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  1. There were hundreds of copies of the 1:100 hip hop variant for All New Inhumans #5 available during one of them. That book was over 300 dollars raw at one point and was "sold out" everywhere from day 1. The price tanked and it never came close to recovering. Currently there is more than 1 seller on eBay with double digit copies available, something that was unheard of at the time of the book's release. One of those sellers is midtown and the other looks to be a relatively low volume amateur seller who primarily deals in used video games, which should be a good indication to you that at one point in time it was relatively easy to obtain a book that was advertised as super rare when it was initially sold.
  2. 57 listings sold in 24 hours. When exactly do you think more buyers are going to be looking for that book? Its a tv show villain...there is no holding.
  3. No it isn't. People knowingly pushing false narratives to sell books and make money here regularly get shot down by others. That doesn't occur elsewhere where the people in charge are the ones feeding the false info deliberately and those that speak up get banned. And these aren't honest mistakes - it is a pattern of deceitful behavior. Also this board dies when there is no speculation, this board doesn't drum up speculation out of nothing - if there is nothing to talk about, there is nothing to talk about and these threads go dormant. Spec sites have an obligation to routinely publish new speculation so that they can keep their services running, attract new members, and continue to get ad revenue, comps, etc. They throw garbage at the wall to see what sticks; nothing about it is a genuine interest in collecting - it's all about how do we make money this week. If it actually was about collecting they would have substantive conversations about characters and books that do not have significant monetary value and that is just not a focus of these groups.
  4. I was merely pointing out a lie. I don't doubt that you own the games or that they were purchased in 2005. But they weren't acquired at a K-Mart liquidation sale.
  5. Yeah, no that didn't happen. K-Mart having random copies of old games made available for sale during liquidation? Absolutely. But something like FF7 or Symphony of the Night? No. K-Mart buying used games and creating their own UPCs? No, that wasn't a thing. Those stores aren't franchised, they don't have individual store owners that could freely implement such a thing, that would be a corporate mandate that went company-wide. Unless you have some sort of evidence showing otherwise? And you are missing the point as to why your comparison fails. The issue isn't that you found uncommon games or movies years after their release still sealed. The issue is the difference in where you found them and stating that the situations were exact. Long sold-out and out-of-print games being made available for sale at a store's liquidation 7 years after not being available for sale at retail stores? No, that is nowhere close to the same thing as finding sealed DVDs at a used media store.
  6. Yikes! Because your first post was unclear I thought you meant you bought these games, around the time they were initially released, from your local K-Mart when your individual K-Mart was in danger of going under prior to the year 2000, not when the company faced nationwide closings, which was many years later. This makes your story even more implausible if not entirely untrue. As I already stated, Castlevania Symphony of the Night was out of production as a black label game only months after its initial release; its window between being produced as a black label version and a green label Greatest Hits version was very small, one of the smallest on record. Could you have found a sealed black label copy in 2005 in the wild? Sure, but not in a retail store like K-Mart - that SKU would have long been zeroed out and K-Mart wasn't a retail chain buying unsold electronic backstock from other retailers. In short, that game would in no way have been available at a K-Mart clearance sale in 2005. That game stopped being produced as a black label game in 1998. The same thing is true for Final Fantasy 7. That game had a far larger window between black label and green label printings but again you aren't find a sealed black label copy of one of the biggest games of all time for sale at a K-Mart store clearance in 2005. The black label inventory would have all been offloaded well before then, with only green label versions being available for sale at the time. Your example of Star Wars DVDs as evidence of your story being true is entirely off base. Finding sealed Star Wars DVDs, uncommon as they may be, at a store that buys used comics and vinyl is nowhere close to the same as finding out-of-production, factory sealed copies of a video game 7 or 8 years after its initial release and total sellout at a retail store.
  7. Actually everything I wrote there is correct, but feel free to actually make an effort to explain what I got wrong.
  8. You move the goalposts in regards to first appearances based on which issue has a hard to find variant whose value you need to protect.
  9. and yet you argue that a partial image of Hush on a variant cover is his first appearance...
  10. And on the sixth attempt they finally found a cinematographer and editor who know what the f they're doing. Your brain can actually process what is happening on screen in this film.
  11. The black label release of Castlevania Symphony of the Night was long sold out before sealed copies had any substantial value over their original MSRP. You also weren't finding a sealed black label copy of that game in clearance anywhere ever as the window between its NA release date and when it was released as a green label greatest hits was about 8 months, which is one of the reasons why it is so expensive today. Also in 97/98 the secondary market for video games, especially current generation games for that time period, was largely non-existent. Nobody was buying copies of Symphony of FF7 at the time to flip them. That wasn't a thing.
  12. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/star_wars_the_last_jedi/ 45% is most viewers?
  13. It isn't 25 copies rare as I've owned 2 copies as well.