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  1. It's been 8 years since I have gone a day without alcohol.
  2. He's on the hook big time for criminal and civil liability. Forget about criminal penalties, the restitution for his buyers that he defrauded by inflating the bidding will be, as they say in Kill Bill, gargantuan. And IMO, he doesn't have the to realize what penalties await. He'll continue undeterred. Until the knock comes on his door at 5AM. Then, instantly, he'll figure it all out. Don't get me wrong; You and SledgeHammer have done a great job on this guy. Unfortunately, from my experience, these types of crimes don't usually get the results they deserve. The 5 AM "knock on
  3. You're single and have no interest in romance because online porn is so much easier.
  4. There is a reason I feel about asparagus the way I do. Thank you for confirming my opinion.
  5. Some jackwagon from the boards posted on his wife's Facebook page yesterday. Asked her about the comic and gave her a link to this thread. I do not agree with this at all.