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  1. One book this time around. Rules: 1. First "takeit" or similar in thread or PM wins by timestamp 2. Payment via PayPal Goods and Services; due with 5 days of "takeit" 3. Shipping to US addresses only 4. No HoS or Probation buyers 5. No returns on CGC books 6. USPS Priority Shipping is included Amazing Spider-Man #101 CGC 8.0 Off-White to White Pages $680 shipped If you would like any additional pictures, please send me a PM.
  2. Is there a way -- or will there be a way -- for users to retrieve Sold item data from MCS?
  3. The Captain 6? An 8.5 just sold for $9,300 - no pedigree but Off-White.
  4. Does anyone know if the color touch and glue were part of the original collection or "added" later?
  5. The 21 looked nice. And I like how there were grades given but wish there was less cropping. I was waiting on the 26 and didn’t refresh in time. Which ones?
  6. Apart from the classic covers, or perennial front-runners, is PCH still hot?
  7. A rather eclectic mix from an LCS having a going out of business sale.
  8. Got it; thanks. Just a retailer dressing up (though quite some time ago) a regular Direct book.
  9. Thanks. Didn't know if this how some copies were originally sold or a LCS (or other smaller retailer) homebrew.
  10. I thought there was a separate Spawn/Batman thread but can’t find it right now. What wouid this be considered? Polybagged with a UPC sticker?
  11. Yep, I got hit with non-sticker shock twice at this show. However, after visiting many different types of shows, in different parts of the US, this "tactic" is not limited to this show or Southern CA. I, too, wonder at the thought process behind this and how much the dealer ultimately sells. For a specific dealer I see setup at a huge show every year, I wonder if there is a calculated laziness to it.
  12. I'll be there Friday. May be my favorite show of the year (Baltimore and Heroes excluded, as I haven't made it to either yet).
  13. It depends on what you think is "pretty high in value". Registered is great for $10,000 items, but overkill for $300 items.
  14. Will you be setup at C2E2 this year?
  15. I agree. But when people come to the forums complaining about dealers being overpriced, Bob asks them what they mean by “overpriced”. I was giving him specific examples from a show two days ago.
  16. On the Vampire - the dealer had to have done some recent research to know the book is no longer $10. So he currently believes $400 is a good price; this book is plentiful and I don’t have time at a one-day show to pick a seller’s brain as to how he got to $400 on a $100 book.
  17. Saw a de-slabbed 3.0 Catman 31 at a show last weekend for $1500. A still-slabbed 4.5 just sold for $1125. How do you make an offer when prices are this far apart? Do I even look at his other books or assume they are similarly priced? This was a small show so no huge overhead for setting up or hotel or traveling costs. Another dealer (who many know) had a lot of unorganized and unpriced boxes. I took out three magazines including a Vampire Tales; I was hoping to get a good deal on that book as maybe he didn’t know it was good. Instead he looks at that book, says, “Oh, that’s a hot book, it’s $400” without even taking it out of the bag and board. This book goes for ~ $125. This is what I mean when I say dealers are overpriced at conventions.
  18. Is this Kristina's Collectibles? Yep. The whole thing is also unorganized. Each year it lures me in bc other booths have a similar setup but the books are all $1-$3 so you think this is the same. And there are good books in there, just you have to do all the work and then get hammered for fmv graded prices.
  19. This type of dealer would never get another purchase from me. And yes I do know a couple of guys who do this. I also wonder how legitimate the “collection just came in” really is. Seems like every year one dealer has an 80 box collection right before Chicago he can’t seem to price in time.
  20. How about major dealers at major conventions who bring in a “new” collection that either has old prices on it or no price at all. Then when you bring books up to buy each one is individually checked against eBay. Basically doing all of the key digging for them, in their own stock, to get eBay 9.8 prices against raw books. Just saw it happen this Sunday.