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  1. Those are awesome. That they are one of a kind is icing.
  2. Wonder if this is the ad for pills with tape worm eggs. Worst invention since the Romans gagged themselves after a full meal.
  3. WOW! That is hard core. Golden age comics are the best for spelling out what was the worst in our culture at the time.
  4. Man I am all over this. Much more Inception than Sandman. I can't wait now!
  5. Anyone want to by a ToS 57 cheap - $48k and it's yours (Not mine to sell)
  6. Nowhere men? What about Nowhere Men? It didn't have any retailer variants or incentive variants. That was his point I think. I was clarifying. Nowhere Men was more of a hype/bubble rather than retail variant. Nowhere Men didn't have retail variants but as I recall was printed in low numbers with third, fourth and possibly fifth printings. I was asking for clarification here.
  7. And THAT is what I am excited to find out (hopefully) in the movie, and not beforehand! I always open my presents way too soon.
  8. Man, beyond what has been changed, was there a legitimate person?
  9. Not sure I like this trailer. Too "fetish-y" to me. Expecting the gimp to come out with a whip and when I see this. That seems to be a VERY specific expectation. I was thinking the same thing. I didn't see that when I watched the teaser but then again, maybe I'm just S&M challenged.
  10. I was reading through the comments... I tend to agree with the others about it being fair but this is a brook that I'm STILL fond of.
  11. This made me sad if true... Warning there are spoilers but it tells the story of how this movie came to be.