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  1. Thanks, fun read! I also enjoy hunting down information about original comic art, and I have been looking into the background of my Milt Story archive of an unpublished daily strip, "Adam Bumm" which consists of 24 dailies and some character studies. Milt Story was a bullpen artist and idea man for Al Capp Enterprises, and wanted a daily of his own. Turns out he had created a 4-page story "Planet Pete" in the back of Li'l Abner #87 (thanks, which inspired Adam Bumm. Cool! I picked up a reader copy of the book to see for myself. Best, David S. Albright
  2. That's a nice note about your perspective on NFTs, technology, monetization, and ultimate disallusionment! As you step back and smell the roses for a while, you may rediscover the "artistic" touches in all the fine man-made work being done around us, from landscape excavating to car restoration; artists exist in all fields of endeavor and can be appreciated. Be sure to check back here once in a while. I always enjoy your messages, David
  3. Looks a lot like Gene Byrnes Reg'lar Fellers, Adams Syndicate? David
  4. Bump for auction ending Thursday during the day, in case this went off anyone's radar... update, and the Ripley's will sell with the opening $500 bid having been met! More pics at the auction on eBay or send me a message. LINK TO THE RIPLEY'S EBAY AUCTION ENDING THURSDAY Nice opportunity for someone. Best, David S. Albright
  5. Even though I have been selling off and on for twenty years, my collecting has continued apace. I have sold many pricier pieces to help out my heirs, but I will likely die with a few pieces that will have instructions and provenance, estimates, etc. to help the family. And, a heck of a yard sale, I imagine. My mother tried to sell off stuff for years before she died and still managed to retain enough for a long weekend of selling at yard sale prices. We also have a good local auction house who uses Live Auctioneers for halfway decent material, though comic art is a little too speci
  6. I just got the color key film separations for TTA #7 (1980) Sub-Mariner showing the new version of the cityscape in the background. Original book shown on the right. Cool! David After the pic loads, click a couple times to zoom in. Sorry about the glare.
  7. Bronty said..."I suppose the counterpoint is that some of this is me waving my cane in the air as it’s all affordable from wages if you buy lower condition and or less desirable material. But the extremes are sooo extreme now that it’s hard to focus on much else." And their comment is right on the mark. I maintain a "focus" on the extremes to stay current on trends for the handful of high-end pieces I have chosen to keep. The interesting part of "lower condition or less desirable" within the realm of original comic art is that condition is not such a factor, so the fun of collect
  8. Winner, and the artist is Tom Lyle circa 1988. Check cat yronwode's wiki page for what she is up to! David
  9. PM sent, don't want to spoil the guessing game for other collectors! David
  10. I bought a page from a dealer's site which had been posted ten years ago. I feared the worst in terms of lost, delayed, already sold or removed from inventory, price changed, etc. Result.......shipped the next day! YAY! Thanks to Anthony. To celebrate, and in anticipation, I created an oversized reference print. Happy New Year, David S. Albright
  11. LINK TO SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1 EBAY AUCTION Thanks for checking this out! I was looking for something else in the attic, and ran across this book. Nice! Just a very small defect on the back cover at the top left edge see pic and click on it a couple times when it has loaded for full magnification. Best, David
  12. Tom Lyle detail scan above. Ripley's front and back detail scans below. When they load, click a couple times for enlargement.
  13. LINK TO TOM LYLE COHAAGEN MODEL SHEET AUCTION LINK TO CURRENT $500 RIPLEY'S SUNDAY ART AUCTION $150 start, $250 BIN, on this cool Tom Lyle model sheet drawn in tight pencils on DC Bristol board SOLD $50 from the 1990 DC Movie Special #l TOTAL RECALL starring Schwarzenneger, and featuring actor Ronny Cox as the villain COHAAGEN. Cox also played the guitarist inn "Deliverance" Signed lower left. Plus RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT Sunday by Walter Frehm 1962. $1500 start. NOW $500 SOLD $500, thanks! Check my other listings while you are there (eBay) for another