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  1. Hi there, would be interested in any raw or copies 7.0 or above and graded 8.0 and above( prefer 9.0-9.4 if possible), please pm only, thank you
  2. Great communication and a pleasure to deal with.
  3. Another drop, thx for the now two offers. Any more?
  4. Big price drop on the Wilbur comics 5, I've gotten a few sniffs and pms so maybe this will help?
  5. I have a Wilbur comics 5,1st Katy Keene for sale in the marketplace, second highest grades with white pages, a real beauty if anyone is interested
  6. No hos people paypal good, payment expected within 24 hours see my kudos from previous post, all those books have shipped Was 2550 now 2450 shipped book is about to blow up, only one other one out there on eBay is way higher
  7. Closed for now thanks for purchases last book to be shipped out today
  8. 1500 shipped, a steal of a price, compare to what is out there, no marks, no writing, great pq
  9. Showcase 22 cgc 4.0 sold via pm thx you.
  10. Flash 139 sold, thank you. Giving great deals out here people. Pm me with youroffers on what's left. I may list more tomorrow.