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  1. I am not going to go into specifics but I started off nice and polite like most here. Then there was a slow progression towards increasing the pressure. More and more frequent contact (I live too far away to go in person) and eventually, with CGC's help, was able to resolve. One reason why I didn't go full on nuclear was because there was one book I really, really wanted to make sure I got back. I figure that is also why some don't go full on rage mode. They are afraid of not getting their books ever. Or don't want to "upset" a "big player". Also perhaps, because, you know, cool books. If this had been a boardie/facilitator who was pulling stuff like this they would for sure be on the Probation List....Wait...Could they be nominated for PL? That might shake some branches?
  2. Ebay 20% off

    What about items that have Best Offer option?
  3. Ebay 20% off

    Dumb question...Does the code appear at check out?
  4. THAT is a very interesting idea...I include a business card with every purchase but we know what can happen to those...
  5. As the title says, all Canadian Newsstand Price Variant ebay auction up and running. Follow the link for the items: https://www.ebay.com/sch/more_fun_comics/m.html?item=123029839321&hash=item1ca5265dd9%3Ag%3AV5oAAOSw~l5apcJo&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1 Any questions, feel free to message me here or on eBay.
  6. That's a great haul. Usually what I find are like 85% to 95% run books with some minor and odd keys sprinkled in. I certainly would not mind paying a strong price for books like that. Congrats on the Crime Suspense Stories #22! Also, pics or it didn't happen
  7. Remarkably, neither of those on the back are folded...
  8. Awhile ago I picked up a MAD magazine and other types of magazines for pretty cheap. I bought it and kind of flipped through quickly and put it away for another day. I decided to take another peek and found this...MAD #195 from 1977...Double Cover! I have no idea if "valuable" or what but it is the first double cover I have come across in the wild so thought I would share.
  9. Well, I met with the organizers of the new local show - "The Great Northern Antiques to Oddities Show" April 21 - 22, 2018. They operate the new local antique and consignment store and a tattoo shop, so pretty eclectic but seem like decent enough people who are keen to bring a good "mixed" show to town. They have a FB Page and have done some advertising but I don't pay attention to local news. I grabbed a few handouts so as always, will be doing my own advertising. The show will be in a nice venue downtown but I haven't been in it yet. Whether it being on "Main Street" will be good remains to be seen but it has to be better than the old show that was off the beaten path in a tired facility. They seem pleased to have me on board and I am glad to get re-established locally after the other show folded. One problem, well, not that it is a problem, but it will be back to back with my larger show the following weekend and they have opted for a two day show...We all have discussed two day shows but if I want "in" on the ground floor I kind of have to suck it up and see how it goes. On the plus side for 20 ft of space for two days it only cost me $80 so kinda hard to go wrong...
  10. Sorry to hear of your recent challenges. I am still selling. Just not as much as I would like and I am falling short of my goals for 2018, but as you also demonstrated, life happens. My one local competitor has had a few good scores, we are friendly as I imagine most buyers and sellers are, but he gets any walk in stuff at the local LCS directed to him, so he does have an advantage that I don't don't. ...I think I will spend a bit of coin on a Facebook ad. See if that turns anything up. My first show is coming up in just over a month so hopefully that boosts my selling spirits.
  11. When I send books to CGC on the Canada Customs Form online, I just state something like "personal books for evaluation" and CGC sends back to me via FedEx, I have yet to have a big issue with Customs, usually some nominal charge that is not worth the hassle to fight, like under $20...I have had more books get pulled by Customs for purchases than books coming back for CGC.
  12. So how are other people doing so far this year buying singles and/or collections? I have nadda. The one older guy that was going to be promising turned out to be a bust. Too much junk and too high of prices (wants Overstreet for everything). I told him if he was willing to break it up, to let me know but otherwise, I have not found or bought anything yet for 2018 . I'm kinda bummed about it as last year I already bought a fair bit by this time...If you have a good score or similar 'dry spell' experiences, please share if you like... I am seriously contemplating investing for a paid advertisement on Facebook for my page and/or even Kijiji to see if that can help dredge up any collections.
  13. Not an ASM book but I really started getting into Spidey just before Todd McFarlane started his run. I always wanted a book with a Todd sig but I didn't want to jeopardize my ASM #300 CGC 9.6 so a little while ago, I purchased this beauty from @Iceman399
  14. show us your HOLY grail thread

    Grail that I do not own...Amazing Fantasy #15. Shocker I know. I know I am throwing the term "grail" here maybe too loosely, but my current personal silver age grails are split between my ASM #3 and #14. My bronze age grail is my ASM #129 and my copper age grail is my ASM #300. My modern and celebrity grail is my Night of Living Dead signed by Romero, a few short months before he passed away.
  15. The fact that you don't know off the top of your head says a lot. After you look into it, for all of these "hours and hours" of research and work, what does your bank account or crypto account or whatever have to "show" for it? I never said you stopped trying to sell other stuff, what I was insinuating was that you don't have much to show for it and you still require government assistance. Earlier in this thread we had done the math and it was demonstrated that you would have been much better off had you just invested that energy/time in bettering yourself so you could secure full time hours at a minimum wage job. Did you know that the minimum wage in Ontario is now $14 per hour? Imagine you had invested time in yourself and been able to secure even just 35 hour per week. That is almost $500 per week, nearly $2,000 per month...Is all of your work in crypto and comics and other 'get money quick' schemes paying you a that much or even close to that consistently? I highly doubt it.