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  1. These are all available Each is individually hand cut Each is bagged and boarded Each is hand signed on the back cover Each is $50 shipped, take $10 off each additional cover shipped together, (i.e. $50 for first, $40 for second, $40 for third, and so on) Buy 4 get one free I have more that I don't have photos of at the moment, Spock on Star Trek, Hiro on Heroes, and a few more. Inquire if you'd like.
  2. First cuts of 2020, and first ever dual front and back cover cuts.
  3. Make sure to swing by C-15 in artist alley and spend abundantly. Kidding. Just swing by and say hello.
  4. Ugh, of all the years not qualify for a table.... Freakin Rainn Wilson.... what a great guest lineup. Thanks a lot global warming.
  5. I'll be stationed in Artist Alley somewhere, don't know the table assignment quite yet. Come find me, I'll have lots of original art stuffs. Blanks, designer action figures.....
  6. Here's something new and fresh for 2019, made all day yesterday.
  7. Life's short, buy art. https://zerothirteen.storenvy.com/products/25135323-star-trek-50-variant
  8. https://zerothirteen.storenvy.com/products/25135290-dark-knight-3-1-variant Life's short, get this while you can. It's a one of one. Thanks for checking it out.
  9. https://zerothirteen.storenvy.com/products/25135323-star-trek-50-variant One of one hand cut blank variant available. Hit the link, buy, wait for it to show up on your doorstep.
  10. Get it here http://zerothirteen.storenvy.com/products/25135323-star-trek-50-variant
  11. Get it here https://www.storenvy.com/products/25135308-lando-1-variant
  12. YES! I'm in town and getting ready to set up in the morning! FINALLY!!! Don't miss out on this show.
  13. YES!!!!! There's gonna be some arse kicking this year at the Fan Expo!
  14. Guidelive may have spoiled a guest announcement or three. Just sayin.