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  1. Interested....this is a great time to get that book cheeep. PM me
  2. Wings Comics #76 - FN- $195 @ sold via PM Offer
  3. Daredevil #47 - VG+ $125 @ 50% off SOLD! Thanks!
  4. Young King Cole Vol 3. #3 - VG+ $125 @ 50% SOLD! Thanks!
  5. Glad to be back! Oh man, I miss that book. I remember finding it at a LCS years ago and the owner was reluctant to sell. Not because he liked it, but because he didn't know anything about GA and it just came in. Unfortunately for me, he was a quick study and I paid a premium for it. No regrets. Still, one of the best copies I've seen color-wise. Hang on to it!