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  1. Batman 1 back cover needed. Please pm me Thanks
  2. I missed out on the detective comics 40 Cgc 8.5. I think it went for a good price!! I was on a plane when ended.
  3. Agree some on that but I also feel it is very undervalued compared to bag and superman 1 Gal gadot is a great ww and the female empowerment theme is in!!
  4. Wonder Woman 1 $30,070 before live bidding. I am considering taking the plunge. I think it is still a good price before the movie.
  5. Sorry looking for that 8.0 and above. Thanks
  6. Want to buy cgc 8.0 and above. Please pm me price and photos. Thanks
  7. I am looking at the Wonder Woman 1. 5.0. Any guesses what it may go for?
  8. Still looking for a complete back cover if anyone can help!!! Thanks
  9. Would you be willing to sell your back cover? Thanks
  10. Would like a complete back cover if anyone has one. Thanks