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  1. When I sell art from my collection, I try to include anything I find... old receipts, published info, artist(s) info, facsimiles of provenance if I need to retain originals of them, and when I feel the info is only in my mind, I will make a note in pencil for myself and a future owner on the back. Otherwise it is lost and sometimes hard to retrieve for the next collector. If you are submitting to an auction house or a dealer on commission, they may or may not include such extraneous material in the lot, but they will likely not remove notes directly on the piece. I continue back notes to this day, since my experience has been old provenance documents can be misplaced to the detriment of the history of the piece. FWIW, my wife is a professional oil painter, and she marks the back of each piece with title and inventory number which indicates the time frame of the making of the piece. She is currently around 1500 original oil paintings, and I point out the info for the a buyer while I'm packing it up. David
  2. I'm not sure why this is different than pulling off an old flea market sticker on a piece that is being re-sold. But, somehow it is significant, because of how dramatic the values have changed in a short (geologic) period of time in this field of collecting. The drama kind of forgives how much the seller is netting, and becomes a historical marker of the bull market which is original comic art. I say leave it on there. David
  3. Cool, I wish I could go. I have three Rube originals. They were all early ebay finds. Here I show an early 1913 strip which I think predates his first trip to Europe (he went 28 times) all about Cubism! Apologies for the stitching software look in the last image. David S. Albright
  4. Hi, I have been digging through some of my old comic art, and I have the complete story "Come Up And See Me Some Crime" from this issue. Overstreet singles it out as not by Messmer, but the Grand Comics Database indicates all the issues surrounding, and including, this issue with Messmer/Oriolo and a question mark. Does anyone here have info about the Overstreet designation? Maybe I have a very early solo Oriolo story, I don't know, but thanks for any help. Reply in the thread or send me a personal message. Thanks! David
  5. I'm quite attracted to that piece. It is a nude print for those who don't want to follow the link. What is lost on the internet is the scale, since it is five feet tall versus original comic book art being an "oversized" seventeen inches. Nice info about the edition limitation of 40 (with 12 artist's proofs). David
  6. I might have missed it on this piece, but, wouldn't it have helped the consignor to re-create the missing text on the cover? Curious, David
  7. Yes, the continual performance of, and interest in, the comic art market has caused me to just hang onto my few best pieces, even though I could net a substantial return. I love the art, and I don't need the money! I will never be able to afford to get them back at the rate prices are rising. Perhaps my kids, but not me, the way it's looking. Unplanned money needs or end-of-life decisions could change my hold position at some point, obviously. Or dramatic world events that send everything tumbling.
  8. This years "overpay" is next year's great find as long as the market for the original comic art keeps climbing. I am surprised how sturdy the comic book market is, and there seems to be new buyers all the time. Some seem to be crossing over to the original art. Hopeful, David
  9. Thanks for checking this out! $100 includes sturdy shipping, US only, thanks. Here is a scarce incomplete copy of Popular Comics #2 by Dell Comics for March 1936. I made a nice copy of the cover for you. The book is missing the cover and the first wrap... and many center wraps. There should be 68 pages, but there are only 52 pages present in this copy. What remains, however is some nice early work. You will get... 8 Tracy pages, none missing 6 Terry And The Pirates pages, none missing 7 Tailspin Tommy all of them 4 Ripley's all of them Skippy, Toonerville's Folks, etc. Nice incomplete book. More pics to follow if required. I accept check, money order, or Paypal. Thanks for your interest, David S. Albright
  10. Some of the beauty of the actual original art is the flaws and production notes in the margins which give it the "panache" (is that a good word here?). The recreations generally don't provide that. David
  11. I know you are just making fun, but my personal experience selling to Mike was ... he bought for around 3K, and immediately listed for around 4K. That's not huge, but when applied to 25K, it goes to over 30K, so this citation is not really an outlier. My piece changed hands a few times with a recent sale around 10K. Best, David
  12. I tried to make a better picture of my Rube Goldberg piece from 1913. It is signed four times. The gag is about cubism. Click on it to read the text. David
  13. Rube Goldberg from 1913. Sorry it is just a cell phone snapshot. David