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  1. Has anyone ever done a rough count of the number of WW2 covers from the war era? I realize there are some borderline ones, early covers where the enemy isn't clearly an Axis power, saboteur covers where allegiance is vague, some late covers where Axis military figures look redrawn in civilian clothes as they torture U.S military personnel or steal weapons plans, home front and war bond covers that don't exactly feature characters fighting Axis powers, but it would be interesting to know roughly how many books would be covered.
  2. Ha, I was scrolling down this thread, saw the Famous Funnies, and thought "I bet Rick grabbed this."
  3. Probably the same octopus that was always showing up on comic covers and losing a limb each time.
  4. It feels like more has been "hot" than "cold" for a few years now, and that covers that even remotely fit the "classic" label have shot up dramatically in all genres in that time. Meanwhile, what's generally always been dead, remains dead, though everything has a price that it will sell at, and everything has a price that no one will pay. The interest in long recognized classic covers will never get cold, and the interest in photo-cover Fawcetts and Dells will likely never take off, but the current interest in early Peanuts appearances is an indication that sometimes a dormant genre ( newspaper strip reprints) can find renewed interest. It's as interesting to follow what seems to have plateaued in price (even if just temporarily), even as interest remains high, and what continues to climb. There does frequently seem to be a pause with a lot of red hot books, where the buying community seems to react with a "hmm maybe not that much" that halts the spiral, though often it can pick up again later.
  5. Such a wild cover. A "one that got away" for me. A few years back, I was outbid on copy, and of course would now happily pay twice the winning bid.
  6. Actually , it's a photo before it was slabbed, taken by the previous owner
  7. Nice looking 1.8 on the DM 19. It looks like you could crack it out, call it a GD+ and no one would argue if they'd never seen the slab. I'd bet on at least a 2.0 on a straight up resub unless there's something we can't see.
  8. I don't recall specifically seeing slabbed books this severely trimmed, but this is more than the sort of trimming one finds in "apparent" grades where just an 1/8th or even a quarter inch has been trimmed from two or three edges. The effect is a book where substantial pieces are missing, as it appears about 20-25% of the book has been cut away. That it is done along the edges, and the book can still be read makes it better than "Poor" IMHO, but I can't see CGC, or anyone else reasonably giving it apparent grade higher than "Fair" with the book so compromised. But who knows for sure.
  9. 4.0 FWIW I've seen pieces that large missing in 6.0s, but they were otherwise pretty nice, and don't even get started on the Marvel chipping leniency CGC is known for.
  10. The only people I've ever met who want to watch the same movie 100 times in a month are two years old.
  11. My first was either #2 or #3, I'm not sure anymore. whichever one it was I recall the G-F-M price ratios were 1:2:3. "This is worth 37¢ in very good, will you sell it for 30?" Somewhere along in the 70s I remember them changing to 1:2:4
  12. It looks trimmed on all three open edges. If the interior is still readable, Apparent 1.0 (severely trimmed), if the panels have been chopped into enough to make the stories unreadable, 0.5
  13. The evolution of a comic fan, going from asking who is the strongest hero in a fight to who drew the best kissing covers on romance comics. Your adolescent selves would be mortified.
  14. I've come to the conclusion that it's just another element of presentation. Buyers will pay premiums for eye-appeal, deep color strikes, perfect centering, etc. The number in the top left corner is just one more consideration when evaluating the desirability of a book. It doesn't matter if its not entirely objective, once the book is encased, it's part of the package.
  15. On the books not sent to CCS, it looks like CGC maybe a tad more generous than you in the 3.0-6.0 range overall. I'm not that surprised by as much as 1.5 swings either way, that's happened to me a couple times. I've only sent maybe 40-50 books to CGC over the years, and have to rely on memory as I don't keep written records. I've also tracked a few books that I had raw, and were subsequently slabbed by someone else. Just in my limited experience I've come to believe there are tighter and looser periods, as small batches submitted have sometimes swung mostly one way or the other from my expectations by an increment or two, or they are almost entirely in line. Although, maybe it's I who have tight and loose periods
  16. I was wondering what was taking you so long.
  17. As always, it's a pleasure to buy from Bob (and to sell to him as well). Accurate descriptions, and quick on the shipping. The books arrived the day after he received my check.