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  1. Update: USPS tracking said "Package delivered 7:22 PM" on August 5th. My wife's friend contacted lady who bought my house on August 6th to set a convenient time for pickup and was told no package was delivered. I went back into USPS tracking and it now said "Package returned." Huh? So I tried calling Hot Flips again and this time someone answered. I was told yes it was coming back to him and he would send it to the right address. Had a long conversation with him about all of the problems caused by Covid. Very nice guy - not sure if he was the owner as I really don't know that much about Hot Flips. Anyway, all is good.
  2. I paid $3100 for a Vampirella #1 Frazetta SS CGC 7.5 Did I pay too much? These don't exactly grow on trees.
  3. Yes I called the 800 number and left a message. No return call.
  4. No. That's the only thing I didn't do. Anyway, the package got delivered last night. I don't know and have never met the people who bought my old house. I was able to get name and phone number from the real estate agent who sold the house. I texted her and she was very nice. A friend of my wife's is going to get in contact with her and pick up my package today. She will go to a pack n mail type place and ship it to me UPS or Fedex. USPS is really screwed up right now.
  5. Thank you. My old address is 250 miles away. I have sent a message to the phone number I have for the people that bought the house, asking them if a friend of my wife's can pick up the package. I hope they reply. I have tried contacting Hot Flips in every way possible to see if they can help - calling, leaving a message, e-mailing, sending a message on their FB page, completing the "Contact us" form on their website. No response. I updated my address on their website immediately after receiving the order confirmation e-mail. I replied to their order confirmation e-mail with an explanation and my new address. I have heard nothing back, nada. This is not the Hot Flips I so fondly remember. Yes, it is my fault, but I tried to correct it immediately. No help from them.
  6. I ordered some mylar archives from Hot Flips on July 18th. I have not ordered from them since moving to Spring, TX in 2016. I received an order confirmation from them on the 18th with my old Hurst, TX address. Oops! My fault! I immediately replied to their e-mail with my correct address. I fixed the address in my Hot Flips account. I called them on the 20th about the address error. I have been following the USPS tracking number every day. Today I see that the package is out for delivery to my old address. Am I screwed? Trying to figure out what I can do at this point. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Comic Link has a 9.8 with white pages for sale for $55,000. It is graded by a different company though. Oh, and Ebay has a CGC 9.8 with white pages for $59,999.
  8. I had two 8.5's. Kept the best one and sold the other on Heritage. It sold for $956 - no quite $1,000, but close.
  9. No problem. You couldn't carry Howard's jockstrap.
  10. No worries, Elk. Calling Howard a pervert after his death just doesn't work for me. And for that, you don't have to worry about me ever selling to you again.
  11. Yes, and Lizards knew exactly who I was referring to when I said Eggs Ackley, which everyone knows was his board name.
  12. When you call a deceased well respected board member a pervert, you are not leaving a lot to the imagination as to how "you think."