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  1. This (past) week back...Little Bit of Thor spec
  2. Yes, most of the shows I do are small and local. People look at some of them (usually the response is "its THAT much?!?!), but I rarely sell them at these type of shows but I have sold a few. I agree, 100%. That is the one area that I think I can improve upon. I would like to revamp is my wall display. I have received a few good tips on building a new wall from some members and I have seen a few styles that I also really like. Job for next con season maybe and yes, put up raws and those who know I have CGC books, will probably ask, so I can them on the floor or something behind the table. Thank You!!!! I do think having an attractive display helps. I sometimes wonder "how much" when I see other set ups that are...Less appealing than mine though. In my area, people like value and they like to still read. Sets do pretty well for me but there are a few key collectors here. Again, for sure a bigger, better wall display would help catch more eyes especially if running from the $20 and up range. Definitely something I would like to do. Fortunately, I have also had my "back" to a wall and/or arena wall, so for someone to slip behind without me noticing would be difficult but something definitely to keep in mind. I read about a "trick" that some would do about sliding a book through a gap at the front of a long box but I fixed that. The "ends" of all my boxes are taped with white duct tape. I find it a challenge "scanning" back and forth, back and forth. I have guys who will flip through one end, go away, come back and flip through another end, go away and come back multiple times. Those are the guys I watch for. Now, they may just be very discerning buyers, but those guys raise my spidey sense.
  3. Recent CGC Slab Sales: Amazing Spider-Man #100 CGC 8.0 (my under copy) New Teen Titans #2 CGC 9.4 SS George Perez to local collector Vampirella #38 CGC 9.8 Parrillo variant - That one lasted like a day on eBay... Vengeance of Bane #1 CGC 9.6 Thinking of putting up all of my Adam Warlock stuff. BUT do I try to wait to see if he actually does show up in GOG 3 or go now?
  4. Let's just say I got it for a price that I think we were both happy with.
  5. Trying to decide that...I have no problem moving/selling most stuff but I still have a bit of that "collector mentality" vs "seller mentality" when it comes to graded keys...Sometimes it works out, other times, not so much. ...If I change my mind, will shoot you a PM to see if still interested.
  6. Yeah...I could not believe he didn't have it on his wall or behind the table. NOPE. Just randomly thrown in with some other DC books. Crazy. Either it was luck it didn't get bent up and/or he didn't have many people flipping through his books.
  7. New books freshly back from CGC...
  8. From this past summer's Sudbury Graphic Con: Forgot to mention did a bit of buying. Pulled this out of another sellers long box (raw) literally mixed with other raw junk. I looked it up and down. Looked sharp. Negotiated price. Sent to CGC. WIN ...I still can't believe he had it a box right out front and not in the back or on a wall...Just in plain old bag and backing board too
  9. There were a couple of others but this is the best of the batch.
  10. New books...The Thor was a pick up for around $30 a few years ago at a sale at a Toronto-based comic book store. The other two Marvel books I had from stock - The first Moondragon is a bit of spec on my part. The two graded copies of New Teen Titans were obtained this week from a local collector. Note: The second NTT #2 is a Voldy 9.6 so can't show it.
