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  1. Also, I do combine shipping. Lots of other great items up! So...
  2. Wall-Crawler

    Jordysnordy's Kudos Thread

    Another AMAZING experience buying from Jeff and heck of a nice guy too. Thanks for helping me upgrade some books and look forward to future chats and dealings!
  3. Wall-Crawler

    My road to success (Moving Update 2)

    Have you bothered to look into to see how much you have actually put into crypto? I'm not asking what your profit is, just, say, over the last year how much have you "invested"?
  4. Just launched another huge Zenescope themed auction with commons, sets, exclusives/variants and exclusive 11 x 17 art prints. Any questions, feel free to ask! https://www.ebay.com/sch/more_fun_comics/m.html?item=123629900022&hash=item1cc8ea90f6%3Ag%3ACasAAOSwiudcU46Y%3Ark%3A4%3Apf%3A0&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Some samples:
  5. Wall-Crawler

    current turn around rates at CGC

    Is the submission tracking page down for other people?
  6. Yeah, perhaps you are right. I'll chat with the owner and figure out how much space I have and the logistics, etc. Plus some of my regulars would be able to buy from me year round, not just shows so that may also help if they know I have a little year-round mini booth...
  7. I know it may sound good but I am not sure the clientele would buy in but then again their back issue bins been pretty much same forever so there may be opportunity. Maybe I will try to negotiate lower rate and if it does we can increase fee or something. Like maybe first 3 months reduced rate and then reevaluate.
  8. I think he said $100 a month...Which seems a bit on the steep side to me? I will have to talk more to him about it, from everything discussed here to actually how much room I would have to work with. I appreciate the comments about my presentation and organization ! I have known the owner since I was a teen and we have a very good relationship but I'm not sure if it would ever lead to further collaborations, but I do think a spin off benefit could be if I left my card/contact info in the store at my "booth" it could potentially lead to finding some new collections.
  9. I would be furious over him owing $700 - Says a lot about the guy. Sadly, I guess it is true, when money gets involved for some people, you really never can tell. I really appreciate the advice and even though I have been going there for a long time, best to make whatever arrangement as "iron clad" as it can be but I am thinking if I do go for it, I might just set up my cheapie bins. We shall see and as always, I do appreciate the advice/insight.
  10. I like the consignment idea rate WAY better than a flat monthly rate. Video would make it easy. Would have to discuss the whole inventory/sales management system and "what happens if" scenario. I know regardless that I would not be interested in putting anything "high end" in the store.
  11. I don't think they will be going out of biz anytime soon and yes for sure it would require some organization on my end and more info on how they would track sales. Nothing is final, just an idea proposed to me that is interesting but for sure more details need to be sorted out and ultimately the cost per month for the space could also be a major deciding factor.
  12. Yes, North Bay...Now you guys know where I live😂 The store does not really deal in back issues so that may be why it seemed more about the new hotness. They are pretty friendly and has been in biz for awhile now but definitely glad to see them moving to a real location. Good points on theft and damage. I was not intending to put anything of substantive value...I was thinking cheapies but the price point for table rent might make it a no go.