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  1. And yes you’re point is proven That you’re more better at grammar than other “you really must be a superior woman to be so dominant with your smartness and emotions over my speech” Still waiting. The more you write, however, I now wonder if English is your first language and perhaps I jumped the gun.
  2. Must “have” been bullied to death. My point continues to be proven. But, in all seriousness, once you contribute to the topic instead of telling people they are wasting your time and leeching off of this board’s free info, LMK.
  3. What are the Cyblade/Shi pages she appears in? All three look the same to me, and it’s all black and white in the teaser.
  4. I have no clue what your talking about. I didn’t care about the spelling and all the nonsense. Really I can care less if someone has a 4th grade reading comprehension and/or grammar... when did I ridicule anyone for there spelling and or grammar... what is wrong with you people?? i feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone I posted a recent sale of newsstand set for cheap to show that the other side of the coin. stop reaching at straws and trying to play Jedi mind tricks like I’m doing something else. silly rabbit tricks are for kids Holy carp you are dumb.
  5. He was talking about a trend and you posted an outlier (from bad spelling). Besides attitude, do you contribute anything here? Always smarter than everyone in the room and one step ahead, yet you couldn’t spell newsstand correctly.
  6. This second print is toasted but it shows the differences.
  7. Can also tell by looking at the front cover for #2. First print has a small white triangle/mark in the bottom-left corner; second print does not (it’s all black).
  8. News ... stand. Like I said, comprehension. However, even misspelling “newstand” I see a 365 auction up to $76.
  9. Define “not much”; crappy condition copies are selling for $60 or so. Ahem. The linked 6th print -- while initially looking great, is beat up on the back cover -- sold for $225. So.. just imagine what a true high grade copy could/would bring.
  10. Noooooooooo!!! Well good luck out there; your first? With our first I was on eBay buying a comic to commemorate; hence trying to do it again. If you have any ones left you want to sell, send me a DM.
  11. Hi - In celebration of our second child, I am on the lookout for a big L.B. Cole or Matt Baker book. Ones that immediately come to mind: Blue Bolt 105, Mask 2, Cinderella Love 25, Teen-Age Romances 32, True Love Pictorial 11, or anything post-code. Definitely others in consideration; LMK what you have. Preferred mid-grade (4.0-6.0) and unrestored. Thanks! -- dave
  12. Bob and I live a town apart and I would always talk with him about the latest deals we found at our local stores or smaller shows. How he would specifically venture in on the days the manager bought collections so he could get an early look. Each year our store would have a 50% off sale and we were usually the first two in the door, digging through boxes, chatting with each other, showing off what we found, and even trading once the dust settled. I did not know him long (compared to others here), or outside of comics, but, to me, he was a rare "genuinely nice" person who was very passionate about the hobby. He will be missed; RIP.
  13. Maybe lay off the lifting a bit, it's impacting your comprehension and giving you a bit of a 'tude.
  14. Haha. You bought a modern comic in 1.0 condition for $40.
  15. Did that Mask 1 2.5 on eBay sell? And at what price?
  16. Are these your personal long boxes or stuff to buy?
  17. Presser/cleaned says tape was removed prior to him doing his work. Books were shipped from presser/cleaner back to Big D.
  18. I’m a very logical person also and the wording indicated insinuation. As opposed to simply asking “why did he use you”. Anyway no hard feelings, it’s a very charged up topic. I’m just glad I took pictures! Have a great night OK, then, I'll ask simply: Why did he use you? For books of this nature I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) there was some amount of communication between the two parties.