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  1. Aragones doesn't get enought credit for his storyboarding ability. He's amazing at telling a story with pictures.
  2. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8 CGC 9.8 White SOLD per pm
  3. Just this season and then Jessica Jones season 3 and then no more Marvel Netflix. The end of an era. Kind of sucks as I thought they were doing some good things with these series.
  4. Aquaman was very light. But kids do like to see kids in the role of hero. My daughters love Power Rangers episodes on Netflix and it could be because the actors are more relatable.
  5. bb8

    Comicsyte95 10% off sale

    Do you have better pictures out of the bag?
  6. You're right, my mistake. I thought he had 3 in Miami for some reason.
  7. bb8

    The Most Significant Silver Age Annual?

    Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1 has the first Siniser Six. I'm not impressively knowledgable on the SA annuals, but that one should probably be mentioned. Most of the DC annuals were reprints, correct? Not sure any of those would qualify as 'most' significant.