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  1. Does the interior have a story to match the cover or just random cover wackiness?
  2. Only have 1 GSD3 to sell. Sell now or hold? Make sure it has the Marvel Stamp!
  3. There is a tear/cut/rip on the spine which goes through the entire book. I asked the seller why he had it as a 3.0 b/c the scans looked good and he told me; I said he should add that to his description. I don't think he ever did.
  4. No but how did I miss that one? Nice book. Well, it's not as nice as the basic front/back scans suggest. I have a feeling this one will be coming back to the seller.
  5. I have seen Captain Britain #1 (UK) receive a green label for missing the mask. I have also seen posts saying the mask was never attached to/inside the comic itself and was merely inserted "loose" between the pages. In order to receive a blue/Universal label, does the mask indeed need to be attached inside or just included with the comic at the time of submission?
  6. Anyone here win this?
  7. Glad no one bought my GSD #3s when I moved them to the 50% off bin bc nothing was happening with that character.
  8. I know I’m in the minority. I go to each show for one day (from the suburbs) as a buyer so my needs/costs are different. Drive in, drive out. No hotel, no need for restaurants, etc.
  9. I like McCormick more than Stephens. At least the venue; Stephens has more immediately surrounding it.
  10. They seem to be going more with the 10% ebucks lately. Which makes a lot more sense (cents) for them.
  11. Yes; I think this is the case for a lot of magazines (looser grading compared to their comic counterparts). Oh, and Hi Steve It's been a while but saw you rummaging around some local shows recently. Hope all is well.
  12. A very nice copy. Several months back there was a graded copy listed on eBay as a BIN/Best Offer. Not knowing at the time what I was seeing I put in an offer; it was scooped up as a BIN and I've been kicking myself ever since.
  13. Very nice; is it complete? One of the last sci-fi covers i need.
  14. I do understand misplacing a book; happens to all of us. It's the immediate refund (as it if will never be found) and the lack of a note saying "misplaced it, we will look, it may take a couple days" that is throwing flags.
  15. OP asked both questions: Is the comic expert real and Is the find real. I'm uncertain what Timely is saying/answering, hence my question back to him.
  16. i assume he means the setup of the discovery is fake. or at least a reenactment...or maybe theres some "seeding" of items for them to "find" True, but it could go the other way. They find something cool in the wild, buy it, and decide to keep it. Need more background to know the order of events.
  17. I'm not saying the show isn't staged (I have no clue). nor do I specifically recall this episode, but how do the items being in Mike and Frank's collection mean it's fake?
  18. What'd you pick up? Still in OH? Still have that IH181 you traded for?
  19. Good luck, Hector. I'm hoping this show is better than the last two I've attended. I may be there Sunday morning to pick up some scraps.
  20. Very cool site. Do you have any more info on the Grips #1 Special Limited cover? I found one a while ago in a huge collection of indie comics.
  21. Sorry, but wrong section.