  11. Hello! 70 book auction, all "common" DC variants. Mostly 3D Lenticular, but also some Bombshell and other variants. Best part is though all $0.99 CANADIAN starting bids and combined shipping is available. Just some "fun"books! https://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_nkw=&_sacat=0&_udlo=&_udhi=&_ftrt=901&_ftrv=1&_sabdlo=&_sabdhi=&_samilow=&_samihi=&_sadis=15&_stpos=P1B+3B9&_fss=1&_fsradio=%26LH_SpecificSeller%3D1&_saslop=1&_sasl=more_fun_comics&_sop=12&_dmd=1&_ipg=50&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1
  12. NOSTALGIACON 2019 REPORT Overview Well my first and only show of the fall and it was a success, at least by my standards. This was the first time this particular show happened in my area. Actually, in a small town just outside of North Bay in Callander, Ontario. The organizers run the successful Northern Game Expo in Sudbury and this was their first show, to try to bring what they do in Sudbury to North Bay and area. I will say that these guys do know what they are doing. They had signs all over the city and they had radio spots and sponsors. The venue was very nice (Callander Community Centre) and was super easy to load in and out and was nice and big and bright. While final attendance was only reported at 330 people coming through the doors, I think a focused customer base helped with sales, plus, as usual, I do my own self promotion - Which again, was key as one of my customers had no clue about the show and ended up spending nearly $300. Sales At first, I will admit that I was nervous as the numbers seemed low but things eventually picked up. I did sell a mix of run books but I also sold a few raw keys and semi key books. Off the top of my head, I sold Devil Dinosaur #1, DC Presents #47 (first He-Man) for example but nothing "major", like several $20+ "premium" books. Sets, again did very well. Some of the bigger sets included nice runs of Battlestar Galactica (1st series), Dazzler (#1- #30), Wolverine (Enemy of the State storyline), some smaller Star Wars sets, a big Witchblade and a complete set of the Death of Superman arc to name a few. Zenescope sets and a few variants also did well. I did end up bringing some CGC books, but my intention was to just have them in the back in case anyone asked and use my wall for $20 and up raw books, well, that didn't happen. My dad, who was helping me, placed most of the CGC books on the wall and I didn't have the heart to tell him that is not what I wanted to do so up they stayed! It worked out alright as I did sell an ASM CGC variant and had a very strong offer on my Marvel Spotlight #5 CGC 6.5 that I am considering with a local/regular. Given that this was a video game and other nerdy things type of show, I also brought some other pop culture collectibles and some art prints. I sold a Masters of the Universe lunch box and thermos set, a Star Wars record, a Transformers TV tray and a J.Scott Campbell signed art print. My booth cost was $120 for two 8 foot tables and I was able to use a four foot table I brought on the end. I did about $1,496.00 in sales. My wife said had I not given such generous discounts to some of my regulars i would have easily broken the $1,500 mark, but these guys are my bread and butter, so it is a balance. Again most of what sold is from stock that has long since paid for itself with a few minor exceptions. For a first show, with those attendance numbers and being outside of town, and still some of my big spenders not showing, pretty pleased with the result and will be signing up again next year. Observation The "Premium Books" did ok (anything over $20 was placed in here with in a mylite and 56 pt backing board). I still think the better display factor and perceived improved "collectible value" may have helped or it could just be they were easier to find. Who knows? Regardless, I went with three boxes this time that included some high end sets (that didn't sell) but will continue $20 and books to be sold like this. I'm back keeping the shelving units for "other stuff". I think I just have to find more low cost items to fill it and make it display nice as I sold 3 items thanks to the shelves and the bottom shelves make for a nice place to set customers stuff while they browse. Thoughts Moving Forward While the venue IS very nice, it is still outside of North Bay, and, well, people are lazy. I wonder if had it been right in North Bay, easier for students to get to, etc., if their attendance numbers would have been up. They said they are going to re-evaluate and are looking for feedback for vendors, so that is good. Not sure how others did, but I am happy with my result. I still want to develop a new wall display/rack. This may be a winter project. I am not doing the other local antique show that takes place in a October, hence why this show is my last of the year. This is the one where I have had issues with location and take downs. Plus, most of my customers will have just seen what I have to offer and, well, the fact that it is two days is a drag. I did just as well in 5 or so hours, that I do at that show all weekend, so passing on the fall show. ...As 2019 goes, I have done some trades, bought some key books for fair prices for to hold and flip, but no single big collection score. I think I am ok with that as I still have enough run books and cheapies (and I have more to process that I already have) but just kind of missing the thrill of snagging a bigger collection. Oh well. First world problems but it would be nice to wrap up the year with at least one more score, even if just a small one. If anything remotely interesting happens, I'll post and thanks for reading!