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  1. I'm so frustrated with this Ebay nonsense. I just tried to look at comics there and find it impossible to browse in any meaningful way, they are force-feeding direct searches which is so backwards and anti-business sense my mind is boggled. and here is a direct paste of the idiocy they posted in the Golden Age section, written by someone who knows zero about comics: How can you tell if a comic is Golden Age? Here are a few ways that you can check to make sure that the book you are looking at purchasing is legitimate and authentic. Inside cover: Usually the inside cover
  2. think there might be a picture error in the lot of 8 treasuries above?
  3. Some of my prize books from '92 and '93, all sadly gone now ...
  4. I'll claim the Buster Brown freebie is still available, please!
  5. this one is from a while ago, there was cardboard sandwiched outside the comic (not shown) and it still got mangled more than any other package I ever received ...
  6. Avengers 20 and Batman 165
  7. I'd add mycomicshop.com to those mentioned above -- very tight grading, excellent service and an amazing selection of books.