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  1. SUPER-MYSTERY V.3 #2 CGC 8.0 OW/W Classic Cover! John Berk Copy. $3800
  2. Paypal, Check or M.O. accepted. Return for any reason within 10 days. Time payments accepted (10% down now, the balance in 90 days, 1/3 each 30). Delayed payment in full of up to two weeks is fine. No Hosers or probies. in thread rules. Free shipping in US, at cost international. MYSTERY TALES #43 CGC 8.0 OW PAGES CLASSIC EVERETT COVER! WHITE MOUNTAIN COPY! Excellent color! The white horizontal line through the guys hair is a printing flaw. $2000
  3. rjpb

    The most important villains

    Long term the Joker is the most significant comic book villain of any company, though the nadir of his importance was during the Silver Age.
  4. Post the back cover. A classic in its own right.
  5. rjpb

    JermanTown Kudos

    Kudos to Jeranimal for a smooth transaction on a Planet.
  6. I've only bought four PGX GA books, all of which I cracked out. A 4.0, I thought was more of 3.5, another 4.0 I thought was more like a 4.5, a 6.0 I thought was spot on, and a 7.5 that looks to me to have minor resto, professional, but evident if you are looking for it, and should not have been missed. It also looked like a 6.5/7.0 out of the slab. The lesson for me is don't buy anything more than midgrade, and don't spend a lot, just in case they missed resto. In all cases I paid less than what they would have sold for raw if advertised in the same grades, so it hardly seems worth the money to get anything PGX graded.
  7. in thread rules. Paypal, check or m.o. Free shipping in the U.S., at approximate cost elsewhere. No probies or HOSers. 90 day time payments available with 10% down. Returnable in 10 days for any reason, but postage deducted as these are CGC graded. Two copies of this cool book available , a nice midgrade and a low grade for the budget minded. CAT-MAN #3 CGC 5.5 OW/W Hitler and Stalin cover! Sweet looking copy, two non-breaking creases at top right bringing the grade down, along with some minor staining on the back. The larger crease is barely visible, running through top of the M into the A of the logo. $4000 CGC Q1.5 ( Married Centerfolds, staples replaced) OW pages $1200
  8. He's hoping she'll smoke his wiener later.
  9. 60% of what I think I could sell it for.
  10. rjpb

    Too rare to rise?

    I hear Gingersnap is in the next JLA movie, so the book may be ready to move.
  11. All between 300 and 1750, maybe 20% of sales on ebay in that price range. True, most of what I sell there is under 300, which may be less likely to result in NPBs.
  12. rjpb

    Stretching the opinion

    The huge differences in price are a result of the awarded grade, not the actual condition of the book. There's was always flexibility in price and grade before CGC, one dealers NM was another's VF/NM, and even with identically graded books the ask could typically be from x to 2x, all without most buyers thinking grade or price unrealistic. The latter part is still true, even with CGC graded books, especially when factors like eye-appeal and PQ are taken into consideration, but the number on the slab now validates the grade, so that even a weak 9.4 will likely fetch more than a strong 9.0, regardless of which book looks better (though not always, especially with pedigrees). The bigger change is that one didn't used to expect to pay much more than a 50% premium for a NM over a VF/NM from the same seller, so what someone else though the grade should be wasn't as huge a factor. When that difference is more readily measured in multiples than percentages, assigned grade comes to matter more, but it doesn't make it any more "accurate" in the abstract.
  13. You always do. Taken in total they are still the best GA books out there and I love getting them in the mail. Maybe that's it, some folks can't resist buying them, even when they cant pay for them.