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  1. Both of these books can have a chip or a Pre-marvel chip that goes side to side on the back cover more towards the top 1/3 of the back. Always in the same place and if you've seen enough of these issues you can tell right away if they have it or not.
  2. There will always be three camps Camp one that has one and wants the book to climb in value so when they are hanging out with their comic buddies you have something interesting to say. "Hey, have you seen what AF #15's are selling for now? Glad I got one :)" Camp two is the camp that wants the book to go down back into the price range that they can buy one at. After the buy they want to move to Camp #1. Camp three is the group that comes to my booth telling me that when they win the lottery they will buy one. It doesn't matter where the price goes. At some point somebody will always be right.
  3. I'm not shy or passive aggressive when it comes to calling out a poster. The high end market "pulse" goes up and down based on that last GPA sale which is sad because frankly the biggest contributors to that index are the auction houses and frankly they don't care one bit about the market. As I said before the business model is Churn em/Burn em. If the market is up, great for us, if the market is soft, great for us to since we are still making money. Great business model, only risk is that auction results cover those auction consignor advances and that the buyers still come. Why do you think the auction houses are so aggressive to get material? You need to feed the machine. Comic Graded Crack and you'll be back.
  4. Did I quote your post? Or are you proclaiming to be one of the experts that I'm referring to?
  5. Interesting that as soon as there are some recent GPA sales the experts come back out. God forbid some AF #15's sell on dealer websites because as we know you can only buy from the GPA Store. Short term/instant profit gratification continues to be the norm. If I can't upgrade it/I won't buy it continues. Most of my listings should come with a "Where should I mail the check to" since clearly if it is upgradeable I should give you that money. Anybody with half a brain should be able to figure out that by adding in upwards of an additional 10% sales tax on top of buyer fees will drive down many of the big ticket GPA results since those GPA reporting websites are required to collect sales tax. Auction houses continue to be the "market" since we all know that this is the MOST clear communicator of the market. CHURN em and BURN them since we make money whether you do or not.
  6. This is listed under a Want to buy, these belong in the for sale section
  7. Yup, those starbucks product placements really pay off is in full swing McDonald's, the breakfast of comic dealers everywhere campaign is coming. Hi ho, hi ho, Scores is the way to go is in the works
  8. I have a 9.4 currently for sale -
  9. Without GPA or something to tell you that it's a fair price the comic buying public is lost. Watch the look of panic when there isn't a recent GPA sale to figure out if the price of the book is fair or not.
  10. I don't think Chuck is annoyed at all. However if you are ok with buying a book that "might be" restored from a seller who "may have not" disclosed it that makes my job as a on-line/convention seller difficult to compete against. You are basically telling me that even if the seller ripped you off you are ok with it. Not exactly the way I want to do business with my customers since a majority of them prefer disclosure versus I find out later when I get it graded or go to sell it. If somebody has been building a collection and then go to sell it to fund a college education or new home and start finding out their books are restored you don't get smiling faces that they got a "deal"
  11. Using your example of FF #19-45 what grade expectations are you looking for at $30-40 bucks a book? FF #19 hot book, FF #25, 26 Battle issues, 36 is a key, 39 Dr. Doom cover, 45 is a key. I'm guessing GD's, maybe VG.
  12. No offense but "Ebay" is a sales platform with a bunch of sellers. This is the same issue I have with "Last GPA sale was $xxxx". If you told me I went to Ebay and "Ebay Seller blah blah blah" generally has what I'm looking for and is a consistent grader then I get a more realistic pricing model to compete against. Same goes with last GPA price. If you can bring up a seller who has it a lot cheaper and the copies are similar in eye appeal then maybe that is the person to buy it from. However, if there is no seller out there at that price maybe the last buyer got a good deal. I'll put my raw grading up against "ebay sellers" all day long. However, I cannot match ebay sellers on pricing because frankly I have no idea of the financial motivation those sellers are in to move raw books. My experience with selling on ebay raw was a waste of time. Everyone assumes you can't grade.