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  1. Bette Midler. She's major to me! Amy Adams aint! What about dead ones?
  2. The west coast is going to be a trip on its own. The original plan was to drive from Los Angeles to Seattle, then a train across to Chicago. But that meant losing days in the east. Cheers!
  3. Long time reader, not much of a poster. My family and I will be travelling to the good 'ol USofA between mid-June to mid-July. Las Vegas, Washington, New York, maybe Philadelphia, Boston, Buffalo, Erie ( Pennsylvania . We have friends there.) We will be spending the fourth of July in America! (My son's birthday is the 5th!) . And finally Chicago. (I wanted Detroit, but it couldn't be included.:) Why am I posting this? In every city we are staying at, or visiting, I would like to visit the best comic book store in that location. In each store I'm going to buy a Silver Age, a Bronze Age and a Copper Age comic book. (Golden Age if I can find something affordable.) And post our find. (My kids are up for the challenge.) So what are you peoples suggestions? What are the best ones you know of? The ones you would visit in those cities. Lets at it! We are also driving (heaven help us!) from Boston to Buffalo, with a couple of stop overs in between. So if you know of any stops to visit where I'm going to hear banjos or fiddles , that would also be good. Would really like to know where the best places are to visit. Thanks people.
  4. "Alan Moore writes very detailed scripts". Would like an example of this. Thanks.
  5. I would recommend the Golden Age forum. I think there's a whole thread on Golden Age dealers.
  6. I'll ask again: WHO is imposing this 10% tax? I don't see it anywhere. Ebay? PayPal? Where is it shown?
  7. Who exactly is applying the 10% tax? I checked the ebay listing you included, and there is no mention of a 10% import tax. There is the standard "Goods and Services Tax (GST) may apply" disclaimer in the 'Postage and Payment' section, but that's always there. (Hope you didn't pay US$57 postage!!
  8. For porn I use an "Incognito" window of course. Don't you?
  9. For some reason, my posts where doubling up!!
  10. Why did you post that? Why did you post that?
  11. I search for "Captain Marvel" on US EBAY and this I find!! I search for "Captain Marvel' on the US ebay site, and I find this. Is this some sort of targeting the buyer? If not, it's freekin' weird. And I can't seem to delete the extra screen shots that somehow appeared!! AAArrrghh!!