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  1. 1st print. Beautiful comic and case. $329. First I'll take it gets it. No HOS or probationers. Payment via Paypal only. Free shipping. No international shipping, sorry.
  2. Price reduced to $2699 plus shipping. PayPal accepted. Will ship priority with insurance and signature confirmation. Only shipping in the continental US, sorry. No returns unless damaged, but don't worry, this is going to be packed so safely it could fly to the Moon and back. No probationers or HoS. First "I'll take it" gets it.
  3. They're yours! Will send you a PM shortly.
  4. Here is the stack of TPBs deal. The following have been sold: Rebels, Orc Stain, The Wake, Head Lopper, Invisible Republic 1-3, Memetic, Eight, God Country
  5. Looking for copies of the following issues of Saga in CGC 9.8 (new case), thanks! 2nd print of the following issues: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 50 - virgin variant 53, 54 - 1st and 2nd print 18, 21
  6. Yeah, one sold on ebay for 100 the other day in, at best, VF condition. The price slowly eeked up but may have stopped as I think there is one available for 110 that hasn't sold. I don't know if CGC copies will ever show. From the pictures I've seen of various ones, and comments on them, sounds like the bulk of them may have enough damage on them from the con that no 9.8 would exist. Who knows. There must be lots of them. But I bet a lot went into the garbage.
  7. At India Comic Con late last year, they handed out free copies of Saga #1 to everyone. It has an India Comic Con logo on the bottom left corner, otherwise identical to the regular cover. There was a bit of a hub bub about it since it was also given to kids.