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  1. in your defense, the store was the first thing that popped in my mind too
  2. I follow John Layman (Chew, Outer Darkness) on Twitter and he's been raving about Ghost of Tsushima the past week.
  3. Felt like this book would make a good show when it came out. The fact that it's a twist on the typical virus story may work in it's favor. Either that or people will be sick of the hundreds of virus stories bound to be showing whenever it comes out
  4. my 2 cents: 1) you never lose money by making money 2) although I try to be up to date with what's hot and not, I sometimes sell too early, or too late, or am not aware of a particular book's hotness; but I remember rule number one and move on. In @wormboy's situation, he dealt with a fellow boardie, felt good about his transaction and he's moved on. good for him.
  5. nice. I've been sitting on a stack of early DH Alien and Predator that I've been too lazy to list. This is the motivation I've needed to list.
  6. At the time I was reading MM I thought it was over-rated based on the hype, but in retrospect it had quite a few memorable moments and portrayed Scott and Barda's relationship in a way that is relatable. That being said (and keeping in the spirit if the thread), I don't see King's MM mini-series being part of DC continuity due to events in the books. But I still like Vision better.
  7. Hmmm... article says both "being adapted" and "picked up rights" which, as I understand it, are 2 separate things.... but both could happen simultaneously, perhaps? I remember that it was optioned a few years ago (article mentions this) so option must have expired and it was purchased by the Canadian company. https://www.slashfilm.com/descender-tv-series/ https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/descender-ascender-jeff-lemire-dustin-nguyen-nbcuniversal-1234635716/
  8. Descender heating up with news of show in development
  9. I remember that. I sent him my copies free of charge, shipping costs only; I did not care for the series.
  10. A trailer for Old Guard was just released this week with a release date (July 10th) edit: just saw the trailer... well done. Looks better than the comic.
  11. Spider-man FCBD 2007 blowing up with the Jackpot movie announcement
  12. Bruce McCorkindale commission, Animal from the Muppets as Miller's Wolverine
  13. Nice! I saw Rob post this on Twitter and thought it was awesome... congrats!