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  1. All-Winners 12 and Marvel Mystery 59 per PM
  2. CGC has been fairly lenient towards large pieces missing from the covers from the start, particularly with GA, though the exceptions for Marvel chipping are another example of this. Oldtimers on the boards will remember the complaints about an Action #1 graded as a 2.5 with a big chunk out of the cover, and missing corners and edge pieces are not unusual in 5.0-7.0 books that are otherwise pretty nice. Here's a link to a CGC7.5 with a noticeable corner missing. https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/captain-america-comics-14-timely-1942-cgc-vf-75-cream-to-off-white-pages/a/7209-92027.s?ic2=mybidspage-lotlinks-12202013&tab=MyBids-101116 I think they are too lenient, and above 5.0 my guess is prices are weaker for these books than others of the same grade (though the same could be said for dust shadows and foxing). That Detective should probably be in the "Good" range, but whether it's closer to 1.5 or 3.0 depends on how much you gauge the pretty decent condition outside of that glaring flaw. Eye-appeal wise, I'd probably value it as an average 2.0, but if the flaw were on the back cover, I'd go 3.0. If I was looking for a 3.5 at FMV, I'd look elsewhere.
  3. In the early days of ebay I ended up winning a lot of "three old romance comics" with no further description and a single photo. One of the three was a copy of Giant Comics Edition #12 (Diary Secrets). It was just me and a dealer bidding, and I ended up paying $1000 for the lot. The seller was ecstatic, and couldn't believe what the books sold for.
  4. Crazy price. I thought I was pushing the envelope when I asked $95 for a lower grade copy three or four years ago.
  5. I got 7 books back in March and April, and none had NR issues.
  6. Truthfully, the last show I went to I used a computer bag with a reinforced pocket, but in the past I've just used the bag cons would hand out at the door, though when a show got crowded that would require extra diligence to make sure it wasn't getting banged around.
  7. Great seller, solid grader, complete descriptions, fast shipping and super packaging. Thanks!
  8. I tend to leave no feedback on returns, even when they go smoothly, but tend not to go negative for any reason unless the seller is a total jerk. Missing flaws that should have been obvious - return it and forget it. Relisting books without disclosure after being told of major flaws not visible in pictures - yeah, that probably warrants a neg.
  9. Descriptions are useful with or without grades if the flaws aren't easily seen. Maybe the GA market is less return happy than other sectors, but I always include a grade, and my guess is folks who decide to return books will do so with or without a grade. I return books now and then, and it's always because of undisclosed restoration or missed flaws not evident in pictures, in most cases I assume by accident. Unless you've built a solid reputation I'm not going to assume a book you say is VF without looking at the pictures and reading the description, but at least it gives me a reference point to start evaluating.
  10. Qualified grades existed prior to CGC but they weren't usually called such. The most common equivalent were "otherwise" or o/w grades, and were found in many dealer catalogues (e.g. "coupon clipped from back cover o/w VG+")., Especially in the days before an image of a book was readily available when ordering by mail or over the phone, such descriptions were far more useful than just FR or PR.
  11. I like bidding in Canadian dollars for the very reason that some of the competition might get confused