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  1. Hello All, Celebrating Alex Raymond's birthday I have posted a nice daily featuring Kismet Kildare! Please have a look: Best
  2. Hello All, I have a couple items up on eBay for, 2 daily comic strips, one done by Walt Kelly and the other done by Frank Godwin. The Walt Kelly item (Pogo) is particularly interesting for it features Tammananny Tiger, a major inspiration for Hobbes of Calvin & Hobbes, please take a look: Frank Godwin's Rusty Riley daily strip comes from the Haunted Castle/Raft story that is highly sought after: Thanks for looking!
  3. Hello, Updated my CAF gallery with a very nice Rip Kirby featuring Pagan Lee, please have a look:
  4. Hello, Updated my CAF gallery with a fun Rip Kirby daily by Alex Raymond, please take a look....
  5. Hello All, I just recently uploaded a Rip Kirby daily by Alex Raymond, he decided to go with an unusual panel format in this one. I also like the writing for this daily, please have a look...
  6. Hello, Today Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, Secret Agent X-9, Rip Kirby) was born 109 years ago. In honor of his birthday I have posted a Rip Kirby daily featuring bad girl gone good, Pagan Lee. Have a look....
  7. You really did an excellent job in your photography! Thanks so much for sharing these, love Hampson work!
  8. Hello All, Just recently updated my wall space with a beautiful advertisement done for his friend Jim Pauley. Please take a look.....
  9. Hello All, I just recently posted a Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond and found out that the first panel was probably a swipe of a cover that appeared 17 years earlier in a newspaper supplement. Well after researching the lion tamer (Clyde Beatty) images it has me interested in vintage circus advertising now! Has anybody else researched an art piece etc., and dove into another hobby? Btw here is the artwork:
  10. Hello All!, Just posted possibly my favorite Rip Kirby strip by Alex Raymond to my gallery recently, check it out!
  11. New Alex Raymond artwork on CAF Hello All, I just recently had one of my favorite Rip Kirby dailies done by Alex Raymond recently framed. It has grown to be one of my favorites, please take a look:
  12. Alex Raymond Art Day Hello All, Just uploaded my second illustration art that Alex Raymond did for The Atlantic Mutual Fund Company that appeared in Yachting Magazine. This is from April 1942, at the time he was still working on Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim. Please have a look:
  13. Hello All, I just recently posted what I think (naturally) is one of the best sequences from the James Bond comic strip series by John McLusky. Please check them out!
  14. Hello All, I just uploaded some of the best dailies and a Sunday from my Frank Godwin collection. I have always felt he was undervalued and underrated as an artist, and I thought I would share some of gems in my collection. Feel free to contact me or comment on the artwork.