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  1. These newer devices allow for scan and print direct from 11 X 17 originals or bootleg files in high resolution, and does this affect why people pay premium prices for actual original oversized comic art? Curious, David
  2. Unless it is a page of significant historical importance, and it doesn't sound like it, don't bother with a restoration unless it is a personal issue with you. The value will not increase. The individuality, or provenance, of the "taping" might even make the piece more attractive to some collectors! David
  3. Bump for relist at $250 start bid! Nice page here. Send me any questions or comments, David.
  4. If I was in this league, those sigs would not bother me where they are. There might even be some nice back stories! David
  5. Very nice lot. I like my Amazing Fantasy #14 even though it has been stripped of its title as a remainder comic book. David
  6. I looked a little on, and didn't see any sign of this page, but it is pretty cool. It likely was a convention or commission piece. Grass Green, famous for Xal-Kor, The Human Cat! David
  7. This looks like it has been cleared up. The auction houses churn tremendous inventory and images often are slow for online bidders. I am thankful for everything they provide, whenever they can do it. David
  8. The US Postal Service (speaking as a retired USPS employee) can carry your item through Registered Mail. Every hand off requires a signature, workers in the plant, contract drivers, delivery people. I'm not sure about insurance, but the main idea is the security of the item to final delivery point without fear of a claim. Backed up by the enforcement arm called the Postal Inspection Service. Hope this helps, David
  9. I have added a nice incentive to bid on this page. The color print now comes with the page of art! It is a bonus included at no charge. You will get the book, the reference print, and the original art. Thanks for looking, David S. Albright
  10. That is well stated. It seems that most trade dress, when that was a physical thing, is a photostat attached to the art board during the production process, and this is common from the Golden Age into the modern era. It is best to look for hand-drawn art directly on the heavy bristol paper. Sometimes, you get actual art or text corrections attached to the page on a separate piece of art paper. Interior pages, same thing. Some collectors prefer pages where everything is on the one page without attachments. David
  11. LINK TO THE EBAY THING 12 PAGE 6 AUCTION Thanks for checking this out! Here is a great page from June 1984 for Marvel's "The Thing" #12, page 6, with Ron Wilson pencils and Joe Sinnott inks! $300 starting bid. The comic book is included, and there are more detailed pictures at the ebay listing. I welcome questions and comments here, or there, in the thread, or send me a message. The images on this site are great if you wait for them to load to your device and then magnify it is cool. Best, David S. Albright
  12. CBG was tough for me being at the end of the distribution chain in Vermont near the Canadian border. The only luck I had was with Mike Richardson, I bought a Silver Age Flash title page and a nice SuperFriends title page from him (long gone). David
  13. Yes, it's a tough crowd. I think I got a couple Commissioner Gordon back-up story pages from a boardie a while ago, and I sold one on ebay to recoup some payout. Then I saw it relisted on ebay for a nice markup, but I never really followed it, good luck as far as I am concerned. This board has a modest presence in the overall transaction scene, in my experience. But, a quite deep store of experience. I'll post my remaining Gordon page if I can find it today. OK, found it, Jose Delbo and Joe Giella art credits on the page. Intro panel is a nod to vodou. Interesting topic! I sometimes fail to even post my ebay comic art auctions here, and comicart-l is an even more remote presence in the direct transaction universe, in my opinion. Comic Connect, Comic Link, Hake's, RRAuction, LiveAuctioneers, Heritage, if you have consigned to a big auction house, definitely link your consignments here for more eyeballs! Best, David S. Albright
  14. Since Kirby was in there right at the inception of the explosion of popularity of comic books, and persevered through the ups and downs of the industry to emerge as a fighter still standing and shining.....he gets my nod for #1 impact on the industry. #1 impact on society is a broader topic, still thinking about that one! David