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  1. ComicConnect Nov auction

    PGX is terrible at catching restoration, and clearly they don't hand out brittle page designations that readily. With the jump in prices on classic cover books, I'm not sure the results would have been different with the CGC slab though. The book has nice eye appeal, and the cover is what it's all about, whatever the grade. I've seen some auction results where PGX books did pretty well, but with GA collectors in particular I think you lose bidders when you put a book in a PGX slab.
  2. Teen Humor--Anything but Archie

    The gag is reversed here. The men on the train are all too busy reading Sun Girl to notice she's in the car.
  3. I always get a chuckle out of Schomburg's post war Timely covers. The crooks always have Beagle Boy masks on. i don't recall anyone else doing this.
  4. Your Top 3 pick ups of 2017

    You almost never see this book for sale, very nice score. Interestingly, in early 1943, the Americans had yet to put forces in occupied Europe, and the Soviets were just beginning to push the German's out of Russia, so this cover is two years early in it's envisioning the future, when American and Soviet forces were rushing against each other to gain control of Berlin.
  5. The price ratios for unrestored vs. conserved/restored widen as the grade goes up. An urestored 5.5 sold for 956K in 2016, and a conserved 5.5 for 393K last summer. Even if the 2016 sale was high for the time (it was a pretty copy), I don't imagine another would sell for less now. That's a roughly 60% discount for conserved in midgrade. I can't see an unrestored 8.0 selling for less than 2 million now, so this sale would represent more than a 75% discount due to conservation. Seems like a relative bargain, as I'm not sure you could get an unrestored 3.0 for the same price anymore.
  6. Black Cat #14 or Approved Comics #12

    Great Halloween cover for sure.
  7. Black Cat #14 or Approved Comics #12

    The Baker cover is original to the Approved, right? With Baker romance going through the roof, anything with a Baker babe on the cover is heating up. Black Cat is pretty flat in terms of interest.
  8. Did you mix up the grades on the FF11 and the ST 89? Just asking because the ST 89 looks no better than 2.0 while the FF looks nicer than that grade. Your value on the the books seems fairly reasonable, that's about twice expected FMV of the SS 1 based on prior sales, but one would expect to trade more in the way of several common SA for one uncommon GA. For me personally, I'm not crazy about stripped books, I'd rather have one with a missing back cover, but if the book makes you happier than the others would, you might consider it.
  9. I love 3.0s like this, detached covers don't bother me that much, especially when you get 6.0 eye-appeal for a 3.0 price.
  10. Are you sure this isn't the CGC grading room.