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  1. TONS of new Zenescope exclusives added to the store! 1 in 200, 1 in 250, 1 in 350, 1 in 500 and 1 in 750 Zenescope and Convention Exclusives! Open to reasonable offers too so feel free to shoot a message. Combine shipping. Shipping to Canada and USA. Will consider international shipping, please inquire. ebay user id: more_fun_comics https://www.ebay.com/itm/GFT-REALM-WAR-AGE-OF-DARKNESS-4-NM-NM-COMIKAZE-NAUGHTY-EXCLUSIVE-LTD-250/373047166673?hash=item56db5806d1:g:Rm0AAOSwYmFeq1uy Small sample of available books:
  2. Anyone still out here? How are fellow small time dealers/hobby flippers doing while the pandemic is going on? Personally, things are going rather slow but I have not exactly been "actively" selling either...A few eBay sales here and there but I am not posting new stuff often either. Recently unloaded two long boxes of stock I would likely never get to to a fellow flipper, but that is about it...More important things going on but still wish I was selling more and will likely ramp up a bit when this is over again. All of the local shows are cancelled (obviously) until Ontario is "open for business". It will be interesting to see what arises when this thing clears, particularly with the bigger shows, how long it will be before things get back to "normal" or what the long term implications for conventions of all sizes may be.
  3. Been awhile since I posted but I was able to pick this up relatively "local" at a very fair price...I know it is is not a big key from the run but it is one of my FAVOURITE Ditko Spidey covers. I think it is all the colours (SPIDEY STRIKES BACK!), Spidey swinging straight at the reader...Anyway, nice presenting for the grade, fair price, fair shipping. Decided to snag it. Books remaining: AF #15, ASM #1, #2, #4, #5, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #16, #17, #18, #22, #23, #24, #27, #29, #30, #35, #38 22 issues to complete the run...
  4. Darn, was hoping for news on the cosmically powered girlfriend...Or if they ever did do their "meet and greet"...
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/THOR-134-CGC-9-0-WHITE-PAGES-FIRST-HIGH-EVOLUTIONARY-GUARDIANS-OF-GALAXY-3/372971462042?hash=item56d6d4dd9a:g:QDgAAOSwTU1dknc7
  6. Updated price. Hoping to move to get a book for personal collection 😊.
  7. THE MIGHTY THOR #134 CGC 9.0, WHITE PAGES - Case is in near perfect condition. Last Sale: $1067 Lonestar/My Comic Shop has a CGC 9.0 with White Pages for $1049 at time of posting. CLOSED.
  8. I have sold several times on the boards but not for awhile but thought I would offer up a book here. I have a kudos thread but again, I don't use it all that often so it is buried but I can provide plenty of references. I have over 900+ feedback on eBay (user id: more_fun_comics), mostly as a seller. Offering up one book: The Mighty Thor #134 CGC 9.0 with White Pages - 1st High Evolutionary! Terms Paypal Only. Payment due within 24 hours of claiming. always rules over any PM's or ongoing offers/negotiations, I will consider reasonable offers. Shipping within Canada and the USA is included in the asking price to make things easier for all. I might consider shipping outside of North America, but will have to calculate shipping and will have to factor that into the price. People on the Probation List or the Hall of Shame are not allowed to purchase. No returns as it is a CGC book. Will ship within 48 hours of receiving payment and provide tracking information. Thanks for looking!
  9. 2019 YEAR IN REVIEW I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything but life has been hectic but in a good way. I thought I would take a bit of time to do a bit of an overview of my year - For those who still follow New Acquisitions This year was slow, but decent. Early on in the year I picked up a nice little collection of modern books, some of which were CGC worthy and made some good profit on and some art prints (not really my thing) but have paid dividends. I still have more of the art prints left than I thought I would but I'm ok with that. A contact of mine was looking to downsize his collection so I managed to do two deals with him and pick up some nice CGC slabs and keys at a fair price to both of us. Books ranging from Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 7.0 to Detective #259 CGC 4.0 to GSX #1 CGC 6.0 and a handful of others. Definitely slower in volume than other years, but I think an uptick in quality. I also did some trades for books + keys where I was able to get some decent raw books, like ASM #252 or CGC books like Thor #165 CGC 6.5 - Again, nothing major but solid. No junk this year to deal with or process. Shows I only did two shows this year, and I am happy with that. Partially due to personal schedule, other shows simply not happening/falling off and one not being totally happy with the location and other issues with one (poor accessibility, placement in the show and it is a two day commitment for a small show). Most I could have done were four but two are out of town. Both of the shows I did were rather decent sized for my area and as I don't frequently get an opportunity to replenish stock, this may help to "stay fresh" and keep interest up when I attend, mind you, I am still processing old stock (when I have time) so I do show up with "new stuff". I think two shows going forward will be the goal. One in my city and one in Sudbury (hour and half away). Downside I submitted two CGC Golden Age Canadian editions did awful on the Comic Link auction I had them in. I had good luck with Clink the past few times I used them, but this one hurt. Bad. Wish I could have those back, but hey, that's the game. I am not blaming Clink, might just not have had right buyers at the right time, etc. Leads I had one solid lead (most were busts this year), an older gentleman with some oddball stuff, a few silver age and some neat Golden Age Canadian editions and a few other things. I did a free appraisal for him, he appreciated it but he thinks they are worth more. However, just before Christmas he messaged me and said he would be in contact in the New Year when back from Florida. We shall see what happens but it is a nice collection of older books and not too huge with a few oddities. The trick will be how emotionally attached he is and what he thinks they are worth, etc...The same dilemma for every dealer basically. But still, fingers crossed. eBay/Other Sales I have had some solid sales on eBay, in person and other venues, my challenge is as it has constantly been...Access and Time. With a regular job, not having my stock on hand and other interests, getting product in the public eye would definitely help speed along sales and revenue, but I have been operating in a very positive revenue point for awhile, so I will "expand" all in good time I suppose. Goal for 2020 Develop a new wall display for shows. Something a little bigger and easier to cart around. Get more organized and process and post more stock to my store and have more readily available for sale. Final Thoughts Thanks to everyone who keeps reading the odd time I post something. I hope everyone had a safe 2020 and as always, look forward to feedback and others sharing their stories from the front lines! Cheers!
  10. I have what I think is a very tight copy, especially considering the all black front cover...My question though pertains to the back as there looks to be some printing residue? How much would CGC knock the book down (rough estimates obviously) and I am considering a cleaning but have heard yellow covers are hard to clean? As always, appreciate any insight.
  11. Can't login...Waiting on email...Pretty sure that my current email was the one I had on file LOL