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  1. It's the original version of the character. No different than any other character that was created in a different part of the multiverse and then written into mainline continuity. Perhaps you should try reading the books to familiarize yourself instead of blindly chasing the latest hot tip.
  2. First appearance is Batman Beyond Unlimited 2.
  3. The statement to which you refer was not made by me, it was made by RonS2112. I merely corrected your inaccurate assessment of sold listings.
  4. If you are going to be solely fixated on value then at least get it right, that 12.50 is a second printing....
  5. The books I was discussing are heating up. The information I am providing can be used by others to make financial decisions regarding the books in question. If the value of the book is derived from something other than its content, perhaps that valuation should be questioned. Any insufficiently_thoughtful_person with the internet can pull up recent sales on eBay and see what is selling. It takes a little more effort and thought to suss out why and whether it makes sense.
  6. Or you know you could take the profit now and roll that money over several times in the amount of time it takes for you to wait and sell these books at their peak.
  7. If you read my posts from the beginning I'm not addressing the value of the books. I am speaking to the content of the books so that other people can reach their own conclusions. Cameo/full appearance speaks to the extent to which a character is first depicted in sequential art within the context of a story. The Jane Foster iteration of Thor is depicted LESS in a LATER book - Thor #1 - than she is in God of Thunder #25. If Thor #1 satisfies all conditions to earn a cameo designation in your opinion...all of those conditions were already met in the earlier God of Thunder #25. If Thor #1 satisfies all conditions to earn a full appearance designation in your opinion...all of those conditions were already met in God of Thunder #25. The fact that Thor #1 is selling for more should surprise no one, as it is a #1 issue, and the cover image has been attached to every article about Marvel's movie announcements that has been published by every major and minor publication. The What If book is not a modern, thus I am not discussing it here.
  8. There is nothing within the pages of Thor #1 that separate it from what has already been shown in God of Thunder #25 and the character is shown less in Thor #1 than in GoT #25. The first full appearance is either God of Thunder #25 or Thor #2.
  9. An individual's definitions of cameo and full are largely irrelevant in this case as the appearances of the character in each book are effectively the same. If Thor #1 is considered a cameo, then God of Thunder #25 is also a cameo...except it was released first. If Thor #1 is considered a full appearance, then God of Thunder #25 is also a full appearance...and it was released first. Thor #1 has a cover appearance and it's a #1 issue and people are always chasing those, but it has 3x the print run of God of Thunder #25. I don't really care what happens with any of these as I sold all of my Thor books last night. But many users here often deal in books in which they do not know the actual contents within the pages, so I am merely sharing that information with them.
  10. Actually Thor #1 isn't a first appearance at all as it is neither the first cameo nor a full appearance. The story arc starts in God of Thunder. TGot #25 has Foster as Thor in 1 panel and 1 full page spread. Thor #1 depicts the character in 1 full page spread and on the cover.
  11. oh look, free money from two months ago.
  12. You risked losing the book entirely over 2 dollars?
  13. This is the same company that thought getting rid of the ability to see a running balance in your account after each transaction was a good idea.