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  1. I think Netflix is a good home for Bone; They don't mind spending money to make a good product. Maybe RASL will be next
  2. One version of this is called 'CGC 9.6 searches on eBay'
  3. It seems that casting news earlier in the week bumped up sales... same for director selection announcement for DMZ
  4. DC recently announced George Perez’s Superman is getting the deluxe hardcover treatment, so that could have created a little more interest than usual
  5. Besides collecting nostalgia-driven pieces and modern pieces from series that I read, I like atomic age depictions of rockets or space ships. Here are two of my favorites that I have posted on CAF Mac Raboy Flash Gordon Wally Wood Galaxy Illustration
  6. I've noticed 1st pressings (e.g. Metallica's Kill 'em All on Megaforce records vs. Electra records) or more obscure heavy metal cassettes selling well for a several years now. Rarity collecting for music is as fun as comics, but I've paid big bucks for a few OOP CD's only to see a re-release & remastered version put out later for a fraction of the price . Laser Disc and VHS is another world of collecting I'm not into (Have to draw the line somewhere )
  7. @rjrjr is a good Star Wars source too. Haven't noticed that he's posted on the boards in a while but he had an active/robust SW blog for a long time (which I can't seem to find at the moment )
  8. I’m saving funds for something else, but I would have been all over the 154 page for up to $2400-ish otherwise. I know theres no X-Men, but I was really into the x-men in space storyline from that 160’s era (sidenote -I own a PS X-Men in space page )
  9. Blast from the past album ‘He’ll make you wish you didn’t exist Sgt. D is coming and you're on his list’
  10. Always appreciate your reports Awax. Heard that Dave Mustaine was going to be at SDCC this year; any sightings or items for him to sign?
  11. Brubaker is one of those creators I always buy if I see cheap. Just plucked the 1st 5 issues of Fatale from the dollar bins last week even though I have multiple copies.
  12. Ended after 2 seasons. Plot was actually good (loosely followed comic) but all-around acting was horrible.
  13. 2010 or 2011-ish, when i was still a newb buying OA, there was an ebay listing of 2 1940’s era Captain America panel pages where the seller claimed his grandfather was a delivery boy and given the pages from the Timely office. The pages were taken off ebay IIRC (guessing a deal was worked out off-ebay?).
  14. Great book; Fagin the Jew by Eisner is a good read too I’ll second Jimmy Corrigan as well Look into Daytripper by Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon if you like philosophical stories. For superheroes, Watchmen and Planetary are my faves.
  15. FWIW, Devils Due had a booth at Phoenix CC this past weekend and I asked the artist (Blake) about the WW cover, how the book was being received, etc and he acted surprised at the attention the comic has gotten. Having said that, DDP had a table with around 2000 AOC reg cover books on opening day so they obviously felt they could capitalize on name recognition.