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  1. How exactly does the buyer do research? Didn't these posts start after the auction ended? How would the buyer know this was a previously graded book and was sold in another auction? Takes a lot of time to scour the boards and frankly I'm very impressed on the people that turned this up.
  2. Anybody think that the comiclink sale won't be completed?
  3. If I were the buyer of this book I wouldn't exactly be happy right now. Regardless of which "Grading company opinion" is right the original CGC submitter was either correctly or incorrectly paid based on a opinion and now the new buyer may have incorrectly paid for the new opinion. As the new buyer unless this book goes to the grave with the buyer they now have a book with a negative stigma attached to it. I hope people are absolutely 100% sure it is the same book.
  4. I will be setup at the show if that makes you feel any better.
  5. If I were as grumpy as you state I would have just posted my website link.
  6. What auction house is charging a 25% buyer premium?
  7. Not sure if this qualifies as good centering but I do have a copy -
  8. Maybe the smart ones don't put their collections into public registry sets so that everyone knows what they have and can estimate what it is worth.
  9. Richie Juice, Jeff Beepa, Roxy were some of the Action bowlers back in the day. Fun article to read about the good old days -
  10. I see a Free selling platform that customers can sell raw or CGC books on. Except for a few selling guidelines it is up to the particular seller whether they want to share or not. They shouldn't have to be told to do anything. I as the buyer of that item can request that the seller remove the price or not have it stated what it sold for if they choose to leave the item up. If you the buyer are paying to get into that platform then by all means you can feel "entitled" to ask that sellers keep that information up or have the ability to extract it somehow.
  11. Your response is rude. Oh wait, somebody else posted that earlier
  12. I'm not exactly sure what is expected from a FREE selling site. No FEES, No Seller fees, NO Buyer fees. No picture hosting fees, no Fee to use CGC servers to Sell your books for FREE. Self policed bad buyer threads, Kudo's for feedback. Some mutually accepted seller rules so that FREE sellers have a general understanding of what is expected. Now there are those complaining that the FREE sellers should keep up the data so that there is a FREE place to gather some pricing information.
  13. As a seller shouldn't you learn what to price books at? There are guides, assuming you have a database past sales. Can I subscribe to the October archived sales database for when I need some pricing info?
  14. Heritage and Ebay sales are captured in GPA so if they went away are you really impacted?
  15. Why is not leaving the prices up a problem in the first place? Or does it have to do with people having to know what everything sells for? If as a seller you've experienced a buyer quoting what you paid for something and then telling you how much you are "entitled" to make I find deleting sale prices necessary.
  16. When a book is sold it comes off the website immediately.
  17. 205, 246, 288 tonight/739 series. Bill Murray would have lost tonight.
  18. It is possible to miss something. You can send it back in to CGC but not much you can do. Heritage didn't grade the book so they really aren't on the hook. These are the risks that you take when you attempt to remove restoration or crack out a book.
  19. Sorry for the error. Amounts corrected below 200 transactions and 20K you get a 1099 from paypal.
  20. the 200/$200K is for reporting income, sales tax agency is separate agency.