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  1. I put this bad-boy on pre-order from Sideshow... It's going to look amazing on the other side of the TV to the Noble Collection TDK cowl!!
  2. Hey all, I searched for a thread but couldn't find. Apologies if I just missed it... Book Depository refunded me for my pre-order of the 2017 Comicbook Marketplace Yearbook... I can't find any information on the title being canceled. Does anyone have any goss?
  3. There is not a lot of value in my post. But, tbh, I'd be mighty pissed to receive that level of prism effect in a single book, let alone so many. I got a book off eBay recently that had about 1/2 as bad prism. And I was not happy that it wasn't disclosed as it wasn't super obvious in the photos. Feel for you mate.
  4. The best chance I have to read and post is from my phone. My activity was dwindling because the phone access was so poor and I can't get on during my working day. So, while it's all new and I need to work it all out again, I have to say this responsive UI that supports phones is a huge improvement. Stoked.
  5. This thread is your friend: Personally, I got 725 M2 with 700 FB for raws and 914 M2 for slabs. Looks swweeeet. Recommend dealing with Drew ( InvstmntComcSuply ) here on the boards.
  6. I voted DC as I am a hardcore Batfan... but the most accurate way to describe it for me is that: - I like DC's villains more than Marvel's. - In general, I like Marvel's heroes more than DC's.
  7. I've had that for several books I've bought over the years (eBay, here etc)
  8. Exactly. Think of the awesome comics you could get for that...
  9. It's the only Sideshow piece I have and it is incredible. Love it. It weighs a metric ton, but definitely one I doubt you would ever regret owning.
  10. Lots of boards and threads I like, but the one that makes me leap to open whenever I see new posts is the "Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!" thread.
  11. Wow! What a wall. And one of my grails in there too, Black Cat Mystery #37. Still kicking the mess out of myself for not grabbing the one that popped up on eBay recently.
  12. What are ppl's thoughts on the Ledger Joker PF statue? I can't quite make up my mind if I like the sculpt or not - it's so close but maybe not quite spot on?? Am I bonkers?
  13. It definitely has the fields to support you entering the price you paid and the actual value, but I believe it is on you to use your own resources (such as GPA etc) to put in the value and keep it up to date. If it was automated, that would be amazing. That is one of the things I love about Collectorz software, scan the barcode or look up the title for pre-barcode books, and have it auto-download all the information about the comic (synopsis, creators, dates, characters, cover images etc).. then tailor it to meet your need - for example own scans of the book, custom notes, fields tags etc. Sync across desktop, iPhone and website.
  14. I don't disagree shad, I guess this is the key part of it all... Just what the book is worth to you financially or emotionally and then what you're prepared to do to preserve it for the long run. I don't have any raw books worth that level of effort.