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  1. That's funny except it's 'Patience is a virue.' I guess you can't spell-check a piece like that though.
  2. I wouldn't consider this political at all. I actually work in MILSATCOM too. I'm not sure I'll get onboard with the show, though. The US military as bumbling iddiots schtick has stopped being that funny to me. It seems Hollywood portrays it in no other way except when trying for nonfiction.
  3. I wen on a deep dive to try and figure out Heritage taxes and it was very hazy and unclear. Even something as simple as shipping and handling is not easily spelled out. Yeah, it's on the buyer to figure that out. But they certainly don't make it easy.
  4. I've been re-watching some of these with my kids. They wanted to see them all in the order they came out. I didn't see them all because they've watched some at my ex-wife's house too. I've been really surprised at how much I've enjoyed re-watching these. These are some super fun movies that I think will stand the test of time, at least as great action/sci-fi movies.
  5. Heritage is a pain. You have to add buyer's premium and then nearly an extra 10% for taxes. It's hard to figure out exactly what the final ticket price will be. I've been burned a few times by not doing enough research into their additional costs.
  6. No one wants to be staring down the business end of a one-eyed monster.
  7. My oldest daughter is devouring some of my trade paperbacks right now. If I'm reading an arc, I'd rather it be all together rather than in 18 different floppies.
  8. Yeah I read his post and then was incredibly confused by people suggested he ditch some his treasured keapsakes he'd painstakingly assembled.
  9. Yeah for sure. I never said they're not cool. They definitely are. To me it seems like price variation collectors are niche. There are probably people that seek out pence copies over cent copies. Just like there are people who seek out Canadian price variants. It just seems like those seeking out pence copies are unwilling to pay a premium for them like other price variants. If they were, when they came to market at auction they would go for more money.
  10. Hmmm I disagree with the 'herd mentality' theory. I also don't think it's due to the ignorance of collectors. I think many collectors feel the way I feel about them. I understand they came off the same run; Pence copies are not reprints. I understand they are more rare. Sorry, don't care. The cent versions are just more attractive to me; I like them better. That's not to say that Pence copies aren't cool or neat. I just like their 'cent' counterparts better.
  11. I actually have a pretty early memory of my mother and comics. It was 1984 or 1985. My older brother exposed himself and made a suggestive gesture to a little girl in elementary school (he was also in grade school at the time). Well, my brothers had a stash of comics tucked away, and somehow Mom discovered there were Heavy Metal mags amongst them filled with pornographic images. Well, her little angel wasn't raised improperly, nor could he be a budding little sociopath, so it had to be the comics! What was to be done? Why, we'll burn the offending paper products! We lived in Huntington Beach, CA, and I don't remember any other time the fireplace was lit, but it was roaring that day. I remember gleefully throwing comics into the fire (could it be said? yea, for thus it was). I think I was 4 or 5 at the time. There was a sizable collection of mostly '70s Marvel that was consumed that day consisting of every comic owned by all 4 of my brothers. Looking back, I doubt there was anything too valuable. But still. Who could say?
  12. This newest arc is pretty good. The Ahsoka story of her with the smugglers was sa-HOO-per lame but when she got her lightsabers to eff stuff up it picked up a lot. Darth Maul is appropriately insane/insightful as well. My daughters like it too because it has a badass female lead.
  13. Superman vs Zod from the Donner movie blew me away when I was little.
  14. Ok that will do it. I’ll leave this open until tonight and then I’ll start sending out invoices. Thanks again for taking a look!!
  15. Thor Omnibus vol 2 (everything there but note damage on spine) $25