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  1. rjpb

    [CLOSED] Canada, eh? sales thread

    While in recent decades some major international brands began actually brewing in the U.S., I think it's largely a myth that imported brews were reformulated for an American market when made at the same brewery. It doesn't really make economic sense, and I've never seen proof, but it's something I've heard since the 1970s. I chalk it up to the psychological impact of drinking a beer in it's native country.
  2. rjpb

    [CLOSED] Canada, eh? sales thread

    That includes mass produced Canadian beer, which we only thought was good in the 70s when I was growing up in Ohio, because it was better than crappy U.S. beer.
  3. rjpb

    [CLOSED] Canada, eh? sales thread

    On ebay I charge a handling fee on international orders to cover the added paypal costs and the time spent filling out customs forms, but I don't use global shipping, which I've heard can be ridiculous, especially as the items are essentially being mailed twice. My wife, who sometimes sells antiques and jewelry on ebay only uses it though, she just doesn't want to deal with international shipping herself, which I kind of understand, but I tell her those extra costs could go to her rather than ebay if she were more flexible.
  4. I was going to say the original owner of the Patsy Walker #20 might be interested, as it was her favorite book, but unfortunately Shirley Alli (nee Kutina) passed away on Jan. 18, 2010, in Strongsville Ohio. Coincidentally, a day earlier a Patricia Walker of Strongsville also passed away.
  5. rjpb

    [CLOSED] Canada, eh? sales thread

    I'm thinking my next sales thread should be local pickup only. I've actually sold a few books via local pickup, including twice on ebay. Saves boxing everything up.
  6. rjpb

    Tijuana Bible question

    That they are glossy is interesting, likely a photostat used for production. Grandad may well have been printing them up, and making them available for distribution. These could be pretty lucrative back in the day, selling for a buck a piece back in the 40s and 50s.
  7. rjpb

    Best Barks' stories

    I'm not generally a fan of bound volumes, but those would be fantastic, as they would be a great way to read the stories, and Duck books are generally not something I would feel the need to see all the covers laid out to admire.
  8. Not feeling the LOVE? Take 10% off everything, 20% off any photo-cover book.
  9. rjpb

    gone fishin'

  10. MISS AMERICA MAGAZINE V.6#2 3.5 OW/W $10
  11. MISS AMERICA MAGAZINE V.5#5 4.0 OW/W $15
  12. MISS AMERICA MAGAZINE V.4#5 4.0 OW/W $15
  13. Finally a few Miss America's with Patsy Walker stories. MISS AMERICA MAGAZINE V.3#4 4.0 OW/W Structurally nicer, but writing on cover. $15
  14. INTIMATE LOVE #26 4.0 OW/W 10 page Alex Toth story. Unfortunately there is red crayon on two pages of this story, mostly on text blocks, but includes word balloons on splash page. Art Saaf story about a babysitter who went out knecking and thinks he charge died in a fire. Excellent art. $10