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  1. That's going to be all the books for this thread. I couldn't find much else I was willing to part with at this time Prices have been updated as follows, for the freebies you can claim 1 per any new item purchased (i.e. purchase 3 things and you could claim all 3). I'll be looking to close this up tonight and sending out invoices tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
  2. That's all I've got for tonight, may see if I can round up a few more things for tomorrow. Feel free to PM with any offers.
  3. Witches Tales #23 VG+ SOLD via PM 2 inch tear at the top of front cover between the W and I, some small paper loss and tears around FC edges
  4. Swamp Thing #8 Copy A FN- These will go from lowest to highest grade, I have three copies for sale $6
  5. Be back in about 10 minutes to finish off the rest of the books. Thanks for the purchases so far
  6. Swamp Thing #3 VF SOLD Slight stacking crease FC, minor chipping right side FC, dust shadow BC
  7. Police Comics #112 VG SOLD Crease down the center of the book, general wear