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  1. Well if you only trust Publicly recorded sales that would only come from Auction houses why are dealer provided sales currently on GPA then?
  2. Remind me again how shill bidding takes place at a show or store?
  3. I've already considered/priced out doing this.
  4. Prices are not sales results. I am not against a website that is gathering my books into a presentation layer for price comparison and paying them if my item sells (Assuming that the fees are manageable) I don't think I can go to a Airline flight sales result website, lookup a cost for a flight and then negotiate with Jetblue for a flight stating you sold that seat for $125 last month, why is it $250 now. If this app exists I'd love to hear about it since I travel a lot. The strategic advantage in my posts are what the item sold for and that is just as valuable as content since I did the work to sell the item. GPA can show more data if they want to pay for the content. Doesn't mean the content provider has to give it to them. There are plenty of stock market Analyst reports that are FREE and there are those that require a subscription to gain access.
  5. I'm not sure what current age of data you are referring to since most of us all pay to access it one way or another. Sales data is content and whether through your phone, your desktop, your TV or whatever device you are using you are paying to access the content. GPA is a presentation of "publicly presented content" much like basic cable TV that you pay a monthly fee for. If you want additional content you pay for it and so does the company providing that content. This isn't a new subscription based business model.
  6. How do you think I make up the prices to list the books at? Most consignor's trust the numbers that I put on the books but others sometimes have "Numbers" that they want to get. Based on GPA data, my numbers and years of being in the business I either tell them that it is possible or it isn't. That all comes with having knowledge and not just relying on GPA or whatever else you use for pricing info. If you are listing your own books at your own prices then basically I assume you know what you are doing. Unless you reach out to me I'm not double checking what every consignor lists their books at.
  7. It is that simple and no I'm not heavily invested in the consignment business. It is part of my business I provide. Consignor's get access to those numbers when they consign with me since I'm making money (Consignment commissions) off that information. I am not making money giving free information to GPA.
  8. So if you know that you can buy a book for $100 (And you can buy more at $100) and are selling it in your store or at shows for $250 while the rest of the world thinks it is a $175 book would you give that information to your competitors for free?
  9. Do you buy and sell books?
  10. I agree with this. GPA probably reports a much stronger percentage of the Public Auction market then 40% but probably less then 10% of Dealer/private CGC transactions. Which makes GPA a very strong tool to track auction sales but very weak when it comes to what the rest of the seller universe is doing. Now while a response could be "Well report your sales to GPA and increase that number" my response would be "Why would I give business knowledge away for free" to a company that makes money off it?
  11. John, When you uncheck the filters they do stay off as you navigate from book to book. However if you logoff those filter choices are not saved. I should have the option of having the default settings or mine. Just a suggeston to George.
  12. There is also a difference between what is provided for FREE versus what you are PAYING for. As a FREE user CGC pretty much controls how much or how little functionality they want to put into the boards which frankly is sometimes minimized a bit by the people who use it. One of the few sites where selling is FREE. GPA on the other hand is something the user PAYS for. Expectations of the user are frankly determined by "Am I getting the speed/functionality/information" I'm paying for. If the company wants to keep the money coming in you want your paying customers to be happy.
  13. Normally the path to what you state is ask what your customer base likes/dislikes, work up the designs/costs to implement, beta test across multiple platforms across a cross section of users, get more feedback. Announce a rollout date and have a backup plan to go back to the old site if the new one doesn't work. Did I miss all of the notifications?
  14. Got it, thank you. Not very intuitive which is bad. Lots of clicking to get there which is bad again. No help when you scroll over a button which is bad since I already have been on here wondering if I click it can I undo it. FYI to George. I hope you know that a lot of transactions at shows take place with GPA. Faster is VERY important with any deal so the longer it takes for Buyer/Seller to do gather pricing information the risk that no deal occurs rises. Add wi-fi or hotspot transmission times into the mix and if it is slow now it will get slower at a show. Something to think about when you test.
  15. I'm guessing it is me but I cannot see the individual sales by date for the year anymore? Did this functionality go away or is there some magic I have to perform to see it? Or is the new GPA just going to show last sale?
  16. Was working and now the system is down. Something you should NEVER see on a website We are experiencing a high amount of traffic, come back later!
  17. You are a genius. Took me a bit to find that page and how to remove it but it is gone
  18. LMAO, if somebody tells you please let me know. God knows what we've done now. I'm waving my mouse over them hoping some help text would pop up.
  19. Ok, I'm lost already. What does the + and check box do? I hit the plus and now it is checked. Can't uncheck it.
  20. Having done updates to my website with a very good development team I don't understand why a website like this would not ask for input from the people who use it. I totally get the need to upgrade the back end but the user interface is something that frankly needs some user interaction before you go messing with it. Just because you the owner like it doesn't mean everybody else will. It is very very important to understand the "navigation paths" users take through the site. Remember the 3 click rule. If you are clicking a lot most users get bored and don't bother. Get there quick and get there easily.
  21. Yeah I sort of agree with Greggy on this. It is great that the website worked very well in Beta but frankly not everybody uses their phone. Shouldn't George be answering why the system doesn't recognize existing user id/passwords? How robust was the testing that people are getting blown out right away?
  22. Gary's first proposal for the write up was unfortunately edited. "Unfortunately some of the books weren't stored properly and this particular copy sustained some back cover damage. The front cover appears to be a solid 8.0/8.5 with no chipping and a beautiful brown logo area that just pops your rocks. The yellows and reds are magnificent but as you know blue can be dangerous. The back cover looks better than its technical grade, but the owner couldn't control himself and staining understandably knocks the book down considerably. If you were ever looking for a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15 with a quality of presentation of a VF or VF+, but couldn't afford that hefty price tag, this is the book for you!
  23. Should have shopped at a Brick and Mortar store. Wouldn''t have to deal with these online problems.