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  1. For the tried and true classic covers, there is probably little hope of them coming back down to where they were just a few years ago. Most of these books saw slow increases for at least 15 years after the big increases in the 90s, and were undervalued in respect to their perennial popularity. Now they often sell for up to 10X what they did maybe five years ago, and while they may soon stall for a while, making a reasonable deal a bit easier on more common lower grade books, I don't seem them being remotely cheap again. The next tier may be more susceptible. There are dozens of more recently considered classic PCH covers, usually involving some combination of babes and skeletons, that seem to have gone from nothing special status to being $500-$1500 books in VG. I suspect that when the next cooling cycle arrives for PCH, that the demand will not be strong enough to sustain these prices. While everything is pricier than it was a decade ago (the $25 PCH book can no longer be found unless it's coverless), there is still a fair amount of cool stuff out there for under $100 in lower grade, it just might not have the craziest cover.
  2. It would be shame if someone bought all his CGC books, then opened a case on each one claiming the books didn't match the grades.
  3. My feeling as well, but a boy can dream.
  4. I can't see any reason why it would get a 1.5 from CGC. Half the books they give a 1.5 look closer to a 1.0 to me.
  5. Thanks all. Based on my prior experience with CGC and following what sort of flaws they appear to accept in given grades, I'm hoping for a 7.0 when I submit, but would not be surprised with a 6.5. I'd be disappointed with a 6.0. I agree that CGC can sometimes be more generous with GA than with books from later eras, and have seen 7.5s with similar flaws to this book, but I'm not expecting that.
  6. Copy A 5.5-6.0, copy B 5.0-5.5 (dropped for the white blotch on knee). CGC generally seems a little tougher on spine wear than minor edge chipping, so I wouldn't be entirely shocked if they came back the same grade if you sent them to CGC. Interesting that they have nearly identical top corner chips. I would go with copy A, unless copy B has distinctly superior page quality. That's usually the decider for me when two books have similar eye-appeal.
  7. Agree. Wish I'd picked one of these up a few years ago.
  8. I'll be sending this in in a month or so, and have an idea how it will grade, but it's in that range that can be tough to ballpark with CGC. It was seriously over graded by the seller IMHO, but I purchased it for a price that I'm happy with (fully expecting it would fall short of advertised grade). What do you all think it will grade at. It has cr/ow pages and no hidden flaws. The notable flaws are a crease on the top left of the back cover, two very small tears on the right edge of the front, and a light crease at the bottom of the S in the logo, that is more obvious in the scan than in hand. There is also a pencil check mark in the U in the logo, but I don't expect that to impact the grade.
  9. 2.5. Pressing might bring it up to 3.0, might not, but would probably insure the 2.5. There is a fair amount of latitude in these grades from CGC.
  10. Price reduction. Good until Sunday night.
  11. A cool run. I just have a select few. Just some minor whinging on my part, as copies do surface regularly.
  12. That CSS #19 was just the sort of price/grade combo I've been looking for Stupid commitment to go to the gym.