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  1. Selling a super super hot book here, trending up quickly and lots of room to move up in the future, I’ll take it over pms, no hos people, PayPal is good, I’ve got tons of interactions here, I have a kudos page somewhere and will find it if needed, I’m pricing 100 bucks below last gpa price, shipping to us only, no returns on graded books , Was 2050 shipped, now Now 1950 shipped
  2. Wow what a book, sorry about your divorce, hopefully the other sale goes through and you can keep this one
  3. You have great taste, congrats to both, yep, best sales threads are always ricks
  4. This thing has really grown from the previous location, picked up a nice book, good mix of dealers here. All comics, no fluff
  5. Wow crazy line to get in, this thing is blowing up congrats guys
  6. Man you are the best selling books at a concert
  7. Yes that doesn’t sound “affordable”