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  1. Please let me know if you have any for sale. I know the color guides to X-men #138 were broken up in 2015 so if anyone has any that they would be open to selling, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. Mike
  3. That's not the the two pages and then look at what they sold for.
  4. The Miller Wolvie page with no Wolverine and a bunch of dead ninjas sells for almost $17k....but yet a Wolvie vs Shingen action page sits unsold at $15k on eBay for 5 months just a few months ago. What a ridiculous hobby sometimes. And yes, I know that ebay page eventually sold.
  5. Offered for sale is a killer splash page from All-Star Superman #1 by the incredible Frank Quitely....if you are a fan of this stuff you know how impossible ANY art is to find from this modern-classic tale, let alone a splash featuring a huge image of Superman. Priced very fairly given how panel pages have recently sold in HA for not much less.... Here's the link.....first e-mail indicating intention to buy will take it!
  6. I'll second that request! If you're out there BCarter27, your incredibly thorough pics from the NY ArtCon were very much appreciated - would love to see the same for this NJ show if you are attending and able. Thanks very much in advance!
  7. Up for sale! If you have interest, please let me know. Thanks. Mike D
  8. Can anyone confirm what Art Cons are confirmed for the remainder of this year? I assume that the NJ Art Con is on for September 8th but I haven't seen any recent announcements or promotion of it? Also, will there be another NYC Art Con later this year or just the usual New York Comic Con in October? Thanks! Mike
  9. Hey guys, Got shut out of Heritage yesterday but still have money to spend and are looking for that next incredible addition to your collection? Well, I am offering this killer Zeck/Beatty Captain America splash - imo one of the very best pieces they did during their incredible run....covers, splashes, interiors, whatever. Take a look and let me know...thanks. Mike
  10. Just a quick head's up that I have consigned to Heritage a pretty key page from the Batman and Robin mythos with substantial historical 3 from Batman #217 from 1969 by Novick and Giordano....featuring the dissolution (at the time) of the Batman and Robin partnership as Grayson leaves Wayne Manor to go to college. Here is the link - please note that the auction ends early tomorrow night (Sunday the 8th): Other pages from this sequence have sold over the past few weeks at Heritage in the $4-9k range and I personally consider this page to be the most significant of those that have been offered thus we'll see where it ends up. Good luck to any interested parties! Thanks, Mike
  11. I realize that, I am just basing it on the fact that what I assume was the whole collection was dumped online into one auction preview back in March/April and then was spread evenly across the signature and weekly auctions for the next 2-3 months and no new Aparo art has shown up since. You could be right but I have a feeling this was the entirety of the two Aparo collections. Actually, let me say that I hope you are right as I would love to see more come up.
  12. If you look at the auction previews over the next few weeks, the Aparo art tapers off within 2 weeks. There might be more but I doubt it just given that these two collections of Aparo art were initially dumped into one auction and then were scattered across the signature and weekly auctions between April to July.