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    He is living in Bora Bora now off the profits of his Bitcoin trading.
  2. I touched on this in the past...I am a regular at my LCS. Have been since a teenager. Very good terms with store owner (who is same owner). My town only has the one store. Next closest is an hour and a half away and then about two hours. The owner of my local LCS (for reasons that still perplex me) can't be bothered to buy collections and obviously knows I buy and sell. However, whatever comes in he 99% of the time passes along to a former employee - Well, he is on paternity leave - I am not 100% on the full story is but basically, the leads go to him. I am also on very good terms with the other guy and chat regularly, but yeah, he gets the inside track on ALL the LCS call and walk ins. Hard to compete with that. ...He got one notable score this year...Several years ago a collector donated his collection to a local high school library when he passed. Library held onto them but didn't know what to do with them. I had heard of this collection too. Anyway, they decided to sell and put the $ back into the library. They called the LCS. The other guy got the referral and apparently they took his first offer. Sigh. My LCS does advertise when I am setting up at local shows in-store and on their FB Page (other guy doesn't do shows) so that is something. I basically get my leads from shows, general word of mouth, my FB page and the odd and rare Kijiji ad hit. I would totally love an inside track though....
  3. Adventures in Selling I participated in my first ever show last October. I was pleased with my sales, it was an excellent learning experience and most importantly, I had a great time. I must have did "ok" as I was invited back by the show organizers. In my town, there use to be a larger two day Antique Show, but with the sale of the local Legion (where that event was held), the Antique Show organizers asked the organizers of the Collectibles Show to "take over"...I think this is a good thing, merging the two shows. The first show under the new 'brand' is scheduled for Sunday, April 17th, 2016. Moving forward, the plan is to have a regular two day show in October. For as long as there is some degree of interest I will share my experiences, good and bad. I also look forward to any new comments and tips from more seasoned sellers. Thanks for your interest! Thanks for reading!Here is the link to my first journal entry about my first show experience (for those who may be interested or setting up themselves one day): http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=8903742&fpart=7 See more journals by Wall-Crawler