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  1. Man I have been looking for a graded copy of chrono trigger for a bit. Those are freaking sweet. I started collecting vintage Star Wars and find it as expensive as comics so I hear you on the rising cost.
  2. I will take prize 77 a mystery lit if comics. Once again apologize for hold up. Happy new year everyone.
  3. I apologize for the holdup. Has anyone chose the leading comics #4? I saw it a while back when I first signed up.
  4. I mailed mine off this morning. Lots of goodies. Hope they like what I sent. P.s. sorry they put priority tape on the wrapping paper.
  5. Gotcha, very nice collection. I probably couldn’t afford it. Especially after the wife just bought some golden age Batman’s . You have amazing stuff.
  6. Nice Luke storm troopers and pop up. Any of the Star Wars stuff going? Love the Backer on the floor.
  7. Trying to figure out the new boards. Been awhile since I posted anything and my memory is so bad I can't remember if I showed this to you all. Had Stan sign this a while back at Alamo City comic con.
  8. From what I understand if there is no Cgc whiteness then a Coa doesn't mean anything. It will come back a green label. However if he offere cgc service after signeing then that is a different story. Hope this helps and I could be wrong.
  10. There is a comic shop here in Austin that wants 3k for a 9.2.