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  1. Having said that, I am very happy to have it. It's only money....
  2. That would be correct. One of the drawbacks of drunk while browsing Ebay.
  3. You never know. Don't forget the insufficiently_thoughtful_person who payed $8,000 for the Frazetta Creepy #1!
  4. Not sure why anyone would crack out a Frazetta SS Tally-Ho.
  5. I know who definitely knows - CGC But they probably could care less since it is not worth their time to make a few people happy. If I was in charge of their census data, it would be extremely easy for them to slice and dice data for stuff like this. It should be a simple query that would take less than a minute.
  6. From the estimated 191 Frazetta SS books, which one is the most valuable of them all? Is it the Epic 1 CGC 9.8? (Asking $50,000 right now on Ebay).
  7. Sorry, I didn't properly follow your link. Thank you!!!
  8. So no one has a clue how many Vampi #1's were signed by Frazetta. Got it.
  9. Does anyone know who the rowing coach for CGC is? Will a 500K donation get me the info I want?
  10. There are 54 Vampirella #1 SS books. I wonder how many are Frazetta signed? I wish CGC would break down SS by who signed it.
  11. He has a kid named Austin. What is your perversion about him being "bionic?"
  12. OK. Research tells me Austin is one of his kids. So yes, "them" is correct.