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  1. Looking for an opinion on this Mighty Thor #134 - 1st High Evolutionary. Book is complete, no missing pages, rips, etc. There is a miscut and slight miswrap though.
  2. It was definitely worth my time and got to hang out with family so it was a nice day. Got me thinking of maybe doing my own "pop up" shop one day with ALL my stock.
  3. I "piggy-backed" my family's yard sale and did a small set up of mostly cheap stuff. I did $248 in sales. Not a bad morning for zero cost and small set up time when I was already "working".
  4. Another "fun" story... A woman contacts me via my FB page asking if I buy comics. I say sure and she sends me a few pics. Some look OK so we arrange to meet. Nothing crazy good but some "ok" stuff from what I can see. I get to her house and there is a shady looking guy having a smoke. Yes the house smells of smoke. She has all the books out. I start going through them. I can start to see I might be interested in 30 books at best. I ask her what she is hoping for. She tells me $30,000 for the whole collection but would take $10,000. It took everything in me not to laugh. I asked why she thought so much and she started quoting books in the OSPG. I gave her a quick education how to use the guide and that she had the wrong titles. Even then she was waaaaay off. Like there might have been $350- $400 retail total if lucky. I said thanks for letting me look and that based on her asking price I was not going to make an offer and might want to familiarize herself with the guide and her books a bit more. Days of educating non-comic folk sellers are over. The shady guy looked pissed that I didn't buy anything. I have ANOTHER similar situation with some better quality books but again a ridiculous asking price. As there are some decent books in that collection that I do want, I am going to make one offer for just what I want and see what happens.
  5. Been a loong time since I have posted anything here...I have been focussing more on selling and saving lately. While I said I would refrain from buying "common issues" this book popped up at a LCS (relatively speaking) in the grade range I wanted and price I thought was fair especially with no shipping fees, so I decided to snag it. 24 issues to go to complete the run...
  6. Zenescope exclusive auction with some art prints and other books as BIN or Best Offer. Check it out. Auction ends Sunday night! https://www.ebay.com/usr/more_fun_comics
  7. Thanks! The GSX 1 for sure as I don't have one and was thinking likely to hold the HoS #92 for a bit. The others, just in time for the upcoming con season.
  8. I recently made a purchase from a customer and friend who was looking to downsize his collection. To me, this buy epitomizes the importance of relationships within the comic book community. He knew the value of the books. He knew I needed to have a fair room for profit. One of the easiest deals I have ever done. I'm in "no rush" to move them and likely may only keep the GSX for awhile. I have personal CGC 7.0 copy of House of Secrets #92.
  9. 1. There are a lot of them/common book. 2. People already bought into the speculation boom when Venom was released. 3. People are flocking to Beanie Babies instead of comics and VHS tapes right now as the next big collectible.
  10. CLink auction was a total bust. Oh well. Live and learn. Nothing you can do when auctions go bad but move on...At least someone got some cool books for cheap.