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  1. Funny! Good for you. We paid cash for a desireable 2008 Honda Fit, and it got dinged up here and there, but no Carfax. Then... My neighbor's wife backed into it in their driveway while we were watching football last fall. I got an estimate (totaled) and suggested this was why they invented insurance. I then bought it back, so I got the payout, plus the eventual bargain resale to a teen (great first car for her). Well worth it, with all parties involved. David
  2. I have this RAY four piece acetate production proof with a full size (folded) black and white xerox of the ink art stapled to it and signed by the colorist Rob Schwager. There is no hand work on it, just an artifact of the process. I have saved some of my wife's print production artifacts, and they are cool, but only as interesting as your imagination. The other image is Fred "RAY" i was not able to delete it, so take a look (not mine). Best, David
  3. Last bump before I look for other options on this nice original Marvel comic cover art by Nichols from 1993. Best, David S. Albright
  4. Here is a Rube Goldberg specialty illustration in my collection circa 1930s, possibly from American Golfer magazine. David
  5. Why wouldn't you just take or swipe a scan of the actual cover and make an 11 X 17 copy for yourself? Or swipe a scan of some original art and do the same thing? A lot cheaper. With some actual handwork, like some color guides display, color guides have interest to me, but acetates (fake or real) are down on the list without provenance. Best, David S. Albright
  6. Happy Birthday Ankur J! I'm 66, so don't wait for future birthday announcements I might miss. Best to all, David S. Albright
  7. 7 hours ago, stinkininkin said: Why? Man, if collectors saw the way that artists care for and toss around their art, they would lose their sh**. I was able to comp a TV interview person today with a field sketch my artist wife had put in the trash. David Clarify... My remark was about any artist's perceived value of their work! My artist wife throws stuff out, and if I'm lucky, I can rescue art from the trash ( in my own home! ) We had a local TV station anchor come by to do a feature about Julie's carport art venue in the COVID era, and she was a very pleasant 20 something, and did a nice job taking video and gopro for over an hour for a 2 minute segment, so I gave her a small piece as a thank you. Thanks, Elissa! WCAX Vermont Sorry for the odd post, busy day. David
  8. Yeah, I sold a couple things this week, so I treated myself to the Princess hardcover! David
  9. I discovered Kamandi in the 1980s when my life settled down enough to find time to explore comic books in general. I built the entire run from back issues and really enjoyed the art and the story line. When I started getting into original comic art in the 1990s (to present), true, it was an affordable Kirby, but also from a series I had an affinity for. My Kamandi #19 piece was acquired by selling off a Captain Victory page that was very cool, but didn't resonate for me personally. Now, I can joyfully watch from a distance as other collectors seek out their "Kamandi". Click a couple times for full enlargement! Berry inks. 1974. Pronounced ka MAN dee ? I still mourn the complete stories of Kirby Kamandi art I couldn't justify at $800 back in the old CBG days. I also once had a non-Kirby Kamandi from #40something, but that did not have the same hold on me, and has found a new home. Note to self reread the series. Best, David
  10. OK, I missed that. Still seems like some great stuff out there. Quality art will surface eventually regardless of the specific economic picture. But, I have been hanging on to my best pieces for quite a few years now, so I appreciate the sentiment. David
  11. These scenarios all remind me of why high end stuff I have will go through third party. Too much room for mishaps, shenanigans, and heartache. David
  12. Link To Ebay Auction Detective 172 Coverless SOLD $34 Thanks for checking this out! Here's a coverless Detective #172 with a reference bootleg fan poster included to show the cover. $50 to start, $75 Buy It Now. Best, David
  13. It's a great example of the value of provenance, vetting, transparency, and competitive bidding. David
  14. Closed, thanks! Thanks for checking this out! The front cover of this Space Western #44 is missing, so I created a reference bootleg poster from an online image to accompany this book. The book is otherwise complete with supple pages (counted). Back cover is present. $50 plus $8 shipping to the US only, thanks for your consideration. I take Paypal, check, or money order. Contact me through the thread, or send a personal message! Once the image has loaded, click through a couple times for greater detail. I am a long time collector and trader. Best, David S. Albright
  15. LINK TO 7 BOOK STRANGE TALES EBAY AUCTION The books are in good and very good to VG+ condition! Best, David