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  1. So you "miss that guy" kav. You can't even freakin' get his board name right. Howard Breger was one of the nicest and best boardies of all time. I am so sorry he passed away. A huge loss to our community. I loved Howard. Sorry Kav, you are one of my least favorites.
  2. His board name was EggsAckley, not "EggsActly." RIP Howard.
  3. Magazine Size slabs don't fit my scanner very well.
  4. Well you're probably right. It's not the wild wild west it once was when I first joined the boards.
  5. I will share. I just haven't scanned it yet. Once I do, I will post it so you all can tell me what a terrible signature it is. I can't wait....
  6. Would probably take a decent Action #1 to acquire a Bugatti Veyron. An oil change for this car averages $20,000.
  7. How did you know it was white? Now that's Creepy.
  8. It is white, but not sure it's a whale, unless you are referring to how fast it is. Physically, it is heavy, but not exactly whalish in size. Does it look like Moby D*ck? I don't think so.
  9. Not a Porsche, it's a Bugatti Veyron.......
  10. Nope. But every time someone makes a post to this thread, I go read it, then end up reading the whole thread again. So it just seems like it......
  11. Creepy #1 SS is NOT an $8,000 book! But go ahead and keep rubbing it in. Wife and I are now eating canned cat food because of this drunken mistake.....
  12. I am arranging a private showing. Entry fee is $10. I am hoping for 800 people to sign up.
  13. Ebay could certainly provide that information if requested by law enforcement.