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  1. That sucks. Loved the show and was excited to see where it went. Still on of my favourite monthly comics
  2. Selling a few Spawn newsstand variant books on ebay. They are all no reserve auctions ending this coming Sunday. Thanks for looking! Spawn #9 (1st Angela) Spawn #126 Spawn #135 Spawn #137 (last Newsstand issue)
  3. I just found a Spawn #137 newsstand along with a #126 and #135. Threw them up on ebay with a no reserve auction. Let's hope they are as truly super tough and sell nicely
  4. You are correct. They had a different artist do the last three pages of the story and those pages were all traditional. I owned one of them for a while. Really nice work. Congrats on that beautiful page!
  5. Surprised that no one is talking about Naomi from DC. A modern book that is actually heating up on ebay (like the title of this tread implies). Both covers to #1, #2 and #3 are all selling extremely well.
  6. A book that will start to move now I would think. Netflix, KiKi Lane and Charlize are doing Greg Rucka's Old Guard from Image
  7. Just read that this is going to Netflix and Charlize Theron is attached. Damn, that will be cool! Here is one of the links to the story
  8. I'm a huge fan of the comic so I was nervous that it might not live up. However, it did more than live up, it was amazing! In fact my wife, who is not a comic fan or even comic tv/movie fan, sat down and enjoyed it too. Can't wait for the next episode.
  9. I'm sure hoping that TV and movie buzz/talk does help sales/value as a certain cover on Clink is from a new SiFi TV series starting in january. *shameless plug*
  10. Just over a week left. Thanks for looking