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  1. When Big John put in the time and effort into inking his own work, it was pretty special (ie. some of his early covers and more specifically many of the plates he did). Unfortunately, I would imagine given his workload, this usually wasn't possible hence why many feel his own inks are rushed/loose (and they aren't wrong). In terms of his inkers, Klein on Avengers 58-62 and Palmer on Avengers 74-76 is the gold standard. I may be in the minority on this, but I really don't like Palmer's inks on Buscema after Avengers 76...Palmer's influence becomes increasingly evident with each subsequent issue which is not as desirable to my eye. Not sure why this happened - maybe Buscema started to feel more comfortable giving Palmer looser pencils after Av76 or maybe Palmer just started feeling more confident in his inking which started to overtake the pencils. Same thing happened with Palmer over Adams pencils on their X-men the first few issues to the last few issues of the run and there is a significant difference in terms of amount of Palmer that shows through. There is an even greater difference between early Adams/Palmer X-men vs their Avengers run.
  2. Here we are 20 years into the internet age with a wealth of information at the click of a button but yet this guy posts this vintage Byrne Avengers page as if it was still 2003. I suppose it's good to see deals can still be had every once in a while on eBay. And if the buyer is reading this and you'd like to make a nice profit on that page, please send me a direct/private message here on the board
  3. Just noticed this in the weekly HA auction....partially credited to "Frank Miller details". Did Miller work on the interiors to this book? If so, to what extent did he contribute? Thanks. Mike
  4. Both results are nuts in my opinion but in a way I suppose they represent a good sign for the hobby in that I have to think they are from newbies trying to stake a claim where they can. Neither artist or title are in my wheelhouse but I would imagine more seasoned collectors would not be driving up prices to these levels like this.
  5. The Super v Spidey Treasury splash is now at almost $50k....crazy. I wonder if the high bidder(s) have taken the time to save the HA image and properly adjust the contrast ratio to see that 90% of the Superman figure is covered in whiteout...
  6. It definitely sat for sale for quite a long time and I am almost positive at some point there was a $10k price-tag on it. As Felix said, at the time that was stupid you couldn't get a B+ panel page from the book for that price, assuming you can find someone who would sell.
  7. This is simple for me as I really only collect panel pages.....comics are a sequential art form...when I get a great interior page not only am I getting a) an actual piece of the story/of history vs the cover which is just representative (and not always even accurate) and not part of the actual story, but I am also getting b) waaaaay more bang for your buck in terms of multiple images/perspectives and you see the flow from one panel to next. This, to me, is the magic of the medium, and is what sucked me in all those years ago and still does today. A cover, while memorable and impactful and sometimes iconic, are simply a snapshot representation of the story. And when you strip away all of the text, headers, comics code stuff, logos, etc. you are often left with an image that would take up 1/4 of an interior panel page - no contest for me....thankfully for my wallet lol.
  8. Offered for sale are two pages from the classic issue #200 series finale of Brave and Bold from 1983 by the great Mike W Barr and Dave Gibbons! Beyond the fact that pages from this book hardly ever turn up (at least any pages that feature Batman), these pages are super-cool in that they are the two end pages to the two respective stories within the issue - the golden age and the modern age (how cool would they look framed together???). The modern age end page could be considered the last story page from the entire Brave and Bold series (except for the two-page interlude that followed of course). Anyways, I have another nice page from this story and really don't need all three so thought I would offer them around given how few of these there are out there. I am asking a very reasonable $1800 USD each + shipping or $3500 for them both + shipping. First "I'll take it" in this thread or via DM will take them. Thanks for looking! Mike
  9. Do these guys actually want to sell art or what? I have emailed twice and called/left a vm once regarding a significant piece and crickets, nada, no response. All I was looking for is a higher-res color pic of the piece vs the super low-res, grainy black and white pic on their site. I would appreciate any advice on how to connect with these guys or conversely whether I should even bother. Thanks in advance. Mike
  10. A few years back the Jack Adler collection of color guides was broken up. I am looking for any Neal Adams DC Cover color guides if you happen to have any you could be convinced to part with? Thanks in advance! Mike
  11. Please let me know if you have any for sale. I know the color guides to X-men #138 were broken up in 2015 so if anyone has any that they would be open to selling, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Mike
  13. That's not the the two pages and then look at what they sold for.