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  1. I would love to claim prize number 90. Happy to contribute to 3/4 the cost of postage to shiverbones.
  2. I've been away for the last 24 hours. Am I too late to claim anything?
  3. If I remember correctly, Overstreet mentions this as "Thor appearance". I must check.
  4. I'm not seeing the problem here. The $1000 import duty limit has always been there. Compared to import duty nightmares I've read for other countries, ours is bloody generous. Ebay is just going to do it via Paypal. Death and taxes... As for the exports to certain US states, that would surely be paid for by the buyer. If someone from Biloxi , Mississippi doesn't want to buy my stuff, I ain't gonna care.
  5. I better put something up in the prize forum. Free postage. (Anywhere in the effin world of course.) I aint a cheap arse. (Hint hint.)
  6. One more question from the Charlton lot I'm grading. Was there ever a staple here? It looks like the staple went through the cover, but the holes in the pages, especially the centrefold, give me the imprssion the staple wasn't folded over and somehow came out. The holes at the cenrefold do no look open enough, or deformd enough for a staple to have been there. Or there for any length of time.Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Recently started to grade a few Silver Age Charltons I haven't taken out in years. Noticed a manufacturing error on the pages of some issues. Should I lower the grade due to this? It does make the pages look fugly! (Photos from three different issues.) Thanks.
  8. HeyMoe

    Mystery Box

    Our next trip to the US is to fly to Los Angeles, and drive up the west coast into Canada. I will definitely remember to "peel back the card board lid". Sounds like a euphemism for something, but what the hell!
  9. Didn't see this post until now. Stay away from Time Square. Far too noisy and busy for your situation. We stayed (a month ago) in the upper west side. 72nd St. Two blocks from Central Park. Supermarket across the street. A block from a subway station. My family felt absolutely safe walking the streets at night. We were there for two weeks! Good restaurants, not too pricey. My opinion as a simple tourist.
  10. HeyMoe

    Mystery Box

    What I thought when I bought it.
  11. HeyMoe

    Mystery Box

    Are you suggesting deception?