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  1. Looking for opinions on this Marvel Spotlight #32. Very nice interiors. Book is complete. Thanks!
  2. Pretty nice book. A few spine ticks and slight non-colour breaking creases. Lays flat. White interior pages, nothing missing, etc. More so looking for opinions how the smudge/stain by LEGO on the back cover would impact overall grade. Can't tell there is a stain/smudge on the exterior back cover from the interior back cover (hope that makes sense). Thanks!
  3. Yeah, that I don't know. I have "heard" (take this with a grain of salt) that he really is not a "comic guy" (I mean, look at how he handled some of the books going through the boxes ) so maybe that is a bit of a factor there. It could be he knows comics are "worth something" and figured on bulk alone, he'd make $$$ for what he paid. Who knows really though right? While he may not "know" comics, he may not be as much of a "comic bumpkin" as is portrayed.
  4. Why "mock" the guys over his YouTube videos? They seem to have pretty decent production values. Yeah, they have a "reality TV' vibe, but he's promoting his business and clearly getting the word out...? Awesome sig line though by the way !!!
  5. Fair enough if he wants to even grade/slab them. The guy doesnt have to sell even close to all of them at "FMV" to make a decent profit. If he sold that little box of OSPGs for $2K, he only has $8K to go to break even from ALL of that. That Roy Rogers book I mentioned goes for a decent penny. And that's like less than 1% of what we know is in there. He could pick out the gems and then even if he liquidated what's left he's likely laughing all the way to the bank. Plus he has a store and can keep product there too most likely in storage and/or placed out for sale. I think where he could lose money is if he doesn't get help grading and also someone to help him to say which books are worth slabbing to begin with.
  6. I had the highest graded copy of the Roy Rogers Giant featured in the video. CGC 8.0. It was not a "worthless" book. I sold it at Clink in 2017. I had offers on it for for less than the final hammer price so glad I sent it to auction. Not all of those books will fly off the shelves so to speak, but there is a market for these books and who knows what other special books and/or items are in there. I mean, there were those OSPGs too. As for the final sale price, we do not know the circumstances of the sale (why the price was what it was), but it was for sure a bargain at $10k or so for the buyer, no disputing that. At the end of the day, he is the one who actually bothered to answer the call, take the time to check it out and had money in hand. I have no horse in this race (forgive the pun) but this guy clearly is not a comic expert, which likely factored into his offer as well. I bet now there are locals who did not bother to answer the call who are kicking themselves and I also bet the buyer has a lot of attention now as well.
  7. Or, apparently, those who also read keys while sitting on the toilet...
  8. No horse in this race but very interesting...And interesting how a CGC label can "define" something that may not be as definite as believed to be?
  9. I just wrapped up my Spawn ebay auction...I have doubles or triples of most of what I sold...45 books from the lot...I was pleasantly shocked by the results. I knew later issues of Spawn had a fan base, but yeah, wow. Shocked. I want to move the rest but don't want to flood the market
  10. As someone who hopes to one day own an AF #15, this is just infuriating...This doofus doesn't deserve what daddy has handed off to him.
  11. I just checked out this guys YouTube, website and IG Pages, his other posts notwithstanding...How the #$%# was he made the "youngest ever advisor to OSPG" In that honoured group, how did he make the cut? Seriously, would like to know... Also, if he is trying to "game the system", it seems like he is NOT following the advice he reportedly has received from other more experienced dealers in his own "market report": "find something else" "don't be greedy" I think, this guy is in it for himself, to be "cool", to have some sort of "platform" where otherwise he would not. ...This snake oil salesman has zero credibility. Tell us the full story Dylan. Show us the pictures. Man up.