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  1. All of the major auction houses are collecting taxes if it is meeting GA's state tax rules and does business in that state. Ebay will collect sales tax in GA because it does business in that state.
  2. Any platform that provides "free" abilities to sell comics have taken off. Been on the CGC forum selling threads lately? As far as your Ebay comment goes ebay is following the law and collecting sales tax like it is supposed to. Sellers who are in that state and not collecting sales tax are risking an audit and frankly state tax authorities are not the ones you want chasing you.
  3. My database goes back to 1990, GPA pricing, OSPG, some competitor's in case the first two are light on numbers. When there is no sales data you have to "figure it out". And if it is a large number be prepared to explain how you came up with it. When at a show I can tell when there is light sales data from the GPA button pusher on the phone taking longer then usual.
  4. If it isn't in GPA it isn't a sale because nobody besides the GPA store can sell a comic book. Just my morning one coffee sarcastic fueled comment.
  5. Until Doctor Gene of Doom comes on the boards the comic market still has room to run.
  6. When Gator puts out a price per point quote. Sure to send the book skyrocketing
  7. While this is not an attack on Greg's character this is a scripted show. Greg walking away from a deal on a scripted show is entertainment, not a lesson on how to deal with a dealer. You sharing on a message board your experience with them is more believable then what you will see on TV.
  8. There is something to be said when you have to nominate yourself on a "Favorite Online Seller thread".
  9. Nothing like reality tv to give me a good sense of a seller. You do know Pawn Stars is fake, right?
  10. I have that Bolland print on my wall. Great great gallery of villains page