIRD SCIENCE #12 (1) CGC 7.5 cr/ow pages. Blue in the logo is scanner artifacting, not on actual book. There is some sticker residue on the slab, on the reverse of the label. $1750
  10. WEB OF EVIL #5 2.0 Off-white/White pages. Spine is weak, about 50% cumulative splits, including a 2.5" split at top. Excellent eye-appeal for the grade. $1500
  11. Thunda #1 2.0 ow pages All Frazetta Tape wrap around on bottom spine to back cover and another piece along inside edge front cover. Two gouge type tears in center of front cover (see scans), as well as several minor punctures. The punctures go into the first few pages, but are small. Chipping along bottom back cover. Staples secure, color is good. A solid low grade reader. $400
  12. SHADOW COMICS V.7 #12 6.5 ow/w pages. A really fresh book, a top right corner crease keeping the grade down. $375