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  1. New Gods 1 and Giant Size Spider-man and Dracula 1
  2. It is really awesome, one of the very best Hitler covers IMO. Thanks!
  3. I'm going to leave this thread open until tonight around 9pm, until then take 15% off all remaining items, except All Winners #8 and Mystic #9 are 10% off.
  4. Soldier 8, 11 and War Heroes 9 are SOLD, thanks Nic8612!
  5. Last book of the thread ... War Heroes #9 VG- $35 SOLD to Nic8612 Flame thrower cover, centerfold is detached but present
  6. Soldier Comics #11 Good-/Good. $20 SOLD to Nic8612 violent cover, some tape inside cover, cover barely attached at one staple
  7. Bill Barnes Comics #1 Good. $75 small piece of tape inside cover