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  1. You have always defended the trash that invades this hobby.
  2. Looks like they've somehow made a DC movie worse than Suicide Squad, which is quite something. Whoever came up with those character designs and was responsible for that marketing artwork...yikes.
  3. Your facts came down to stating the population number at two points in time. Suggesting that the market price of the book has fallen simply because the graded population saw an increase over the span of two years is pathetic analysis. That isn't even econ 101 stuff. It is tremendously lazy and base discussion that doesn't warrant a back and forth. What was the market depth over this period of time? How many raw copies came up for sale? How many graded copies came up for sale? What happened to other Supergirl variants during this time period? What happened to other Hughes variants during this time period? What about the prices for variants in general? Herp derp there are more copies of this book graded today than there were two years ago so the market price went down. Great work, Einstein. God, you're an insufficiently_thoughtful_person.
  4. I didn't post an assumption. As for the trash that poisons this hobby and manipulates prices I've mentioned them to you countless times before and either because of stupidity, willful ignorance, or the fact that you are "friends" with some of them you have chosen to ignore the reality of the situation. I have no interest in engaging you further in this matter, you are not worth my time.
  5. No, it's because the group of individuals that pushed that book for years collapsed in on itself like a dying star.
  6. Someone as enlightened as you should be able to discern that the accounts belong to different people based simply on the writing style, vocabulary, and post structure.
  7. The end-of-year Diamond incentive variant dumps blows this line of thinking out of the water. And thinking that you can ballpark how many copies of a particular book your lcs orders, let alone every lcs, is hilarious. Attempting to extrapolate is bad enough. It gets exponentially worse when you extrapolate after beginning the exercise with false numbers. Looking at market depth and liquidity would be a far better use of your time than attempting to determine rarity by calculating a nonsense print count.
  8. It's the original version of the character. No different than any other character that was created in a different part of the multiverse and then written into mainline continuity. Perhaps you should try reading the books to familiarize yourself instead of blindly chasing the latest hot tip.
  9. The statement to which you refer was not made by me, it was made by RonS2112. I merely corrected your inaccurate assessment of sold listings.
  10. If you are going to be solely fixated on value then at least get it right, that 12.50 is a second printing....