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  1. 2010 or 2011-ish, when i was still a newb buying OA, there was an ebay listing of 2 1940’s era Captain America panel pages where the seller claimed his grandfather was a delivery boy and given the pages from the Timely office. The pages were taken off ebay IIRC (guessing a deal was worked out off-ebay?).
  2. Great book; Fagin the Jew by Eisner is a good read too I’ll second Jimmy Corrigan as well Look into Daytripper by Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon if you like philosophical stories. For superheroes, Watchmen and Planetary are my faves.
  3. FWIW, Devils Due had a booth at Phoenix CC this past weekend and I asked the artist (Blake) about the WW cover, how the book was being received, etc and he acted surprised at the attention the comic has gotten. Having said that, DDP had a table with around 2000 AOC reg cover books on opening day so they obviously felt they could capitalize on name recognition.
  4. I like all these books and have at least one set of each. I agree with most comments about The Boys, Y, and Invincible, but I think Locke & Key has the most potential for a broader audience appeal plus name recognition Joe Hill (Stephen King's son), who is starting the get the star treatment with the upcoming NOS4a2 movie and his recent award winning Strange Weather collection.
  5. I spend 50% of my work time outside in the southern Arizona desert and reading about the Australian heat & dangerous animals scares even me
  6. 'guy selling comics on the street' - love this about NYC. The best Phoenix has is guys selling tamales on the street.
  7. I did too. I like Remender, but I could never get into the comics series despite several tries. The soundtrack definitely help set the 80's vibe.
  8. I naively shipped a book to a secondary address recently and the ebay buyer claimed it was never received despite tracking saying it was delivered. I informed buyer that the package was insured so he had recourse, but i was not going to initiate the process because it looked delivered on my end. I asked my local PO clerk and they agreed saying the buyers delivery person may have done something wonky (eg leave the package with an apartment manager and marked it ‘delivered’). Buyer opened a case against me on ebay, which was dropped with a phone call to customer service. Everything worked out, but a lot of email exchanges with buyer explaining why I'm not accountable and an overall PITA and waste of time on my end.
  9. The page is in the next Clink focused auction http://www.comiclink.com/auctions/item.asp?back=%2FAUCTIONS%2FPREVIEW.ASP%3Fcode%3D2019jan%26itemtype%3D1%26pg%3D2%23Item_1298146&id=1298146&itemType=1
  10. @the authorityHow many pages did you have to go back to resurrect this thread? But yeah, I had forgotten the last time I had an issue of Low waiting in my pull box. Maybe now that Remender has gotten Deadly Class to the small screen he can devote more time to Low?
  11. to be fair, Infantino was only great on Flash and Mystery in Space and was terrible by the time he got to Marvel and Tuska had a nice but small window of (almost) greatness on Iron Man. Plus Kane did a lot of Marvel too. Kneel Atoms edit - I guess your list is Silver-age centric, but Tuska still wasn't too bad in the Silver Age.
  12. Heath was definitely a great artist and excelled at every genre he did, but I felt Kubert captured the war-torn spirit as well as anyone, if not better. For contrast/comparison's sake - Kubert's sci-fi art was whereas Health was fantastic. ... and I agree, Marvel's Sci-fi didn't catch up until the Bronze age and even then it was best in the magazine arena (talking off the top of my head without really thinking too hard about it and not talking about cosmic heroes)