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  1. Bought a Graded book from Pat, shipped fast and arrived in great condition. Great communication through out the whole transaction. Thank you
  2. Special preorder price now available for our IRON FIST #1 exclusive store variant by fan-favorite artist RYAN STEGMAN! This homage to Iron Fist's classic first appearance is co-presented with More Great Collectibles. It's available in 3 different covers, and to make things even more exciting, Mr Stegman added a certain Merc with a Mouth to covers B & C! (Cover C is shown here.) Preorder at
  3. Order at The Hall of Comics These look amazing in person.
  4. Read this somewhere "Do you know how to make a small fortune opening a comic shop? start with a large fortune"
  5. The Hall of Comics exclusive store variant for SUPER SONS #1 by fan favorite artist FRANK QUITELY. We're thrilled to offer this fantastic variant, co-presented with the awesome people at MORE Great ART! The extremely talented Mr Quietly really blew us away with his amazing interpretation of Jonathan Kent and Damian Wayne -we love it! This homage to the classic World's Finest #221 cover will be available in 3 versions. Cover A, the regular cover, is limited to 3,000 copies. Cover B, the B&W cover with Mr Mxyztplk and Bat-Mite in color, is limited to 1,500 copies. Cover C, the full color version with Mr Mxyztplk and Bat-Mite, is limited to 1,000 and only available in the set of all 3 covers. Watch for it on our website on Monday, 1/23 and let us know if you have any questions.
  6. That is a PAID ad(paid with money), by The Hall of Comics, Not sponsored by CBSI, Fan Expo Had an Ad there that expired and we filled the hole, plain and simple. I proved that Noto variant was dirt cheap when people were trying to push it, like you on the cBSi forums, and in the heating up thread here. I also, in this thread, to stay on topic. Informed people this X-23 cover swipe of IH181 was a cBSi sponsored store variant, which no one else was mentioning in this thread. Given how active you are there, you could have done it, but I dont mind letting people know.
  7. Books were sold on eBay to some random guy, not a CBSI mod, which is what Thomas insinuated. My store has sold hundreds of books since then, of which I would not remember all of them, especially if they were on eBay.
  8. I stand corrected, but the sale was on eBay not to the gentleman you are referring to.
  9. Hello Thomas, Fyi no one person ever bought or was sent 10 copies of CM #17 from me. The person you are referring to did receive as compensation for pressing books for me 1 (one) copy of Cm #17 and a copy of a Spider Gwen variant. Get your facts straight please.
  10. I have been a member here and cbsi for a long time and do not see them "pumping and dumping" bit when a book is mentioned or suggested, it happens to be put on people's radar and bam they fly off the shelves. Most people are just looking for the next hot comic and thankfully have a place to share great cover art, short printed/rare comics and other ideas. I. Gratefully to have found both sites.
  11. The Pre screened Has been removed from the Description to avoid confusion, all of those sold as "pre screened" and "Certified" will be Slabbed. Email with any questions Thank you