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  1. I don't recall ever seeing such a nice looking front cover on a book with no back cover. That is a sweet copy all things considered.
  2. DARK MYSTERIES #10 CGC 3.0 CR-OW PAGES Classic witch burning cover. Top and bottom edge shipping keeps the grade down, but still decent eye-appeal. $1200
  3. MISTER MYSTERY #12 CGC 1.8 CR-OW PAGES Classic injury to eye cover. Presents very nicely for the grade. Appears to have a couple inches worth of splits in the spine, though I didn't slab it myself. $2250
  4. A lot will depend on the average dollar value of the books. 10% for making images, comping, listing, packing and shipping a $50 book, is going to feel like not nearly enough once you add up the time spent. 10% for doing the same with a $2000 book might seem well worth the effort. Depending on the volume, I'd ask for a minimum per book or lot sold as a floor against any percentage. Also find out if he is okay with everything starting at a guaranteed to sell price at auction, or if he expects you to get a minimum FMV out of each book, and as importantly, does it make sense to slab some of
  5. For those curious, the picture on the wall appears to be of Kim Il-Sung, Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on the left, and Zhou Enlai, Premier of the The People's Republic of China on the right.
  6. in thread rules. Paypal, check, m.o. or Zelle acceptable. 7 day return, but shipping costs will be deducted from refund. No HOSers or probies. Free shipping in U.S. Foreign sales - PM for shipping costs. Time payments are fine (10% down), up to 90 days. Need a week or so to get payment together, no problem, I'll hold the book for you. Purchases shipped to California address must pay sales tax. JUNGLE COMICS #46 CGC 8.5 OW PAGES GGA Cover by the under appreciated Rafael Astarita $1200
  7. I will trade you this copy of Action #1 for a plate of beans, it was worth a lot more in the before times.
  8. I never noticed MMC #71 was missing the price, kinda cool. Weren't the Classics with no price part of the boxed sets Gilberton used to sell?
  9. I love the cover art to that edition of Farewell My Lovely. Just recently dug up some of my old Candler paperbacks to reread them, it's been long enough that I'd forgotten much of the plots, so it's almost like reading them for the first time.
  10. That's the one Chandler story I've never read, I guess its more of a fantasy piece set in the UK, and not his usual hardboiled L.A. crime story, and thus rarely collected with his other stuff. I should probably read it just to see how he handles another genre. In addition to his Black Mask/ Dime Detective output he wrote one crime story each for Detective Fiction Weekly , Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine and The Saturday Evening Post, which I gather are somewhat more affordable than his Black Mask and DD pulps.
  11. Another recent pick up, "bedsheet" size. What I've seen of this run often have colorful covers.
  12. I've wanted a Raymond Chandler pulp for a while, either a Black Mask or a Dime Detective, and managed to win this in last month's CC auction for what I thought was a decent price. While not as in demand as his Black Mask issues (which are earlier), the Dime's have great covers, this being one of the more gruesome, and it also contains Red Wind, probably the most often collected of his short stories. Of course, in typical CC fashion it took a few weeks to arrive, and fingers were crossed the PQ would be decent, as CC doesn't list page condition in their pulp auctions. Fortunately, while c
  13. Covers like these, with babes in bondage and/or being tortured are highly collectable, especially with Nazis involved. They aren't particularly rare (though individual issues might be tough), but hard to find in higher grade.