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  1. My Secret 3, 2.0 $35Hap Hazard United #17 I'll take these please i
  2. This mag is Haunted vol 2 #15 + the Mag is Haunted freebie
  3. Origins h/c is SOLD, thanks srezvan!
  4. Comic Book Heaven and CBM 33 are SOLD @ 40% off! thanks, n2wdw!
  5. ... that'll do for now, thanks for looking!
  6. Lot of 2 Scorchy Smith books vol 1 and 2 Fine, great art by Noel Sickles. $12 for the lot
  7. The Comics by Jerry Robinson thick hardcover comics history nice book, VG jacket. $10
  8. Ariel the Book of Fantasy volume 2 Frazetta, Corben $10
  9. Batman hardcover by Chip Kidd VF including jacket and bonus. $18