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  1. Sorry, thought I had replied. For sure, when I sub these to CGC and get them back, will let you know. I definitely lucked out with the two Thor #2's...Those are going to CGC for sure...Christian Bale as God-Butcher and I have two first apps! Might have to fast track those ones LOL.
  2. 2020 keeps rolling! Picked up another small lot of books from a collector contact of mine looking for some quick holiday cash. Not huge but a fun lot! DMZ #1 x 2 both going to CGC DMZ lot nearly two complete sets DMZ Show incoming or something 😂 Hulk and She-Hulk mini lot other common She Hulk not pictured. Thor #2 x 2 Spawn #1 newsstand x 6 all high grade some going to CGC ...I have one other Star Wars focused lot at CGC now which includes two copies of Knights of the Old Republic #9.
  3. As an FYI, I know the buyer of the comic book price guides. He did not get any of the Tim Holt's and/or Ghost Riders. Just the OSPGs. Also, the first Price Guide was a 2nd print.
  4. Comics Market - Forum Only Selling Area Then set it up in the appropriate category. Gold/Silver/Bronze Age Only Copper/Modern Age Only Mixed Age Threads and Misc Note this would NOT be for setting up an auction, you would post your wares here "BIN" style. Explore these sections and read the rules before posting or your thread may get knocked out again.