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  1. Today is FOC for The Walking Dead issue 192. We've added at blank cover variant. Don't miss out. THE WALKING DEAD #192 CVR A: APR190202 THE WALKING DEAD #192 CVR B BLANK: APR198001
  2. The Jusko HI cover always stood out to me because of the red. It popped off the wall. Great pick up.
  3. I'm not trying to flex, but I thought you all might get a kick out of seeing the Campbell art. Here's the inks and the thumbnail sketch. Definitely one of the top pieces in my collection.
  4. Hey! I think the Weekly issues had the same LH in them, but they had some new commentary from Sina Grace at the start of the column. -shawn
  5. That's a ton of info. Very interesting. Thanks for doing the work!
  6. There he is! And regarding the lack of posting to this thread. I'm sure some of the old timers would agree, this thread never rebounded after the change over to the new CGC Forums a few years ago. The drop off after the change over was sudden and severe. -shawn
  7. Good to go on posting at this point. The bags are out there. Shops aren't supposed to sell them until Sat though. -shawn