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  1. I was just about to post this -
  2. McFarlane's art is awesome, but his early writing was not the best.
  3. It asks more questions than gives answers. I want to continue reading it, without a doubt
  4. I haven't posted much, but I have read the following since my last update: Spawn #1-26 (minus one issue) Boy the 90's were bad Swamp Thing #1-4 (original series) I'm surprised I haven't read these sooner. Gideon Falls #1-11 Really weird. But a good weird. 42/1000
  5. Don't get discouraged, You'll get time. There is no pressure to this.
  6. Yup, I picked up the first bundle as well and I am rereading them.
  7. If anyone is looking for some reads online, try Humble Bundle. They usually have comic related bundles every month. This month is Spawn.
  8. Read Powers #1-6 (The death of Retro Girl). I have to admit, I was expecting more. It was well written, but somewhat anticlimactic. I am up to 8 now.
  9. Got mine in today. Looks amazing in person
  10. I have the first TPB of this but haven't read it yet. Let me know what you think of it
  11. I’m just reading some silver age World’s Finest (reprints). #79 and 80. Back to when their secret identities are the main plot of the majority of their stories. Their adventures are a bit more magical than current reads, but that’s ok.
  12. I thought I would resurrect an old thread since I am so far behind in my own reading. For those that haven’t seen this before. This is a thread that challenges you to read 1000 comic books in 2020, and share your thoughts on the books you have read. Please note, this is not a competition. And anyone can participate. Personally I have so many books in my collection that I haven’t read, that I need some incentive to work through them. But you don’t need a reason if you want to contribute. Let’s just talk about comics. So, what counts as a comic book? I would say any standard 22 page comic would count as 1 book. A TPB would be whatever the number if issues are in that book. Anime would be a bit harder to figure out, but use your best judgement. Remember, it’s not a competition. Just have fun with it. Good luck everyone.
  13. If this is still around for my 2nd pick, I will take it: Prize 54: A variety of books and magazines (including Pepe Moreno "Zeppelin") - donated by Arak Zantara If not, I will give up my pick to one of the guys that missed picking the first time around @Arak Zantara @worldsbestcomics and @Stoy77