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  1. I once had a nice Iron Man bronze age cover I thought I had lost. When I relocated my bedroom to the attic to accommodate the ongoing needs of the family, it turned up behind a dresser! Ouch, but I was glad to find it. I think David Gearhart owns it now. David
  2. If I register, will the moderator recognize me with a show of hand? This is where we are going. I will check it out. David
  3. The lettering on the PUBLIC NUISANCE sign doesn't match up. Agree, this should, and will probably get a revised description from Heritage. David
  4. Very cool! Thanks, Terry. David
  5. I was pleased to pick up some Andy Lee 11 X 17 Peanuts character renderings! These will be an excellent complement to my collection. Best, David S. Albright
  6. Not for sale. Here comes the Judge! Larsen, de la Rosa. David
  7. If you are new, or uncertain, there are many experienced dealers who screen out obvious unreal original comic art. There is the difficulty of unpublished art without provenance. Ask for references, it is prudent. David
  8. In reference to your original post, those might be production material, or they could be clever aftermarket product. There really isn't a value difference, particularly without any provenance. There might even be an uptick in value if the pieces derived from a known fraudster! Decorative, appealing, but not "original" pen and ink comic art for the picky OA collector. Color guides generally have not seen the same level of appreciation as the original art. Best, David S. Albright
  9. That is a great tip. On my laptop, I used a right click on the mouse for the same link to images. Nice! David
  10. I am in the odd cohort of people who do not have go to work, or think about returning to work. I am officially retired, 25 years post office, 10 years golf course. So,I am vulnerable by virtue of my age and slight hypertension, but basically still in control of my own destiny in terms of risky behavior. No live shows this year means I will probably be viewing, buying, and selling in the virtual marketplace to a greater extent this year! We are fortunate that our online marketplace is already well-developed with a network of vetted sellers and collectors. That's me back row blue plaid. Best, David S. Albright
  11. I have a few 11 X 17 prints from previous ownership or bootleg scan grabs, they are all clearly marked on the reverse as such. No obvious value, not for resale, for example. Helpful for future handlers. Actual original art is also lightly marked on the reverse with relevant info. Someone will be dealing with it. My mother did the same thing with her antiques. Much appreciated! Best, David S. Albright
  12. If you make a purchase from the seller, there is a review capability. This auction "house" is in Peru and has zero feedback. David