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  1. No worries! Thx anyway!!! I’m booth 605 if anyone wants to pop by and say hi!
  2. Hey brother, If you are able to help set up tomorrow, I can loan ya a pass for Friday. I just need it back at the end of the day as I have someone using it on Saturday and Sunday. That offer stands for anyone. First person to commit! My helper for setup on Thursday bailed and I’m stuck alone. Yay. Lol. So if anyone is able to lend a hand unloading the van and setting up, I will toss that person or persons either a set of our ASM 799 Linsner variants or a Metallic Harley Quinn Funko Pop for your help. Your choice. I can also loan a pass out for Friday if needed. Hours I’ll be there are roughly noon - 6:30. I mainly would need the help earlier as to unload. Lmk!!! Pm me here if interested and we can set it up. Thx!
  3. You guys are smarter than I am. I’m a dummy going for a complete run of asm. Variants, 2nd prints...the works. Lord help me.
  4. Ah damn...so no hope of suckering you into our 799??
  5. Would ya mind pointing me to that please? Thx brother.
  6. Well I haven't seen or heard of any others yet...not to say they don't exist. Could just be one weird error that nobody will care about. Was hoping to hear of a few others at least but so far, nada.
  7. Hey all, In our shipment of Metal 3 this week we received one copy of what was supposed to be the embossed Metal version...without the embossing. It's just white. I know it's kind of hard to tell bet look at the comparrison of the regular embossed on the left, to the error on the right. Just one of these in our shipment. Wondering if anyone else has come across any of these like this???
  8. It's basically one of the other variants in the box with the blank on top.
  9. Unfortunately I was not impressed with mine...hope you all do better.
  10. Unfortunately I was not impressed with mine...hope you all do better.
  11. Not sure if people will care or not but I do believe it's the 1st appearance of "Superior Octopus"???
  12. It's all good. Hopefully the karma gods will work their magic. I'm pissed but I feel bad for the wife. She shuffled funds at midnight and went back and forth with him for about an hour before hand. Then surprised me in the am...super stoked only to get disappointed at night. Blows.
  13. Weird...mention of this issue in the past brought up pages of discussion. Not this time. Very strange. A lot of the usual suspects arent chiming in.