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  1. I don't think he was intending for a 9.9, he just came across a deal of literally a pallet of Spawn 1, thousands of copies, at a time when they were selling for pennies on ebay. IIRC, we was hesitant to buy because they were so worthless at the time. Can't remember his name, but his avatar was R2D2 playing guitar. Edit - His name was accessndx
  2. speaking of large print runs materializing into money, whatever happened to the boardie who bought a pallet of Spawn 1 for a couple of hundred bucks?
  3. Aren't these early pull-downs usually a result of a specific auction being reported by buyer?
  4. To be fair to Eisner, he was contrite in his depiction of Ebony later in life and was inspired to write Fagin the Jew to address certain stereotypes in graphic novel form.
  5. 6 books: And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street If I Ran the Zoo McElligot’s Pool On Beyond Zebra! Scrambled Eggs Super! The Cat’s Quizzer The headlines seem to be misleading. The books aren't actually being banned (many libraries are stating they will still check them out, for example), but they are not being printed any longer. IMO - If you have them, sell now and buy back later when the frenzy dies down.
  6. 'Oh great, in addition to being mad at me for throwing away his original star wars action figures, now my son can be mad at me for throwing away his trading cards too.' - Hekla's Mom
  7. 2 weeks ago I'd never heard of NFT's, now I see it everywhere.
  8. not modern and not comics, but banned Dr. Seuss books are blowing up on ebay.
  9. Hey Tom, good to see you still here too. I agree that Jupiter's Legacy should (and probably will) be more in the vein of The Boys. I’ve enjoyed WandaVision too, and they definitely could have gone darker; but it’s Disney. I wonder to what degree the success of The Boys will influence other comic-based shows to go over the top or at least stay true to the source material? Early signs are Invincible will; hopefully JL will too.
  10. 'Be the first for all our Netflix trailers and previews. Sign up now for the Millarworld newsletter' https://twitter.com/mrmarkmillar/status/1363786318069833728?s=20 Jupiter's Legacy trailer coming soon?
  11. I hope this pans out. It was an interesting story and Larime seemed like a really good guy.