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  1. Hi Gemma Please add Bongo Comics Free-For-All nn (2014) to Simpsons Bongo (Complete) Bongo Comics One-Shots FCBD/One-Shot Wonders Thanks
  2. Gemma, please add Simpsons Illustrated #22,23 and 24 to Simpsons Bongo (Complete) Thanks
  3. Hi Gemma, please add the following to Bongo Comics (Complete) as well as any new set as described below New Set: Simpsons Comics Explosion #1 Simpsons Comics Explosion #2 Simpsons Comics Explosion #3 Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Grandpa #1 Thanks
  4. Hi Gemma please add: Simpsons Illustrated Issue #22,23 and 24 to Bongo Comic (Complete) and Simpsons Illustrated sets. Thanks.
  5. Looking for any Simpsons books CGC Universal and/or Simpsons CGC SS Please PM me if you have anything you wish to part with! Todd