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  1. WTF? Everyone take a dump on this comic?
  2. Looks like everyone forgot about this oldie but goodie.... Bunn and Hurtt just got their " Ill-Gotten " arc rolling in May of 2017. It's 3 issues in already.
  3. Maybe he was just trying to impress the ladies with his large, oddly shaped bulge in the front of his pants.
  4. Well, that's surprisingly good news for the book and fans! Thumbs in the up position.
  5. Dunno what the critics are flustered about. I saw the first 4 episodes last night. Some character building and development to set the story in motion. It was slow, but I hardly expected it to be fast paced out of the gate. I certainly didn't hate it, and am looking forward to the rest of the eps.
  6. OMG....I've got pretty much the same thing going on..... I want my accessndx profile name back.....
  7. That's it're going to the top of the complaint list.... Good to hear things are back in hand and in good shape.
  8. ES was a little whiny person_without_enough_empathy.
  9. You're right Bosco...much on the internet is just that...absurd and untrue. That being said, many of the rumors prior to BvS WERE true......including ultimately how different their (WB/DC) vision was from practically everyone else anticipating the movie. Plotlines, the inclusion of Doomsday, Wonder Woman......speculation about Darkseid's influence... I think the only rumor that was scathingly wrong was the inclusion of GL as a pilot in the battle with Doomsday..... That one and the one where Scoot McNairy was the Flash or had robotic legs.
  10. I saw one of these for 40 bucks at a flea market in the early 90s and passed on it. God was I stupid, I love that thing and now I could never afford one. It's cool and all, but to be honest I'm not sure I could sleep with that thing looking at me all night. It looks like it wants to probe my anus whilst slumbering. At the very least a very aggressive and uncomfortable prostate exam.
  11. would it be in bad form (or illegal) to do some sort of betting pool as to if/when the OP will get his books and/or money back? One month? One week? Books Back? Money back? None? The parlay possibilities are endless! over 1.5 months at -110 (but still gets everything back) 1:2 he doesn't get anything back ever? 4:1 Law enforcement gets involved? He's got a tracking # let's presume things are packed and shipped. What condition they're in is the most interesting question. Then again it could be a German newspaper.