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  1. Hi Gemma Please add Bongo Comics Free-For-All nn (2014) to Simpsons Bongo (Complete) Bongo Comics One-Shots FCBD/One-Shot Wonders Thanks
  2. Gemma, please add Simpsons Illustrated #22,23 and 24 to Simpsons Bongo (Complete) Thanks
  3. Hi Gemma, please add the following to Bongo Comics (Complete) as well as any new set as described below New Set: Simpsons Comics Explosion #1 Simpsons Comics Explosion #2 Simpsons Comics Explosion #3 Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Grandpa #1 Thanks
  4. Hi Gemma please add: Simpsons Illustrated Issue #22,23 and 24 to Bongo Comic (Complete) and Simpsons Illustrated sets. Thanks.
  5. Looking for any Simpsons books CGC Universal and/or Simpsons CGC SS Please PM me if you have anything you wish to part with! Todd
  6. Looking for Simpsons books. Universal or SS. 9.8 Universal, but 9.6 or better for an signature books. PM me immediately! Thanks everyone. Todd.
  7. Hi Gemma, please add: Bongo Comics Free-For-All nn (2014) to the following set: Bongo Comics FCBD/One-Shot Wonders set THANK YOU! Todd
  8. I can add to this. Haven't received the books yet, but Will is HIGHLY recommended.