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  1. Stealing @PKJ layout Fast Track Modern Delivered -Via Canada Post/USPS 4-19 Received- SFG- G/QC- Shipped- Standard Delivered -Via Canada Post/USPS 4-19 Received- SFG- G/QC- Shipped- Does anyone know if there is any kind of "standard" from when books are marked as received after delivered for Fast Track Modern and/or Standard?
  2. Title pretty much says it all... 91 Zenescope/Grimm Fairy Tales and associated series up for sale, most have $0.99 start! LOTS of exclusives and some prints up for grabs. I combine shipping too. LINK: https://www.ebay.com/sch/more_fun_comics/m.html?item=373556555628&hash=item56f9b4af6c%3Ag%3Af6wAAOSwrqZet0P2&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1
  3. I think my resolve has been renewed and I am NOT going to unload any of my ASM collection to help me get my grail. There is simply too much work, time, and still love in those books to "give up" now. I am going to keep plodding away and wheeling and dealing but spare my ASM collection. Other keys may continue to circle in and out of the PC vs For Sale categories. I "buckled down" I just set up a huge auction (well, huge for me, 91 books) to finally try to just offload all the Zenescope books I acquired previously. Those books have brought me good returns but now I am "blowing out" pretty
  4. Wait about 4 months when my next batch gets back from CGC I just sent in over 30 books...Largest single sub yet...Mostly modern era though.
  5. I wanted to take a minute to thank those who took the time to reply. I appreciate all the advice and opinions. The one thing I don't want to do is make any "rash" decisions. I have spent too long getting down to 20ish books to complete the run to do that, and, truth be told, I am proud of what I have and what I have accomplished thus far. Just there is that nagging question...Will I ever be able to get my "holy grail"? Or be able to obtain a nice presenting low grade copy of AF #15 and/or ASM #1 without a major "sacrifice"? And I mean, how much higher can AF #15 and ASM #1 go? There has
  6. Wow...Been a long time since I have posted in this journal. Not much new to report in terms of personal ASM books...I have been busy working from home during the pandemic, busy with a now 14 month old son and focusing on selling (to save) for the next big Spidey book - An AF #15 or ASM #1 (when I have spare time; which is rare these days). As I was looking in my comic closet though at my near complete run and the value that is in my personal collection, plus for sale inventory, plus what I have saved from selling and still have that I could sell...I'm wavering and pondering "giving u
  7. Awesome initial entry and it is so good to have you rejoin the collecting fold! I enjoyed the story of how you came to be a Batman guy...Didn't know you were into the Phantom. Now go get that Batman #189 😉!
  8. And interested on thoughts what a cleaning would do...Thanks!
  9. Hello all, looking for opinions! Please note that top edge, back cover, near the middle there is a miniscule tear that doesn't show up super well in the scans.
  10. Another round of books are back from some of the collections I recently picked up...Star Wars heavy but not too shabby! I am prepping another lot to go to CGC and oh yeah, picked up another 20 book lot! Pics on that one later...
  11. Star Wars heavy sub...Pretty happy with results...Was hoping for a 9.8 on at least ONE of the KOTOR #9's...
  12. From what I read from the article this is a man who has a great passion but is putting it aside for an even greater passion - His family. This is the mark of a truly good person, husband and father. I wish him and his family the best and hope for the best possible outcomes.
  13. First Collection Purchase of 2021 Completed. Again, nothing major but it is a nice collection of modern, low print run horror comics and completely done via email/FB messaging. This is the same source as the Spawn and Star Wars and other recent books (except the GA ones). I was not super keen on these books, but the price was right and I want the seller to know he can keep coming to me as well; I want to maintain that quick "comics for cash" relationship. I'll post a few pics when they arrive.